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History of the Mountain State,

Volume 56

Volume 56

Table of Contents


"An 'ever present bone of contention': The Heyward Shepherd Memorial" By Mary Johnson

"Booster Ethos: Community, Image, and Profit in Early Clarksburg" By L. Diane Barnes

"Hugh Paul Taylor, Historian and Mapmaker" By David Scott Turk

"Persecution and Acceptance: The Strange History of Discrimination Against Married Women Teachers in West Virginia" By Robert J. O'Brien

"'Manufactured History': Re-fighting the Battle of Point Pleasant"

"Deaths at the West Virginia Colored Tuberculosis Sanitarium at Denmar"

"An Appeal for Future Generations: West Virginia Historical Records Strategic Plan"

Book Reviews

David Hunter Strother: "One of the Best Draughtsmen the Country Possesses", by John A. Cuthbert and Jessie Poesch. Reviewer Fredrick H. Armstrong

The Americanization of West Virginia: Creating a Modern Industrial State, 1916-1925, by John C. Hennen. Reviewer Jerry B. Thomas

A Space on the Side of the Road: Cultural Poetics in an "Other" America, by Kathleen Stewart. Reviewer Michael Oldaker

The Abolitionists and the South, 1831-1861, by Stanley Harrold. Reviewer James H. Cook

Lee the Soldier, ed. by Gary W. Gallagher. Reviewer Tim McKinney

When the Yankees Came: Conflict and Chaos in the Occupied South, 1861-1865, by Stephen V. Ash. Reviewer Kenneth W. Noe

Mothers of Invention: Women of the Slaveholding South in the American Civil War, by Drew Gilpin Faust. Reviewer Susan M. Pierce

A Mississippi Rebel in the Army of Northern Virginia: The Civil War Memoirs of Private David Holt, ed. by Thomas D. Cockrell and Michael B. Ballard. Reviewer James Russell Harris

A Southern Boy in Blue: The Memoir of Marcus Woodcock, 9th Kentucky Infantry (U.S.A.), ed. by Kenneth W. Noe. Reviewer Christopher M. Paine

Black Confederates and Afro-Yankees in Civil War Virginia, by Ervin L. Jordan Jr. Reviewer Debra Basham

Ghost Dancing on the Cracker Circuit: The Culture of Festivals in the American South, by Rodger Lyle Brown. Reviewer Stan Bumgardner

Hillbillyland: What the Movies Did to the Mountains & What the Mountains Did to the Movies, by J. W. Williamson. Reviewer Gordon Simmons

Organizing the Unemployed: Community and Union Activists in the Industrial Heartland, by James J. Lorence. Reviewer Ken Fones-Wolf

Women in the Mines: Stories of Life and Work, by Marat Moore. Reviewer Christine M. Kreiser

The Martinsville Seven: Race, Rape and Capital Punishment, by Eric W. Rise. Reviewer Paul G. Beers

Roots of American Racism: Essays on the Colonial Experience, by Alden T. Vaughan. Reviewer Irvin D. Talbott

Harry Byrd of Virginia, by Ronald L Heinemann. Reviewer Damon Eubank

The New South, 1945-1980, by Numan V. Bartley. Reviewer Ihor Bemko

Databases in Historical Research, by Charles Harvey and Jon Press. Reviewer William D. Theriault

Baptists on the American Frontier: A History of Ten Baptist Churches of Which the Author Has Been Alternately a Member, 3rd. ed., by John Taylor, ed. by. and intro. by Chester Raymond Young. Reviewer David L. Kimbrough

The Papers of George Washington. Revolutionary War Series. Vol. 7: October 1776-January 1777, ed. by Philander D. Chase et al. Reviewer John Ferling

The Papers of George Washington. Presidential Series. Vol. 5: January-June 1790, and Vol. 6: July-November 1790, ed. by Dorothy Twohig et al. Reviewer John Ferling

Book Notes

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West Virginia and Regional History Collection, West Virginia University
West Virginia State Archives

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