West Virginia Archives and History Photo Gallery

The images contained in the following pages originally were selected for exhibition in the Archives and History Photo Gallery off the Great Hall in the Culture Center. The gallery features rotating exhibits of images from the Archives and History collections.

John Brown (September-December 2009)

Schools (January-April 2010)

1960 Primary (May 2010-January 2011)

Civil War, 1861 (January-June 2011)

Pic of the Week (June-September 2011)

Mountain State Forest Festival (September-December 2011)

Civil War, 1862 (January-May 2012)

Outdoors (May-December 2012)

Statehood (April-October 2013)

J. J. Young (November 2013-January 2014)

Black History Month (February-April 2014)

Sports (April-October 2014)

Clarksburg Exponent (October 2014-February 2015)

West Virginians and the Military (March-June 2015)

Jennings Randolph: Stars in His Eyes (July-November 2015)

State Resorts, Parks, and Forests (November 2015-February 2016)

Norman Family (February-June 2016)

World War One (May-August 2017)

Road Construction in West Virginia (August 2017-June 2018)

Jennings Randolph, New Dealer (June 2018-October 2018)

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