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Articles of Agreement for Shubel Morgan's Company.

We, the undersigned, members of Shubel Morgan's company, hereby agree to be governed by the following rules: -

I. A gentlemanly and respectful deportment shall at all times and places be maintained towards all persons; and all profane or indecent language shall be avoided in all cases.

II. No intoxicating drinks shall be used as a beverage by any member, or be suffered in camp for such purpose.

III. No member shall leave camp without leave of the commander.

IV. All property captured in any manner shall be subjected to an equal distribution among the members.

V. All acts of petty or other thefts shall be promptly and properly punished, and restitution made as far as possible.

VI. All members shall, so far as able, contribute equally to all necessary labor in or out of camp.

VII. All prisoners who shall properly demean themselves shall be treated with kindness and respect, and shall be punished for crime only after trial and conviction, being allowed a hearing in defence.

VIII. Implicit obedience shall be yielded to all proper orders of the commander or other superior officers.

IX. All arms, ammunition, etc., not strictly private property, shall ever be held subject to, and delivered up on, the order of the commander.

Shubel Morgan,July 12.E. W. Snyder, July 15
C. P. Tidd,   "     " Elias J. Snyder,   "     "
J. H. Kagi,   "     " John H. Snyder,   "     "
A. Wattles,   "     " Adam Bishop,   "     "
Saml. Stevenson,   "     " Wm. Hairgrove,   "     "
J. Montgomery,  "     " John Mikel,   "     "
T. Homyer [Wiener?],  "     "Wm Partridge,   "     "
Simon Snyder,   "   14.

Source: F. B. Sanborn, ed., The Life and Letters of John Brown. Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1891, pp. 473-74

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