Supreme Court in Charlestown

Wheeling Register
December 23, 1872

An Attempt to Remove the Court of Appeals from Wheeling -
The Capital Question - The Adjournment.

CHARLESTON, December 18.

The greater portion of to-day's session in the house was consumed in the consideration of the bill fixing and regulating the fees of county officers. Time was found, however, to make an effort to carry out the bargain and sale that had been arranged by certain members from the Eastern Panhandle and the friends of Charleston, to take the Supreme Court of Appeals from Wheeling. For their support of Charleston, the Third district was given their votes to hold a session of the Court of Appeals at Charlestown, Jefferson county. When the Senate bill organizing the Supreme Court of Appeals, defining its jurisdiction and powers, and manner of proceeding, was read, Mr. Shirley, of Jefferson moved to amend the section providing where the sessions of the Court should be held, by striking out Wheeling, and mustering in lieu thereof, Charlestown in the county of Jefferson. Mr. Davenport called for the ayes and noes, and the amendment was lost by the following vote:

Ayes - Messrs. Barrett, Bridges, Bumgarner, Butcher, Deaver, Jr., Ferguson, Fisher, Fleming, Gwinn, Hinchman, Hively, Hudson, Knotts, (of Calhoun) Laidley, Legg, Miller, (of Fayette) Monroe, Morrison, Potter, Prince, Reynolds, Rogers, Shirley, Short, Taylor, (of Randolph) Thompson, Triplett, Vinson, Withrow, and Wooddell - 30.

Noes - Messrs. Miller, (Speaker) Baker, Bradlord, Brown, Campbell, Cofran, Crow, Davenport, Davis, Farnsworth, Flowers, Foley, Hindman, Hullihen, Kantner, Knotts, (of Marion) Lewis, McMillan, Price, Robinson, Ruckman, Smith, Snider (of Gilmer) Spates, Stone, Stout, Thayer, Totten, Vossler and White - 30.

His [This] is not the end of it. Another effort will be made before the end of the session to have Charleston inserted instead of Wheeling.

Mr. Hullihen presented petition of List, Davenport & Parks, Alex Rogers and others, asking a modification of the law regulating fire insurance.


The bill for the removal of the Capital was not reached in the Senate to-day, and is still in the hands of the Judiciary Committee, which committee it was referred to yesterday under the rules of the Senate. Further action on the bill will be postponed until after recess. It was confidently expected by those who are in a position to know, that, upon the reassembling of the Senate the bill will pass without any trouble. The talk about Parkersburg intending to sell out Wheeling in the Senate, and the sundry allusions made to the story in which the monkey, the chestnuts and the cat's paw are intimately associated, has proven to be all bosh. Parkersburg will stand by Wheeling in this fight, and she won't be forgotten in future contests by the friends of Wheeling.


The Legislature will adjourn next Monday, or at least that is the way the members all talk now. They are all anxious to eat their Christmas dinners at home. W. H. T.

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