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History of the Mountain State,

Volume 50

Volume 50

Table of Contents


"In Memoriam: Dr. William D. Barns, 1917-1991"

"The United States Army and the Return to Normalcy in Labor Dispute Interventions: The Case of the West Virginia Coal Mine Wars, 1920-1921" By Clayton D. Laurie

"A Temptation to Lawlessness: Peonage in West Virginia, 1903-1908" By Kenneth R. Bailey

"Benign Betrayal: Capitalist Intervention in Pocahontas County, West Virginia, 1890-1910" By John Hennen

"John Jay Jackson, Jr.: Business, Legal and Political Activities, 1847-1859" By Jacob C. Baas Jr.

"Lewis Wetzel: Warfare Tactics on the Frontier" By George Carroll

"'Appalachia's' Civil War Genesis: Southwest Virginia as Depicted by Northern and European Writers, 1825-1865" By Kenneth Noe

"Loyalties in Conflict: Union and Confederate Sentiment in Barbour County" By John W. Shaffer

"The Rudulph Collection of Civil War Letters" Ed. by Dan R. Brook

Book Reviews

The West Virginia Mine Wars: An Anthology, ed. by David Alan Carbin. Reviewer Richard Fauss

The Past is a Key to the Future: A History of Terra Alta, West Virginia and its Vicinity, by Betty Whittaker. Reviewer Michael Pauley

Generation of Growth: A Contemporary View of the West Virginia University School of Medicine, by Dolores A. Fleming et al. Reviewer Clarke Ridgeway

Robert E. Lee at Sewell Mountain: The West Virginia Campaign, by Tim McKinney. Reviewer Joseph H. Ferrell

Stonewall Jackson at Cedar Mountain, by Robert K. Krick. Reviewer Mark Lynch

Jefferson Davis and His Generals: The Failure of the Confederate Command in the West, by Steven E. Woodworth. Reviewer Gary L. Conway

Prison Life Among the Rebels: Recollections of a Union Chaplain, by Edward D. Jervey. Reviewer Tim McKinney

A Crisis of Republicanism: American Politics During the Civil War, ed. by Lloyd E. Ambrosius. Reviewer Kenneth Yount

Another Civil War: Labor, Capital and the State in the Anthracite Regions of Pennsylvania, 1840-68, by Grace Palladino. Reviewer Lou Athey

John L. Lewis: Labor Leader, by Robert H. Zieger. Reviewer Art Barbeau

Weaving a Common Thread: A History of the Woolen Industry in the Top of the Shenandoah Valley, by Wilbur S. Johnston. Reviewer Jerra Jenrette

Unification of a Slave State: The Rise of the Planter Class in the South Carolina Backcountry, 1760-1808, by Rachel N. Klein. Reviewer Mary Lou Lustig

Looking South: Chapters in the Story of an American Region, ed. by Winfred B. Moore Jr. and Joseph F. Tripp. Reviewer Paul D. Casdorph

Black, White, and Southern: Race Relations and Southern Culture, 1940 to the Present, by David R. Goldfield. Reviewer David C. Duke

Throwed Away: Failures of Progress in Eastern North Carolina, by Linda Flowers. Reviewer Jerra Jenrette

Motherhood in the Old South: Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Infant Rearing, by Salley G. McMillen. Reviewer Donna Spindel

Black Women in White, by Darlene Clark. Reviewer Audrey B. Davis

To Bind up the Wounds: Catholic Sister Nurses in the U.S. Civil War, by Sister Mary Denis Maher. Reviewer Margaret Brennan

Traveling the National Road: Across the Centuries on America's First Highway, by Jerritt Ierley. Reviewer Fredrick Armstrong

Let the Good Times Roll: Life at Home in America During World War II, by Paul D. Casdorph. Reviewer The Honorable Ken Hechler

The Conservation of Culture: Folklorists and the Public Sector, ed. by Burt Feintuch. Reviewer Barry Ward

The Papers of George Washington. Colonial Series. Volume 7: January 1761-June 1767, ed. by W. W. Abbot. Reviewer John Ferling

Thomas Jefferson's Farm Book, ed. by Edwin Morris Betts, and Thomas Jefferson: The Garden and Farm Books, ed. by Robert C. Baron. Reviewer Elizabeth Cometti

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