Justices of the
West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals

Ralph Lazier Berkshire (R), Monongalia County, 1863-66, 1869-72
William A. Harrison (R), Harrison County, 1863-68
James H. Brown (R), Kanawha County, 1863-70
Edwin Maxwell (R), Harrison County, 1867-72
Charles P. T. Moore (D), Mason County, 1871-81
John S. Huffman (D), Harrison County, 1873-75
James Paull (D), Ohio County, 1873-75
Alpheus F. Haymond (D), Marion County, 1873-82
Matthew Edmiston (D), Lewis County, 1876
Thomas C. Green (D), Jefferson County, 1876-89
Okey Johnson (D), Wood County, 1877-88
James French Patton (D), Monroe County, 1881-82
Adam C. Snyder (D), Greenbrier County, 1882-90
Samuel Woods (D), Barbour County, 1883-88
Henry Brannon (D, R), Lewis County, 1889-1912
John W. English (D), Mason County, 1889-1900
Daniel B. Lucas (D), Jefferson County, 1890-92
Homer A. Holt (D), Greenbrier County, 1890-96
Marmaduke H. Dent (D), Taylor County, 1893-1904
Henry C. McWhorter (R), Kanawha County, 1897-1908
George Poffenbarger (R), Mason County, 1901-22
Warren Miller (R), Jackson County, 1903-04
Frank Cox (R), Monongalia County, 1905-07
Joseph M. Sanders, (R), Mercer County, 1905-07
Ira E. Robinson (R), Taylor County, 1907-15
L. Judson Williams (R), Greenbrier County, 1909-20
Chas. W. Lynch (R), Harrison County, 1913-21
John W. Mason (R), Marion County, 1915-16
Harold A. Ritz (R), Mercer County, 1917-22
Frank Lively (R), Kanawha County, 1921-32
James A. Meredith (R), Marion County, 1922-24
William H. McGinnis (D), Raleigh County, 1923-24
M. O. Litz (R), McDowell County, 1923-36
John H. Hatcher (R), Raleigh County, 1924-40
Homer B. Woods (R), Ritchie County, 1925-36
Haymond Maxwell (R), Harrison County, 1928-40
J. N. Kenna (D), Kanawha County, 1933-50
Fred L. Fox (D), Braxton County, 1937-52
James B. Riley (D), Ohio County, 1937-58
Herschel H. Rose (D), Marion County, 1941-45
William T. Lovins (D), Cabell County, 1941-57
Frank C. Haymond (D), Marion County, 1945-72
Leslie E. Given (D), Kanawha County, 1950-62
Chauncey Browning (D), Logan County, 1952-71
Henry L. Ducker (D), Cabell County, 1957-58
Robert T. Donley (R), Monongalia County, 1958
Thornton G. Berry, Jr. (D), McDowell County, 1958-76
Harlan M. Calhoun (D), Hardy County, 1958-72
Fred H. Caplan (D), Harrison County, 1962-80
John E. Carrigan (R), Marshall County, 1971-72
Charles H. Haden, II (R), Monongalia County, 1972-75
Oliver D. Kessel (R), Jackson County, 1972
James M. Sprouse (D), Monroe County, 1973-75
Richard Neely (D), Marion County, 1973-95
Edwin F. Flowers (R), Hancock County, 1975-76
Donald R. Wilson (R), Jackson County, 1976
Sam R. Harshbarger (D), Cabell County, 1977-84
Thomas B. Miller (D), Ohio County, 1977-94
Darrell V. McGraw, Jr. (D), Wyoming County, 1977-88
Thomas E. McHugh (D), Kanawha County, 1981-97, 2009-2012
W. T. Brotherton, Jr. (D), Kanawha County, 1984-95
Margaret Workman, (D), Kanawha County, 1988-99, 2009-
Franklin Cleckley (D), Monongalia County, 1994-96
Arthur M. Recht (D), Ohio County, 1994-96
Joseph P. Albright (D), Wood County, 1995-96, 2001-2009
Robin Davis (D), Kanawha County, 1997-
Larry Starcher (D), Monongalia County, 1997-
Elliott Maynard (D), Mingo County, 1997-2009
John F. McCuskey (R), Kanawha County, 1998
Warren R. McGraw (D), Wyoming County, 1999-2005
George M. Scott (R), Roane County, 1999-2000
Brent D. Benjamin (R), Kanawha County, 2005-
Menis E. Ketchum II (D), Cabell County, 2009-
Allen Loughry (R), Kanawha County, 2013-

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