French and Indian War

Governor Robert Dinwiddie to Major Andrew Lewis, December 1, 1757

extracted from

The Official Records of Robert Dinwiddie, Volume II, R. A. Brock, editor
(Richmond: Virginia Historical Society, 1884), pages 719-720.

Governor Dinwiddie to Major Lewis.
December 1st, 1757.


Y�r L�re of the 4th Novem�r, by Capt. Dickeson, I rec�d. I know not what Yo. mean by Militia. There are none now under Com�o. but Dickeson and Preston, and they are to be under the Denomination of Rangers, and one Yo. mention�d in So. Branch, w�ch must be immediately discharg�d. After forming the 3 Comp�ys of Rangers, dispose of �em in proper Places, order�g one-half, or at least one-third of �em out a Ranging the Woods, and so to take it by Rotation. The Acco�tts from Augusta were properly paid, those that were Just, but the many villainous and unjust Acco�tts given in made me suspect them all, that many People in your County Endeavoured to make Money from the distresses of the Country, and acted in so unjust a Manner that I cou�d not tell how to settle their Acco�tts. Collo. Buchanan can tell many of the iniquitous Frauds they impos�d on the Country; therefore no Acco�tts for the future will be received but those of the 3 Comp�ys of Rangers, and it�s with Yo. to see the Comp�ys be compleat and on daily Duty. Dickeson is p�d all his Acco�tts, as Preston will be p�d when he comes down. What Provis�ns Preston and Dunlap have purchas�d for the Comp�ys for their Use till June next will be paid, but those Comp�ys are to be supplied by Mr. Walker, the Contractor, and I suppose Dunlap�s Compa. is to be for Capt. Hogg. I wonder he is not with You. I suppose the Rangers will be compos�d of those now in Pay, and Yo. are to endeav�r to have as many Woodsmen as You possibly can. The bacon sent by Collo. Read to Dickeson�s Fort must be made use of properly for the Men and to be duly accounted for. I don�t understand w�t Yo. mean by militia. Preston and Dickeson are Rangers, and so must Capt. Hogg�s; but I don�t agree to have any Militia in Pay, for they�ve hitherto been Pick Pockets to the Country, and as Dickeson says there is no Difficulty in continuing the Comp�ies as Rangers, so there will be Inconveniency atend�g the Alterat�n of the Name from Militia to Rangers. Capt. Hogg carried his Com�o. up with him, and when the Compa�s are form�d, send down a proper Roll of them directed to me or the Camand�r-in-Chief. I wish Yo. Health, and I rema.,

S�r, Y�r h�ble serv�t.

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