French and Indian War

Governor Robert Dinwiddie to Mr. Atkin, June 24, 1757

extracted from

The Official Records of Robert Dinwiddie, Volume II, R. A. Brock, editor
(Richmond: Virginia Historical Society, 1884), pages 654-655.

656 Governor Dinwiddie to Mr. Atkin.
June 24th, 1757.


I wrote You by Mr. Boyd and sent Yo. 240 for Yo. to dispose of in paying for Scalps, &c. Our Act of Assembly on that head is to pay 10 immediately for each Scalp, and 30 more the next Session of Assembly. I'm of Opin'n they regulated this Paym't on Purpose for our own People. However, the Indians may receive the 10, and on their Certificate may have Goods of the Merch'ts on Cr. Of being 'd the next Session. This act is not agreeable, but as no fund was appropriated for paying the reward for Scalps, they contriv'd this. Yo. may pay the Mon'y sent, as Yo. see proper. This will [be] delivered Yo. by Mr. Martin, who comes convoy to Cherokees sent to our Assist'ce by old Hop. I've given each a Gun, w'th some Amunit'n, a Shirt, Leggins, Clout, a few hatchets, and other Trifles. They appear to be forward, and greatly inclin'd to go to Warr, but their Affairs is entirely at y'r Direction. I'm uneasy to hear from Yo. in regard to the Mot'ns of the French and their Indians. No News from England or the Northw'd since Yo. left this, or are we certain of the arrivall of the forces at Halifax, or L'd Loudoun's Departure from N. York; only flying stories, not to be depended on. I wish You health and success in all y'r Negotiations with the Indians. With great regard,

I am, Sir, y'r most h'ble serv't.

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