French and Indian War

Governor Robert Dinwiddie to Andrew Lewis, September 15, 1755

extracted from

The Official Records of Robert Dinwiddie, Volume II, R. A. Brock, editor
(Richmond: Virginia Historical Society, 1884), page 198-199.

Governor Dinwiddie to Major Andrew Lewis
Septr 15th, 1755.


I recd Yr Letr of the 9th by Co. Stewart. I am sorry for the Death of 13 of our Subjects at Green Bryer, and I think the People in Augusta in general have not acted with proper Spirit in not resistg the flying Parties of the barbarous Inds. This I think, wn I consider the No. of Yr Militia and the small No. of Inds yt do the Mischief. I expect 150 Warriors from the Cherokees to remn on our Frontiers all Winter; wn they come, give Orders to receive them kindly and supply them the same as our own People, and I believe with encouragemt, they promised to go agst the Shawnees, and to cut them off, wch I wish they may do as they are the Inds who have comitted the many Murders. I wonder Ct. Overton did not proceed to Green Bryer, wch probably wd [have] been of great Service. As to Capts Preston and Smith as rangers, they are not to be at any Place but to scower the Woods on the Frontiers. And let Ct Buchanan know, as You was first qualified as Colo. of the Coty, you are to Comd till I see proper to appoint a Lieut. You must do Duty where You are till relievd. I have formed our Forces into a Regimt, under the Comd of Co. Washington and You are to [be] appointd Majr. Yr Pay for Yr Coy has been duly pd to Co. Wood and the Pay Mr has carried up Money for last Mo. I have given Co. Steuart 200 to purchase Proviss for the Rangers of Yr Coty. each other Coy sent to You had 100 to purchase their own Proviss. I think the Rangers shd be so fixt as to protect the Grain till gatherd in, but wt can be sd wn the Inhabits are seizd with a Panick, as not to defend their Crops. As Yr Coy has not been full, yet pd as full, the Money pd for Men not in being You shd apply to purchase Provisions. I am much hurried so cannot enlarge.

I am Sr Yr Friend, &c.

P. S. I send You four Commissions to fill up.

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