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In no other state on the eastern side of America are there to be found among business and professional men a greater proportion of men from other states than in West Virginia. This speaks well for the state, as it indicates that it is a progressive state and a section which offers opportunity to the enterprising man. There are native men, however, who have been able to see the opportunities at their doors, and who have not found it necessary to leave their own beautiful mountain in order to succeed. Among the latter class must be mentioned Dr. Alexander A. Staples, of Bluefield, and Freeman.

Dr. Staples though still on the sunny side of thirty, is well established in the practice, and is Vice- President of the Flat Top Medical and Dental Association. He was born at Freeman on March 4, 1894. His father, the late Henry Staples, was the son of Ruth Staples. The mother of our subject, before her marriage, was Miss Amanda Houston.

Young Staples laid the foundation of his education in the public schools of Bramwell. When ready for his literary course he went to the West Virginia Collegiate Institute, where he took the academic course. After completing his work at that institution, he matriculated at Meharry Dental College, where he won his D.D.S. degree in 1920. Returning to his native county where he saw a bright future, he began practice in the summer of 1920, and has succeeded in the midst of those who know his ability and understand his character.

Dr. Staples has been a hard worker all his life, and though he has at times wondered to other sections for short periods, he has not been able to get away from the call of his native hills, which he loves best. As a boy and young man he worked in the mines.

While in school, he took an active part in college athletics, both foot ball and basket ball. In politics he is a Republican, and belongs to the Methodist Church. He is of the opinion that the greatest need of the race is education.

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