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Salmon Brown to Mary Ann Brown and Family

August 20, 1855

Boyd B. Stutler Collection

Osawattome K T August 20th 1855
Dear Mother Brothers & Sisters

I received your long looked for letter of the first of July and it was with a great deal of consolation that I read the few short words that you were all well. The weather is now fine and cool and the crops of evry [sic] kind look well the Boys just returned from a mass meeting at Lawrence which turned out very successfull [sic]. Considering it being rainey [sic] weather there being some 600 free state folks assembled there. Still the bosted [sic] libertis [sic] of the people of America lie crushed under the iron heel of the slave propaganda. And God only knowes [sic] when they will ever have there bosted [sic] libert[i]es again. There is now another difficulty here in Kansas it is this the free State folks are a majority and and [sic] the anti Slavery folks are in the minority and the free white State folks are determined to have free State with a rigid black law or a Slave State and they have apointed [sic] a convention to be held at the big Springs to that effect. This is just what the south wants and just what they have been crowding it will answer there [sic] purpose just as well as a slave State they will then have the benefit of a free State bordering on to them that is a perfect hell for there [sic] slaves and then they are safe. they have got land enough to home in Missouri that they can get for half or one forth [sic] the price and just as good as the world can aford [sic]. Now would they not lose the sympathy of the whole north and all that care at all for the great fundemental [sic] principles of justice and equality. Does it look consistent for men born in a republican government to pass resolutions to protect them and not others there is nothing so hell damed [sic] mean on the face of existance [sic] as this law and there is nothing that they can do that will impede the growth of this country as such a law. The antislavery folks are now begining [sic] to be wiling [sic] to compromise with these hellish proslavery free soilers and have a free state if they have to have a black law now the principal of this black law and slavery is the same the South never compromises and the north is ever ready to do it And this compromising has raised hell ever sence [sic] the Missouri compromise of 1820 and any man with the least spark of humanity in him would be damed [sic] to hell eternal before he would go in leag [sic] with these hell hounds. The great ulcer of this bosted [sic] republick [sic] is soon to break and I think it will not smell very sweet to the slave propaganda and any of its abettors If the govanor [sic] that has been apointed [sic] in Reeders place excepts the oface and admits the present Legislature of Kansas to be a legal one then war will ensue and that soon. I feel very much concerned about this Mackcray that is now in prison for killing that Missourian in self defence.[sic] they are determined to not give him a fare [sic] trial. I am anxious to go and help him out and think that there can be enough started out to do it. We are now expecting Father along soon the Boys saw Pomroy at the convention and he said that he left Father in ohio and that he was coming on soon and that he had had very good success. I do not know from what source you found out how very destitute and ragged i am but I wrote nothing that I intended you should draw such conclutions [sic] from Father wanted to know what his company would want and be likely to want and I wrote how things were here and what things would be likely to be wanted if I remember right. I have not been out of boots nor summer clothes nor money and as for you sending money to me I should feel more like sending it to you for I believe that you are in need of it more than I am and are likley [sic] to be. Be it far from me to call out your sympathy in my behalf. you said that watson looking for a letter in answer to the one he and [?] wrote to me. I alow [sic] he has had one whether he got it or not. I would be glad to have Wat write to me and give me some advice So that I can have an equel [sic] chance to give him some I think I could do him a great deal of good. I am glad to here [sic] that Anna is as well as usual. I sent Anna and Sarah a scorpion in the last letter that I wrote home and if it does not come through safe I will send another. There is a good chance or will be in about 3 years for folks to come to this country when the insurrection is settled in this country for folks to buy timber and then know where it is and then take them a prairie claim just where they pleas[e] but as things are now I think that land is of but little account. I think that before another year comes around this country will be in open insurection [sic] I mean Kansas. I provisy [sic] before 8 weeks that you will here that McCray will be out of prison give my best wishes to all the frends [sic] in north Elba yours in great hast [sic] from your Affectionate Son & Brother

Salmon Brown

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