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Dr. Charles Burton Anderson, who is a successful physician of Mt. Hope, W. Va., was born in Louisa County, Va., April 26, 1871. His parents were William H. Anderson and Fannie Yancey Anderson. His paternal grandparents were Reuben Garrett, a blacksmith, and his wife, Lucy Garrett.

Young Anderson worked on his father's farm in Louisa County until he was eighteen years of age, pursuing his elementary studies in the local public schools. As his work there offered little opportunity for money making, he came into the coal fields of West Virginia where he earned money for both his literary and medical courses.

He attended the West Virginia Collegiate Institute and was graduated in 1900. It was his ambition from youth to become a physician, so with courage and fidelity he worked toward that end. He pursued his medical course at Leonard Medical College, Raleigh, N. C., receiving his degree in 1904.

Upon the completion of his course, he returned to West Virginia and practiced at Winona one year, at the end of which time he moved to Mount Hope, where he has since resided. He has built up a good practice and has proved himself not only an excellent physician but a valuable citizen. He is a member of the State Medical Association.

On October 17, 1906, Dr. Anderson married Miss Fannie Wilkerson, daughter of Oliver and Mary P. Wilkerson, of Montgomery, W. Va., Mrs. Anderson was educated at the West Virginia Collegiate Institute and has been a successful teacher for a number of years. At present she is the principal of the Du Bois Graded School of Mt. Hope.

Dr. and Mrs. Anderson are members of the Baptist Church in which he is a deacon. He is also the Superintendent of a Sunday School, which has, through his efforts, become a standard school. He has been connected with the Knights of Pythias for a number of years and is now the Great State Sachem of the Independent Order of Red Men. In politics he is a Republican and a member of the Republican Executive Committee of the city of Mt. Hope.

Dr. Anderson has accumulated real estate of considerable value. Naturally enough his principal reading runs to the books of his profession. After that, his favorite is the Bible. He takes an active part in all things looking to the progress and development of the race and is at present Chairman of the Executive Board of the Mt. Hope Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. He believes that it is a matter of vital importance that parent should educate their children and is an ardent advocate of cooperation and a better mutual understanding between the races.

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