History Bowl Participants 2012

2012 Champion
Suncrest Middle School

Horace Mann Middle School

School     City and County           Team Members
Cameron High School Team 2Cameron, MarshallLuke Foster, Annie Hill, Ashley Hill, and Bradon Stern
Cameron High School Team 1Cameron, MarshallAdrianna Boles, Roger McDiffitt, Jared Neehouse, and Sara Quigley
Chapmanville Middle School Team 1Chapmanville, LoganAlex Berry, Andrew Bias, Joe Phipps, and Lasyapriya Pidaparthi
Edison Middle School Team 1Parkersburg, WoodEthan Deibel, Dylan Lemon, Ethan Powers, and Lilyan Wright
Fairview Middle SchoolFairview, MarionMarlee Angelucci, Steven Bell, Evan Cole, and Emily Doshier
Frankfort Middle School Team 1Ridgeley, MineralDevon Alt, Mac Geis, Emily Hines, and Andrew Kenney
Horace Mann Middle SchoolCharleston, KanawhaMary-Keeton Lane, Zane Lewis, Isaac Liu, and Harriett Rowe
Jackson Middle School Team 1Vienna, WoodMary Catherine Bolton, Andrew Mommessin, Preston Padden, and Jarrett Stengel
Moorefield Middle School Team 1Moorefield, HardyZack Liller, Mitchell Martin, Joshua Ograbisz, and Mallory Sisler
Nuttall Middle SchoolLookout, FayetteSteven Blume, Gus Ellison, Jared Stover, and Logan Syner
Shady Spring Middle School Team 1Shady Spring, RaleighJenna Meador, Trevor Pritchett, Jordan Thomas, and Lucas Thompson
Shady Spring Middle School Team 2Shady Spring, RaleighJacob Blevins, Austin Cobble, Michael Hegele, and Brent Mitchell
Sissonville Middle SchoolSissonville, KanawhaAllison Haynes, Ethan Lauchart, Kelli McClanahan, and Regan Sands
Summersville Middle School Team 2Summersville, NicholasBrandon Cavendish, Ethan Miller, Maggie Sweeney, and Mason Yarber
Suncrest Middle SchoolMorgantown, MonongaliaMatteo Peries, Sadaf Sarwari, Roark Sizemore, and Tee Tanner
Williamson Middle School Team 2Williamson, MingoFaith Hensley, Jenna Muncy, Micah Muncy, and Kailey Stuart

RESA Competitions


Shady Spring Middle School Team 1

Shady Spring Middle School Team 2

Independence Middle School Team 1Coal City, RaleighSavannah Gwinn, Cody Stack, Johnathan Cruise, and Jami Hylton
Independence Middle School Team 2Coal City, RaleighChelyan Nelson, Michael Trotter, Aaron Whitt, and Caleb Miller
Mountain View SchoolUnion, MonroeConner Pitzer, Justice Moran, Laura Jane Dransfield, and Bailee Jackson
Park Middle School Team 1Beckley, RaleighIsabella Bailey, Kase Poling, Mikayla Akers, and Kyle Ayers
Park Middle School Team 2Beckley, RaleighRachel Clay, Keegan Rose, Lily Peterson, and Shawna Hatcher
Sandy River Middle School Team 1Avondale, McDowellJames Hagerman, Shayna Hale, Amber Vance, and Faith Poore
Sandy River Middle School Team 2Avondale, McDowellChristian Nealen, Samantha Coleman, Corey Steele, and Mary Salyers
Summers Middle SchoolHinton, SummersJosh Smith, Summer Justice, Mary Trent, and Maggie Richmond


Chapmanville Middle School Team 1

Williamson Middle School Team 2

Burch Middle School Team 1Delbarton, MingoAlex Warden, Austin Stepp, Tyler Evans, and Garrett Moore
Burch Middle School Team 2Delbarton, MingoAutumn Burnette, Catelynn Gillman, Courtney Evans, and Ashleigh Woolum
Chapmanville Middle School Team 2Chapmanville, LoganCaleb Price, Ethan Thompson, Tyler Chafin, and Tyler Shannon
Crum Middle School Team 1Crum, WayneSeth McMillion, Krista Newsome, Jessica Copley, and Annalyse Mann
Crum Middle School Team 2Crum, WayneKelsey Napier, Loretta Fletcher, Tiffani Brewster, and Melvin Messer
Duval Middle School Team 1Griffithsville, LincolnKirsten Long, Haley Price, and Kiara Pauley
Duval Middle School Team 2Griffithsville, LincolnJed Bratcher, Weston Dunlap, and Jade Saul
Lenore K-8 SchoolWilliamson, MingoKatie Adkins, Anthony May, and Cassidy Runyon
Logan Middle School Team 1Logan, LoganCorey France, Dustin Vance, David Spurlock, and Victoria Wall
Logan Middle School Team 2Logan, LoganLogan Adkins, Elijah Coleman, Kendahl Bowen, and Bethany Cook
Matewan Middle SchoolMatewan, MingoJustin Parker, Sadie Christian, Meghan Doyle, and Miranda Smith
Milton Middle School Team 1Milton, CabellAshley Brinkman, Hiram Weible, and Sara Hensley
Milton Middle School Team 2Milton, CabellBethann Flint, Anna Loudin, Paige Bowen, and Hayden Thomas
Wayne Middle School Team 1Wayne, WayneSara Russell, Samuel Collins, Josh Mitts, and Emily Triplett
Wayne Middle School Team 2Wayne, WayneZach Preston, Justin Crockett, and Logan Bradshaw
Williamson Middle School Team 1Williamson, MingoMichael Dotson, Matthew Christian, Paulina Browning, and Sam Jude


