French and Indian War

Governor Robert Dinwiddie to Mr. Boyd, August 13, 1757

extracted from

The Official Records of Robert Dinwiddie, Volume II, R. A. Brock, editor
(Richmond: Virginia Historical Society, 1884), page 685.

Governor Dinwiddie to Mr. Boyd.
Aug�st 13th, 1757.


As Yo. are Paymast�r to the Virginia Regim�t, I desire Yo. to be careful and exact in the Discharge of your Duty. Yo. are to allow two Bat-Men to each Comp�y; they are to appear in the Ranks, and when off Duty the Officers may have �em to attend �em. The Comp�ys on the So. Branch are to be p�d at F�t Loudoun, Colo. Washington giving the Capt�s Notice to send a Subaltern with a small Party to receive the Pay of each Comp�y. He is to give You an Escort to Augusta Court Ho. and order Maj�r Lewis to meet Yo. there to recieve the Pay for the 3 Comp�ys in that County. A Subaltern from each Co. may attend Maj�r Lewis to receive the Pay for each Comp�y. Yo. are to be very exact, so that Yo. may give Y�r Oath, if requir�d, on the Discharge of y�r Duty. I wish Yo. Health, and I am,

S�r, Y�r h�ble serv�t.

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