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"Articles of Enlistment and By-Laws of the Kansas Regulars, made and established by the commander, A. D. 1856"


1. The Covenant.

We whose names are found on these and the next following pages do hereby enlist ourselves to serve in the Free-State cause under John Brown as Commander: during the full period of time affixed to our names respectively and we severally pledge our word and our scared honor to said Commander; and to each other, that during the time for which we have enlisted we will faithfully and punctually perform our duty (in such capacity or place as may be assigned to us by a majority of all the votes of those associated with us: or of companies to which we may belong as the case may be) as a regular volunteer force for the maintainance [sic] of the rights & liberties of the Free-State Citizens of Kansas: and we further agree, that as individuals we will conform to the by Laws of this Organization & that we will insist on their regular & punctual enforcement as a first & last duty: & in short that we will observe & maintain a strict & thorough Military discipline at all times untill [sic] our term of service expires.

Names, date of enlistment, and term of service on next Pages. Term of service omitted for want of room (principally for the War).

2. Names and date of enlistment.

Aug. 22. Wm. Patridge (imprisoned), John Salathiel, S. Z. Brown, John Goodell, L. F. Parsons, N. B. Phelps, Wm. B. Harris.
Aug. 23. Jason Brown (son of commander, imprisoned).
Aug. 24. J. Benjamin (imprisoned),
Aug. 25. Cyrus Taton, R. Reynolds (imprisoned), Noah Frazee (1st Lieut.), Wm. Miller, John P. Glenn, Wm. Quick, M. D. Lane, Amos Alderman, August Bondie, Charles Kaiser (murdered Aug. 30), Freeman Austin (aged 57 years), Samuel Hereson, John W. Troy, Jas. H. Holmes (Capt.).
Aug. 26. Geo. Patridge (killed Aug. 30), Wm. A. Sears.
Aug. 27. S. H. Wright.
Aug. 29. B. Darrach (Surgeon), Saml. Farrar.
Sept. 8. Timothy Kelly, Jas. Andrews.
Sept. 9. W. H. Leman, Charles Oliver, D. H. Hurd.
Sept. 15. Wm. F. Haniel.
Sept. 16. Saml. Geer (Commissary).

3. Bylaws of the Free-State regular Volunteers of Kansas enlisted under John Brown.

Art. I. Those who agree to be governed by the following articles & whose names are appended will be known as the Kansas Regulars.

Art. II. Every officer connected with organization (except the Commander already named) shall be elected by a majority of the members if above a Captain; & if a Captain; or under a Captain, by a majority of the company to which they belong.

Art. III. All vacancies shall be filled by vote of the majority of members or companies as the case may be, & all members shall be alike eligible to the highest office.

Art. IV. All trials for misconduct of Officers; or privates; shall be by a jury of Twelve; chosen by a majority of Company, or companies as the case may be. Each Company shall try its own members.

Art. V. All valuable property taken by honorable warfare from the enemy, shall be held as the property of the whole company, or companies, as the case may be: equally, without distinction; to be used for the common benefit or be placed in the hands of responsible agents for sale: the proceeds to be divided as nearly equally amongst the company: or companies capturing it as may be: except that no person shall be entitled to any dividend from property taken before he entered the service; and any person guilty of desertion, or convicted of gross violation of his obligations to those with whom he should act, whether officer or private: shall forfeit his interest in all dividends made after such misconduct has occurred.

Art. VI. All property captured shall be delivered to the receiver of the force, or company as the case may be; whose duty it shall be to make a full inventory of the same (assisted by such person, or persons as may be chosen for that purpose), a coppy [sic] of which shall be made into the Books of this organization; & held subject to examination by any member, on all suitable occasions.

Art. VII. The receiver shall give his receipts in a Book for that purpose for all moneys & other property of the regulars placed in his hands; keep an inventory of the same & make copy as provided in Article VI.

Art. VIII. Captured articles when used for the benefit of the members: shall be receipted for by the Commissary, the same as moneyes [sic] placed in his hands. The receiver to hold said receipts.

Art. IX. A disorderly retreat shall not be suffered at any time & every Officer & private is by this article fully empowered to prevent the same by force if need be, & any attempt at leaving the ground during a fight is hereby declared disorderly unless the consent or direction of the officer then in command have authorized the same.

