West Virginia Legislature
Speakers of the House

Spicer Patrick (R), Kanawha County, 1863-64

(NO IMAGE AVAILABLE) Lee Roy Kramer (R), Monongalia County, 1864-66

David S. Pinnell (R), Upshur County, 1866-68

Henry C. McWhorter (R), Kanawha County, 1868-69

Solomon S. Fleming (R), Harrison County, 1869-70

William M. Welch (R), Mineral County, 1870-71

Elbridge G. Cracraft (D), Ohio County, 1871-72

Albert E. Summers (D), Kanawha County, 1872-72

William W. Miller (D), Ohio County, 1872-75

Alexander Monroe (D), Hampshire County, 1875-77

Eustace Gibson (D), Cabell County, 1877-79

George H. Moffett (D), Pocahontas County, 1879-81

E. Willis Wilson (D), Kanawha County, 1881-83

Joseph J. Woods (D), Ohio County, 1883-85, 1889-91

Thomas H. Dennis (D), Greenbrier, 1885-87

John M. Rowan (D), Monroe County, 1887-89

Louis Bennett (D), Lewis County, 1891-93

David W. Shaw (D), Barbour County, 1893-95

William Seymour Edwards (R), Kanawha County, 1895-97

Samuel R. Hanen (R), Marshall County, 1897-99

Owen S. McKinney (D), Marion County, 1899-1901

(NO IMAGE AVAILABLE) William G. Wilson (R), Randolph, 1901-03

Frank Moats (R), Wood County, 1903-05

Fred Paul Grosscup (R), Kanawha County, 1905-07

James A. Seaman (R), Jackson County, 1907-09

J. H. Strickling (R), Tyler County, 1909-11

C. M. Wetzel (D), Jefferson County, 1911-13

William Taylor George (R), Barbour County, 1913-15

Vernon E. Johnson (R), Morgan County, 1915-17, 1927-29

Joseph S. Thurmond (D), Greenbrier County, 1917-19

Luther J. Wolfe (D), Jackson County, 1919-21

Edwin M. Keatley (R), Kanawha County, 1921-23, 1925-27

W. E. R. Byrne (D), Kanawha County, 1923-25

John William Cummins (R), Ohio County, 1929-31

J. Alfred Taylor (D), Fayette County, 1931-33

Ralph M. Hiner (D), Pendleton County, 1933-35

John J. Pelter (D), Logan County, 1935-37

James Kay Thomas (D), Kanawha County, 1937-41

Malcolm R. Arnold (D), Boone County, 1941-43

John E. Amos (D), Kanawha County, 1943-49

Wilbur E. "Bill" Flannery (D), Logan County, 1949-58

Harry R. Pauley (D), McDowell County, 1958-61

Julius W. Singleton, Jr. (D), Monongalia County, 1961-65

H. Laban White (D), Harrison County, 1965-69

Ivor F. Boiarsky (D), Kanawha County, 1969-71

Lewis N. McManus (D), Raleigh County, 1971-77

Donald L. Kopp (D), Harrison County, 1977-79

Clyde M. See, Jr. (D), Hardy County, 1979-85

Joseph P. Albright (D), Wood County, 1985-87

Robert "Chuck" Chambers (D), Cabell County, 1987-97

Robert S. Kiss (D), Raleigh County, 1997-2007

Richard Thompson (D), Wayne County, 2007-2013

Tim Miley (D), Harrison County, 2013-2014

Tim Armstead (R), Kanawha County, 2015-2018

Roger Hanshaw (R), Clay County, 2018-present

West Virginia Legislature

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