Hatfield-McCoy Feud Photo Gallery

Photos from the collection of the West Virginia State Archives. For information about obtaining copies, contact Debra Basham.

The Hatfields

William Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield

The Hatfield Family

Members of the Hatfield Clan

"Devil Anse" in casket

Leroy Dinky Simpples in casket

Store owned by Cap Hatfield

Elias and Troy Hatfield

Hatfield Family on porch

1922 Reunion

Tennis and Willis Hatfield

"Devil Anse" Hatfield and unidentified man

Attorneys Cap Hatfield and Joe Glenn

Willis Hatfield

Preacher Uncle Dyke Garrett and Mrs. Willis Hatfield

Smith, Cap and Coleman Hatfield

"Devil Anse" on horseback

Mary and John Wongler

Crockett Hatfield with bear

"Devil Anse" with bear

Craig Hatfield

"Devil Anse" Hatfield and wife Levicy Chafin Hatfield

Hatfield Family at "Devil Anse" gravesite

Ed Chambers and Sid Hatfield

Cap Hatfield in uniform

Willis Hatfield

Hatfield Grandchildren

Hatfield homeplace during "Devil Anse's" funeral

Gun owned by "Devil Anse"

Levicy and "Devil Anse" Hatfield

"Devil Anse," with brothers Ellison and Smith Hatfield

Cap Hatfield at former hideout

Floyd Hatfield

"Devil Anse" and family on porch

Hatfield homestead, circa 1900

Dedication of Hatfield memorial

Ellison Hatfield in Civil War uniform

Hatfield Family (labeled)

Glenalum robbers in caskets

Posse formed to pursue Glenalum robbers

Patterson Hatfield family

The McCoys

McCoy Family Coat of Arms

Bud and Rhoda McCoy

McCoy Relatives

Lark and Mary Elizabeth McCoy

Frank Phillips

Asa Harmon McCoy, brother of Randolph

Bud McCoy

Son of Lark McCoy

Roseanna McCoy

From A Mountain Feud

Johnse Hatfield and Roseanna McCoy

Execution of the McCoys

Sarah McCoy and the Hatfields

Sketch from A Mountain Feud

Murder of Ellison Hatfield

Sketch from A Mountain Feud

From American Vendetta

Execution of the McCoys

"The House-Burning Tragedy"

"Killing of Ellison Hatfield"

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