Supreme Court in Charlestown

Spirit of Jefferson
August 12, 1873

Supreme Court of Appeals.

The Supreme Court of Appeals of the State of West Virginia, commenced its August Term at this place, upon last Wednesday, the 6th inst. - Hon. A. F. Haymond, President of the Court, and the Hons. James Paul and J. S. Hoffman, a quorum, being present. - The Hon. C. P. T. Moore arrived on Thursday in time for Court on Friday. The Attorney General, Henry M. Mathews, has not yet arrived. Owing to the kindness of Sylvanus W. Hall, Esq., Clerk of the Court, we are able to give the following condensed account of what has been done up to this time.

Those of the lawyers who had not since the adoption of the new Constitution had an opportunity to qualify, were admitted to practice; and E. F. Gallaher was appointed Crier, and Julian A. Smith, Messenger, for the terms to be held at this place.

The case of R. B. Washington et. al. vs. G. L. Washington et. al, an appeal from Jefferson county, was dismissed by consent of parties at the appellants' costs.

In the case of Urias Buskirk vs. the Circuit Court of Cabell county, upon application for a Writ of Prohibition, the defendant filed his return to the Rule; and upon Saturday last, during the morning hour, Judge Geo. H. Lee, by request of the Court, appeared on behalf of the State, in the absense [sic] of the Attorney General, and Jas. H. Ferguson, Esq., made the opening argument for the petitioner, and the case was continued until Monday.

The case of H. Roderick vs. B. & O. R. R., from Jefferson county, was argued by Hon. C. J. Faulkner for the appellant, and Judge Geo. H. Lee for the appellee. The argument was concluded, and the papers submitted to the Court upon Friday last.

A writ of Error, from Ohio county, was allowed in the case of the state vs. Taylor Strauder.

The case of the Farmers' Bank of Virginia vs. Thos. H. Willis et. al., appeal from Jefferson county, was partly argued upon Friday and Saturday and continued until Monday - Hon. Wm. H. Travers, Judge Geo. H. Lee, and Messrs Cooke & Kennedy for the appellant, and Hon. C. J. Faulkner for appellee.

A writ of Supersedeas was allowed in the case of the Merchants National Bank of W. Va. vs First National Bank of Wheeling.

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