Weston State Hospital

Weston Democrat
June 8, 1901

Dr. A. H. Kunst

Succeeds Superintendent Stathers at the Hospital for the Insane.

The New Board of Directors Meet at Weston and Elect Officials of that Institution. Some Surprises to the Public as a Result of Combinations Among Directors.

Several Old Officers Retained.

The first meeting of the Board of Directors for the West Virginia Hospital for the Insane at Weston, under Gov. White's administration, convened here on Tuesday with a full Board present. The Directory is now composed of the following persons: Alex McVeigh Miller, Alderson; B. D. Gibson, Charlestown; B. W. Foster, Huntington; C. A. Swearinger, Parkersburg; Amos Bright, Sutton; R. T. Lowndes, Jr, Clarksburg; C. H. Milan, Worthington; C. H. Scott, Elkins, and J. S. Vandervort, Weston. In the organization Mr. Miller was made president and Charles W. Moore, of Clarksburg, secretary.

At the roll call all responded, and the first afternoon was spent rather informally - most of the time being occupied in looking about the buildings with a view of getting some idea of the inside workings of the great inistitution [sic] with which many of the members were entirely unfamiliar. They now realize its magnitude and it is to be hoped that they will give to its management the benefit of their best talent and experience in business affairs.

The Institution needs the constant and vigilant attention of its Board of Directors, as it is in a business point of view as well as in its more delicate capacity of a humanitarium, the most important and extensive public institution within the State.

Within the past history of the Hospital we find the names of some of our most eminent physicians, who have been in charge of its administrative affairs and the Board should not allow the usefulness of this institution to lessen, but as time brings us improvements in modern science, we should be given the benefit of the changes.

With this or some similar object, no doubt in view, the Board on Wednesday morning proceeded to the election of a Superintendent, and the first ballot being examined it was found that Dr. A. H. Kunst had receive a unanimous call. It was generally understood that his appointment would conform to the wishes of Gov. White, and the Board therefore complimented him by a full vote.

There were several applications for assistant physicians. The re-election of Dr. R. H. Fetty, one of the present assistants, was next taken up. Dr. Fetty had no hope, or his friends at least, for the reason that Dr. Kunst, being a Lewis county citizen, another appointment of a resident of the same county upon the medical staff was not likely to occur, and it did not. Dr. W. H. McCauley, of Braxton county, came well fortified with testimonials and recommondations [sic] and his friends urged his claims in person. He proved a winner and his appointment is regarded as one of the best the Board could have made. He has been most successful in his large practice at home and only consented to become an applicant for the position here in order to avoid so much horseback riding incident to the practice in his home county. His friends speak most favorably of him as a physician and a gentleman. He is a married man, but we understand that his wife, who is engaged in the millinery business at Sutton, will not come to Weston to live.

Dr. Perry and Dr. Bullard, the lady physician, were each retained in their present position, as was also Mrs. McIntyre, the Matron.

Mr. Morris, who has been performing the duties of Clerk, since the resignation of Mont Topping, was asked to step aside for a Mr. Howard Post, of Harrison county, who was elected. He was not here, but his friend Lowndes looked after his interests.

Another of the surprises and a condition brought about as a result of combinations, was the overthrow of the treasurer of the Hospital, D. M. Bailey, Cashier of the Citizens Bank, the rejection of all other aspirants for the place, and the substitution of J. S. Vandervort, the local director.

The power of the new Superintendent has been very much enlarged with authority to appoint and discharge many of the subordinate officials and employes, His term of office begins July 1st when Dr. Stathers will retire.

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