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Newspaper Sketches, 1859-60

John Brown and Family
Earliest known view of John Brown
John Brown in Kansas, ca. 1856
John Brown, 1857
Owen Brown (father)
John Brown Jr., 1840s
John Brown Jr., 1860
Owen Brown (son)
Jason Brown
Ruth Brown
Mary Ann Brown with Annie and Sarah
Salmon Brown (younger)
Salmon Brown (older)
Oliver Brown
Annie Brown
Sarah Brown
Ellen Brown
Oliver and Martha Brown
Watson Brown

Jeremiah G. Anderson
Osborne Perry Anderson
John E. Cook
John E. Copeland
Barclay Coppoc
Edwin Coppoc
Shields Green
Albert Hazlett
John H. Kagi
Lewis S. Leary
William H. Leeman
Francis Jackson Merriam
Dangerfield Newby
Aaron Dwight Stevens
Stewart Taylor
Dauphin Thompson
William Thompson
Charles Plummer Tidd

Secret Six
Thomas Wentworth Higginson
Samuel Gridley Howe
Theodore Parker
Frank Sanborn
Gerrit Smith
George Luther Stearns

Other People
Thomas Alstadt
Charles Blair
George Boniface
Alexander Boteler
Frederick Douglass
Kate Field
William Lloyd Garrison
John W. Geary
George B. Gill
Andrew Hunter
Robert E. Lee
James M. Mason
James Montgomery
Richard Parker
Henry Clay Pate
Richard Realf
Heyward Shepherd
Edwin V. Sumner
Lewis Washington

Places and Scenes
John Brown's birthplace, Torrington, Connecticut
John Brown home in Akron, Ohio
John Brown home in Springfield, Massachusetts
John Brown's first home in North Elba
John Brown Farm at North Elba, New York
John Brown Farm at North Elba (another view)
John Brown's tannery at New Richmond, Pennsylvania
Grave of Dianthe Brown at New Richmond
Burial of John Brown's men at North Elba
John Brown Memorial Association annual pilgrimage to North Elba
Arrest and Rescue of Frank B. Sanborn, 1859
Lawrence, Kansas Territory
Arrival of John Brown and sons at Lawrence, Kansas
Samuel Adair's cabin in Kansas
Free State Prisoners
Dedication of the Battle of Osawatomie momument, 1877
Soldiers Monument at Osawatomie
Entrance to John Brown Memorial Park at Osawatomie, Kansas
First Baptist Church, Chatham, Canada
Harpers Ferry, 1839
Jefferson Rock, Harpers Ferry
Stone Steps, Harpers Ferry
Confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers, Harpers Ferry
U.S. Armory in Harpers Ferry, by Beyer, 1857
Entrance to Musket Factory complex, Harpers Ferry
Kennedy Farmhouse, Maryland
Jefferson County Court House, Charles Town
Charles Town jail
John Brown's Fort, Harpers Ferry
John Brown Fort tablet, Harpers Ferry
Heyward Shepherd Memorial, Harpers Ferry
John Brown Centennial re-enactment, Harpers Ferry
Scene from "Battle Hymn"
John Brown bust by Brackett
"Tragic Prelude" by Curry
John Brown statue at North Elba
John Brown statue at Kansas City
John Brown statue at Osawatomie
"John Brown's Trial," by Lithgow
John Brown, by Woodman
"Imprisonment of John Brown," by Keedy
John Brown under his gibbet, by Daugherty

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