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History of the Mountain State,

Volume 52

Volume 52

Table of Contents


"Eugene V. Debs in West Virginia, 1913: A Reappraisal" By Roger Fagge

"'Committee Condemns W. Va. Mine Owners': Debs, Germer and Berger Report"

"Debs's Visit Challenged in Historical Interpretation" By David A. Corbin and Roger Fagge

"The Death of Constable Riggs: Ethnic Conflict in Marion County in the World War I Era" By Charles H. McCormick

"When the Socialists Ran Star City" By Stephen Cresswell

"Conflict at Coal River Collieries: The UMWA vs. The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers" By Thomas J. Robertson and Ronald L. Lewis

"'The Nearly Perfect State': Governor Homer Adams Holt, the WPA Writers' Project and the Making of West Virginia: A Guide to the Mountain State" By Jerry B. Thomas

"Labor-Management Conflict in the Eastern Panhandle: Perfection Garment Company Battles the ILGWU" By Jerra Jenrette

"A Struggle for Recognition: Marshall University Students for a Democratic Society and the Red Scare in Huntington, 1965-1969" By John Hennen

Book Reviews

Why the Confederacy Lost, ed. by Gabor S. Boritt. Reviewer Gary L. Conway

A Woman's Civil War: A Diary, With Reminiscences of the War, From March, 1862, by Cornelia Peake McDonald, ed. by Minrose C. Gwin. Reviewer Tim McKinney

Lee and Jackson: Confederate Chieftains, by Paul D. Casdorph. Reviewer Debra Basham

Abandoned by Lincoln: A Military Biography of General John Pope, by Wallace J. Schutz and Walter N. Trenerry. Reviewer Monty Baker

Dubious Victory: The Reconstruction Debate in Ohio, by Robert Sawrey. Reviewer Stephen Cresswell

Let Us Have Peace: Ulysses S. Grant and the Politics of War and Reconstruction, 1861- 1868, by Brooks D. Simpson. Reviewer Robert Sawrey

The Black Abolitionists Papers. Vol. 4: The United States, 1847-1858 and Vol. 5: The United States, 1859-1865, ed. by C. Peter Ripley. Reviewer I. D. Talbott

The Transformation of Western Pennsylvania, 1770-1800, by R. Eugene Harper. Reviewer Michael E. Workman

The Papers of George Washington. Confederation Series. Vol. 1: January-July 1784 and Vol. 2: July 1784-May 1785, ed. by W. W. Abbot. Reviewer John Ferling

Appalachian Frontiers: Settlement, Society, and Development in the Preindustrial Era, ed. by Robert D. Mitchell. Reviewer R. Eugene Harper

Revenuers and Moonshiners: Enforcing Liquor Law in the Mountain South, 1865-1900, by Wilbur R. Miller. Reviewer Gordon Simmons

Racial Violence in Kentucky, 1864-1940: Lynchings, Mob Rule, and 'Legal Lynchings', by George C. Wright. Reviewer Tyler O. Walters

Singing the Gospel Down: Amateur Gospel Music in South Central Kentucky, 1900- 1990, by William Lynwood Montell. Reviewer David L. Kimbrough

The Battle for Homestead, 1880-1892: Politics, Culture and Steel, by Paul Krause. Reviewer Jeffrey Drobney

'The River Ran Red': Homestead 1892, ed. by David Demarest. Reviewer David Javersak

Shaping Invention: Thomas Blanchard's Machinery and Patent Management in Nineteenth- Century America, by Carolyn C. Cooper. Reviewer Pam Edwards

Gender, Race, and Reform in the Progressive Era, ed. by Noralee Frankel and Nancy S. Dye. Reviewer Sandra Barney

Alexander Campbell: Educating the Moral Person, by John L. Morrison. Reviewer D. Duane Cummins

Pare Lorentz, FDR's Moviemaker: Memoirs and Scripts, by Pare Lorentz. Reviewer Billy Joe Peyton

Eleanor Steber: An Autobiography, by Eleanor Steber with Marcia Sloat. Reviewer Edward C. Wolf

Appalachian Passage, by Helen B. Hiscoe. Reviewer Christine M. Kreiser

Kennedy vs. Humphrey, West Virginia, 1960: The Pivotal Battle for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, by Dan B. Fleming Jr. Reviewer Robert Rupp

The Appalachian Regional Commission: Twenty-five Years of Government Policy, by Michael J. Bradshaw. Reviewer R. Eugene Harper

Book Notes


Eastern Regional Coal Archives through early 1993
Special Collections, Marshall University, January-December 1992
Selected accessions from West Virginia and Regional History Collection, West Virginia University, 1992
West Virginia State Archives, January-December 1992
Portion of index to Upper Ohio Valley Collection at Archives and Special Collections, Bethany College

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