French and Indian War

Governor Robert Dinwiddie to Mr. Boyd, August 13, 1757

extracted from

The Official Records of Robert Dinwiddie, Volume II, R. A. Brock, editor
(Richmond: Virginia Historical Society, 1884), page 685.

Governor Dinwiddie to Mr. Boyd.
Aug'st 13th, 1757.


As Yo. are Paymast'r to the Virginia Regim't, I desire Yo. to be careful and exact in the Discharge of your Duty. Yo. are to allow two Bat-Men to each Comp'y; they are to appear in the Ranks, and when off Duty the Officers may have 'em to attend 'em. The Comp'ys on the So. Branch are to be p'd at F't Loudoun, Colo. Washington giving the Capt's Notice to send a Subaltern with a small Party to receive the Pay of each Comp'y. He is to give You an Escort to Augusta Court Ho. and order Maj'r Lewis to meet Yo. there to recieve the Pay for the 3 Comp'ys in that County. A Subaltern from each Co. may attend Maj'r Lewis to receive the Pay for each Comp'y. Yo. are to be very exact, so that Yo. may give Y'r Oath, if requir'd, on the Discharge of y'r Duty. I wish Yo. Health, and I am,

S'r, Y'r h'ble serv't.

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