Establishment of Arthurdale

Preston County Journal
March 1, 1934

Arthurdale is Dedicated by Officials Monday

Dr. M. L. Watson presents Homes to New Farmers On Behalf of Gov't.

To Complete Homes

Old Church Will Be Used For Town Hall:Two Room Schools Planned

The Arthurdale Hom[e]stead was dedicated at Reedsville Monday. The day was cold and snow covered the thousand acre farm. Officials here from Washington had to be hauled about the farm in a sleigh, due to the depth of the snow.

Watson Presents

Dr. M. L. Watson, Washington, head of the Federal Subsistence Hom[e]stead Corporation, presented the homes to the new farmers on behalf of the Government. He outlined the homestead program that was being planned here and in other sections of the country.

Congressman Jennings Randolph accepted the homestead on behalf of the miner-farmers.

Finish Remainder

For the past several weeks only three of the houses have had anything done to them. It was necessary to put all the carpenters on these three houses in order that they would be finished by the time of the dedication.

Under the direction of Eric Gugler, New York architect, who is in direct charge at Arthurdale, the remainder of the homes will be finished as soon as possible.

The houses have been changed considerably from the original plans, porches having been added to them. Other changes have been made also. Work will be started on the remainder of the houses not yet started.

Old Church Moved

The old Presbyterian church standing on the road between Reedsville and Masontown has been moved to Arthurdale and will be used as a community center after being put in first class shape. This old church was used to muster in the first regiment in Preston county during the Civil War.

Plans are under way to build a group of two-room school houses on the plantation at Arthurdale and a community school system is taking shape.

Gather In Mansion

The homesteaders gathered in the "White House" at Arthurdale where they officially received the homesteads from the Government. Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt was not able to attend, many believing the severe weather forced her to change her plans.

Only 11 for Preston

Although the Government Homestead project at Arthurdale is being built on Preston county soil, families in Preston county will only benefit [missing work] housing of 11 homesteaders from this county.

On the planned 125 homesteads at Arthurdale, Preston will be allotted 11 or 8 per cent of the total. The remaining 114 homesteads to be given out will be from Monongalia county and the majority of these from Scotts Run. Preston get 8 per cent, Monongalia 92 per cent.

The eleven from this county who have been approved and are awaiting the finishing of the homes at Arthurdale are: Richard H. Turnley, Newburg; John Duff, John Mason, Geo. W. Carrico and Elza Newcome, Kingwood; Charles Neville, Howesville; Perry Pysell, Reedsville; Harry J. Calvert, Borgman; Clyde E. Squires, Preston; James E. Costolow and Harry Edgar Smith, Masontown.

Great Depression

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