Art. X. A disorderly attack or charge; shall not be suffered at any time.

Art. XI. When in camp a thorough watch both regular and Piquet shall be maintained both by day, & by Night: and visitors shall not be suffered to pass or repass without leave from the Captain of the guard and under common or ordinary circumstances it is expected that the Officers will cheerfully share this service with the privates for examples sake.

Art. XII. Keeping up Fires or lights after dark; or firing of Guns, Pistols or Caps shall not be allowed, except Fires and lights when unavoidable.

Art. XIII. When in Camp neither Officers shall be allowed to leave without consent of the Officer then in command.

Art. XIV. All uncivil ungentlemanly profane, vulgar talk or conversation shall be discountenanced.

Art. XV. All acts of petty theft needless waste of the property of the members or of Citizens is hereby declared disorderly: together with all uncivil, or unkind treatment of Citizens or of prisoners.

Art. XVI. In all cases of capturing property, a sufficient number of men shall be detailed to take charge of the same; all others shall keep in their position.

Art. XVII. It shall at all times be the duty of the quarter Master to select ground for encampment subject however to the approbation of the commanding officer.

Art. XVIII. The Commissary shall give his receipts in a Book for that purpose for all moneys provisions, and stores put into his hands.

Art. XIX. The Officers of companies shall see that the arms of the same are in constant good order and a neglect of this duty shall be deemed disorderly.

Art. XX. No person after having first surrendered himself a prisoner shall be put to death: or subjected to corporeal punishment, without first having had the benefit of an impartial trial.

Art. XXI. A Waggon [sic] Master and an Assistant shall be chosen for each company whose duty it shall be to take a general care and oversight of the teams, waggons [sic], harness and all other articles or property pertaining thereto: and who shall both be exempt from serving on guard.

Art. XXII. The ordinary use or introduction into the camp of any intoxicating liquor, as a beverage: is hereby declared disorderly.

Art. XXIII. A Majority of Two Thirds of all the Members may at any time alter or amend the foregoing articles.

4. List of Volunteers either engaged or guarding Horses during the fight of Black Jack or Palmyra, June 2, 1856.

1. Saml. T. Shore (Captain). 2. Silas More. 3. David Hendricks (Horse Guard). 4. Hiram McAllister. 5. Mr. Parmely (wounded). 6. Silvester Harris. 7. 0. A. Carpenter (wounded). 8. Augustus Shore. 9. Mr. Townsley (of Pottawatomie). 10. Win. B. Hayden. II. John Mewhinney. 12. Montgomery Shore. 13. Elkana Timmons. 14. T. Weiner. 15. August Bondy. 16. Hugh Mewhinney. 17. Charles Kaiser. 18. Elizur Hill. 19. William David. 20. B. L. Cochran. 21. Henry Thompson (wounded). 22. Elias Basinger. 23. Owen Brown. 24. Fredk. Brown (horse guard; murdered Aug. 30). 25. Salmon Brown. 26. Oliver Brown. 27. This blank may be filled by Capt. Shore as he may have the name. JOHN BROWN.

5. List of names of the wounded in the Battle of Black Jack (or Palmyra) and also of the Eight who held out to receive the surrender of Capt. Pate and Twenty-Two men on that occasion, June 2, 1856.

1. Mr. Parmely wounded in Nose, & Arm obliged to leave. 2. Henry Thompson dangerously wounded but fought for nearly one Hour afterward. 3. O. A. Carpenter Badly wounded and obliged to leave. 4. Charles Kaiser, murdered Aug. 30. 5. Elizur Hill. 6. Wm. David. 7. Hugh Mewhinney (17 yrs. old). 8. B. L. Cochran. 9. Owen Brown, 10. Salmon Brown. Seriously wounded (soon after by accident). 11. Oliver Brown - 17 years old.

In the battle of Osawatomie Capt. (or Dr.) Updegraph; and Two others whose names I have lost were severely (one of them shockingly) wounded before the fight began Aug. 30, 1856. JOHN BROWN.

Source: F. B. Sanborn, ed., The Life and Letters of John Brown. Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1891., pp. 287-91

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