Horace Mann Middle School

Sissonville Middle School

Andrew Jackson Middle School Team 1Cross Lanes, KanawhaWill Click, Madison Soice, Kayla Skidmore, and Cara DeCarlo
Andrew Jackson Middle School Team 2Cross Lanes, KanawhaSidney Stover, Olivia Darby, Dylan Cavender, and Savannah Hunter
Charleston Catholic High School Team 1Charleston, KanawhaAnthony Istean, Lauren Karr, Nick Russo, and Marlo Weisberg
Charleston Catholic High School Team 1Charleston, KanawhaChristine Wirts, B. J. Hughey, Greg Hart, and Ryan Sikora
George Washington Middle School Team 1Eleanor, PutnamRachel Martin, Kayla Willbond, Ty Smith, and Maureen Russell
George Washington Middle School Team 2Eleanor, PutnamCorey Jackson, Briana Lothes, Karissa Hudnall, and Colin Blair


Summersville Middle School Team 2

Nuttall Middle School

Braxton County Middle School Team 1Sutton, BraxtonPrice Beane, Dalton Dean, Emily Conley, and Caroline Nicholas
Braxton County Middle School Team 2Sutton, BraxtonAbigail Carr, Josiah Bosely, Jessica Beckett, and Michelle Ramsey
Diana Elementary SchoolDiana, WebsterBethany Anderson, Mitchell Rogers, Dorothy Davis, and Kendal Riffle
Eastern Greenbrier Middle SchoolRonceverte, GreenbrierCollin Clemons, Caleb Griffith, Isabel Jasperse, and Katie Barnes
Green Bank Middle SchoolGreen Bank, PocahontasMarilyn Creager, Clay Sexton, Mikalan Holder, and Tommy Greulick
Marlinton Middle SchoolBuckeye, PocahontasCaitlin Barnes, Audrey Lore, Ashlyn McKenney, and Jacob Hefner
Richwood Middle School Team 1Richwood, NicholasZach Lyons, Samuel Cunningham, Chase Reel, and Griffin Snyder
Richwood Middle School Team 2Richwood, NicholasSerina Taylor, Shawna Vreyens, Kimmy Little, and Danielle Skaggs
Summersville Middle School Team 1Summersville, NicholasMorgan Collins, Joe Yeager, Chloey Thomas, and Paige Robinson
Webster Springs Middle SchoolWebster Springs, WebsterDezarae Detamore, Chelsea Dean, Courtney Treadway, and Kaitlyn Vincent


Edison Middle School Team 1

Jackson Middle School Team 1

Edison Middle School Team 2Parkersburg, WoodShawn Judy, Court Patterson, Allison Currey, and Adeena Shears
Geary Elementary Middle SchoolLeft Hand, RoaneAlex Graham, Latasha Keiffer, and Joe Savard
Jackson Middle School Team 2Vienna, WoodMaggie Baumgartner, Helen Read, Joseph Showalter, and Talon Sams
Pleasants County Middle SchoolBelmont, PleasantsAlex Smith, Jenessa Mullenix, Bobby Cain, and Jacob Cox
Ripley Middle School Team 1Ripley, JacksonSamantha Border, Faith Shamblin, Jacob Fisher, and Chance Ranson
Ripley Middle School Team 2Ripley, JacksonJeana Mahan, J. J. Mahan, Jennifer Wine, and Alyssa Bumpus
Ritchie County Middle SchoolEllenboro, RitchieAustin Strickland, Justin Curfman, Mattison Johnson, and Emily Daugherty
Tyler Consolidated Middle School Team 1Sistersville, TylerJulian Work, Scott Gorby, Brannon Jones, and Lacey Seckman
Tyler Consolidated Middle School Team 2Sistersville, TylerBreanna Snyder, Creed Eller, Kyle Frum, and Marcus Nichols
Walton Elementary Middle SchoolWalton, RoaneKrystal Webb, Noelle Rogers, Jade Walls, and Cassidy Bowling
Williamstown High SchoolWilliamstown, WoodAllison Hurst, Zac Willhide, Brittney McNamara, and Riley West


