West Virginia Osteopathic Society

Certificate of Incorporation
Secretary of State Corporation Book

I, Wm. M. O. Dawson, Secretary of State of West Virginia, hereby certify that an agreement, duly acknowledged and accompanied by the proper affidavits, has been this day delivered to me, which agreement is in the words and figures following:

I. The Undersigned agree to become a Corporation by the name of West Virginia Osteopathic Society.

II. The principal place of business of said corporation shall be located in the City of Clarksburg, in the Court of Harrison, and State of West Virginia. It has no chief works.

III. The objects and purposes for which this corporation is formed are as follows:

to seek to promote the interests and influence of the science of Osteopathy and of the Osteopathic profession by all means that will conduce to their development and establishment such as: the stimulating and encouraging of original research and investigation, and the collecting and publishing of the results of such work for the benefit of the whole profession; the elevation of the standard of Osteopathic education, and the cultivation and advancing of Osteopathic knowledge, and the fostering and the directing a correct public opinion as to the relation of practitioners of Osteopathy to society and state, and providing for the United expressions, frequently and clearly, of the views of the profession thereon; the promoting of friendly emulation and social intercourse among the members of the profession, and of prompt and intelligent concert of action by them in all matters of common interest, and to do all things necessary to perfect said society and to carry out its objects.

And for the purposes aforesaid said corporation and society desire authority to purchase, hold, lease, sell and convey real property to the value of $5000.00 and personal property to the value of $5000.00 for the use of said society.

IV. The amount of the total authorized capital stock of said corporation shall be Ten Thousand dollars, which shall be divided into Ten Thousand share of the par value of one dollar each; of which authorized capital the amount of Seven dollars has been subscribed, and the amount 70/100 dollars has been paid.

V. The name and postoffice addresses of the incorporators and the number of share of stock subscribed for by each, are as follows:

W. A. Fletcher, Clarksburg, W. Va. One. -- --
W. E. Ely, Parkersburg, W. Va. One.-- --
Anna L. Ely, Parkersburg, W. Va. One.-- --
Lee Le Masters, Fairmont, W. Va. One.-- --
W. J. Seaman, Huntington, W. Va. One.----
A. I. Doneghy, Wheeling, W. Va. One.----
Clara Sullivan, Wheeling, W. Va. One. -- --

VI. This corporation is to expire in fifty years from the date of this certificate of incorporation.

Given under our hands this 28th day of July, 1902.
W. A. Fletcher,
W. E. Ely,
Anna L. Ely,
Lee Le Masters,
W. J. Seaman,
A. I. Doneghy,
Clara E. Sullivan.

WHEREFORE, The corporators named in the said agreement, and who have signed the same, and their successors and assigns, are hereby declared to be from this date until the 15th day of September, nineteen hundred and Fifty-two a corporation by the name and for the purposes set forth in said agreement.

Given under my hand and the Great Seal of the State at the city of Charleston, this 15th day of September, nineteen hundred and Two.

Wm. M. O. Dawson.

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