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(A copyrighted publication of West Virginia Archives and History)

"Virginia Prisoners at Fort Delaware-Tune Maryland, My Maryland"

Volume 31, Number 3 (April 1970), p. 182

Wandering thoughts turn home again
To view our native war worn plane
She marshaled at the bugles sound
One hundred thousand on the ground
To their homes are honor bound
Virginia's land, etc.

Inscribed her banners victory
Her watchword death or liberty
Her hills have shook from shore to shore
Her plains are drenched with human gore
Her vetrons fall to rise no more
Virginia's land.

She points to fiend atrocity
And justice sues for liberty
Peace has fled and sorrows reign
Widows weep for husbands slain
Orphans cry for food in vain
Virginia's land.

from Louise McNeill Pease, "The Prison Notebook of Captain James M. McNeill, C. S. A.," West Virginia History 31(April 1970): 180-184.

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