Cameron Middle School Team 2

Cameron Middle School Team 1

Bridge Street Middle SchoolWheeling, OhioShayne Myers, Jim McLaughlin, Stephanie Courts, and Michelle Williams
New Martinsville Middle School Team 1New Martinsville, WetzelCarter Seckman, Chase Miller, Brandon Mason, and Mitchell Winters
New Martinsville Middle School Team 2New Martinsville, WetzelTroy Boughner, Rachel Arbogast, Emily McIlvain, and Mikey Dantrassy
Oak Glen Middle School Team 1New Cumberland, HancockNatalie Chappell, Madison Juszczak, Catie Allison, and Mackenzie Jacobs
Oak Glen Middle School Team 2New Cumberland, HancockChristian White, Ashley Holgate, Bella Neer, and Mandy Blake
Paden City High School Team 1Paden City, WetzelAndrew Dennis, Olivia Bolen, Logan Carroll, and Samuel Price
Paden City High School Team 2Paden City, WetzelLuke Cooper, Deven Price, Shaylee Lyons, and Taylor Cosper
St. Joseph the Worker SchoolWeirton, HancockRyan Kirk, Adam Davis, Joseph Arnold, and Lorenzo Basil
Sherrard Middle School Team 1Sherrard, MarshallMarisa Tordella, Annie Younger, Natalie Marsh, and Alyssa Wallace
Sherrard Middle School Team 2Sherrard, MarshallDominic Campeti, Madison Carroll, Luke Bonar, and Jon Montesano
Triadelphia Middle School Team 1Wheeling, OhioEli Pavilack, Harrison Hartong, Dempsey Diegmiller, and Emily Cook
Triadelphia Middle School Team 2Wheeling, OhioJames Miller, Jake Laing, Abbie Lippincott, and Rachel Bugaj
Weir Middle School Team 1Weirton, HancockDaniel Mayfield, C. J. Reed, Abbi Crago, and Tiler Weimer
Weir Middle School Team 2Weirton, HancockAshley Anderson, Trey Baker, Scott Miller, and Chance Penebaker
Wellsburg Middle SchoolWellsburg, BrookeMadeleine Marks, Mara Miller, Abbey Jackson, and Analeis Rinehart


Fairview Middle School

Suncrest Middle School

Belington Middle SchoolBelington, BarbourSeth Gribble, Oryan Lopez, Julie Francis, and Sean Curtis
Central Preston Middle SchoolKingwood, PrestonEmilea Warnick, Brooke Dixon, Kaylyn Harris, and Ashley Shaffer
Doddridge County Middle SchoolWest Union, DoddridgeTeresa Hart, Robert Kniceley, Kali Muhly-Alexander, and Stephanie Gains
Lumberport Middle SchoolLumberport, HarrisonRobert Tate, Ryan Menendez, Abby McCarty, and Santana Creamer
Notre Dame High School Team 1Clarksburg, HarrisonRachel Rogers, Pei-Pei Rexroad, Mack Pernell, and Landon Davis
Notre Dame High School Team 2Clarksburg, HarrisonJordan Miller, Samantha Yost, Caroline McKee, and Jacob Coe
St. Francis Central Catholic Middle School Team 1Morgantown, MonongaliaHolly Palmer, Maria Radcliffe, Connor Riley, and Ross Pallotta
St. Francis Central Catholic Middle School Team 2Morgantown, MonongaliaBella Gabriele, Helen Fanning, Benjamin Torres-Kulik, and Lisa Hilgar
Taylor County Middle SchoolGrafton, TaylorJeffrey May, Caitlin Ware, Taylor Dean, and Jessica Clelland


Frankfort Middle School Team 1

Moorefield Middle School Team 1

East Hardy Early Middle SchoolBaker, HardyTim Hahn, Brittani Fertig, Tara Teets, and Trisha Heishman
Frankfort Middle School Team 2Ridgeley, MineralTimothy Friend, Kailee Hanna, Bailey Jones, and Bailey Saville
Keyser Primary Middle School Team 1Keyser, MineralCaleb Shreve, Austin Obenshain, Summer Giles, and Taylor Fraley
Keyser Primary Middle School Team 2Keyser, MineralErik Willis, Cheyenne Thompson, Kaylene Willis, and Gage Canan
Moorefield Middle School Team 2Moorefield, HardySavannah Kite, Danny Taylor, Carson Crawford, and Jestin Cosner
Pendleton County Middle School Team 1Franklin, PendletonTrinity Shaver, Kirsten Phillips, Chase Simmons, and Katie Bland
Pendleton County Middle School Team 2Franklin, PendletonLily Pistorio, Mahala Alt, Vincent See, and Sarah Nesselrodt
Romney Middle SchoolRomney, HampshireRobert Judy, Britt Dolly, John Parker, and Colton Corbi

West Virginia History Bowl

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