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History of the Mountain State,

Volume 59

Volume 59

Table of Contents


"In Memoriam: Dr. Robert Franklin Maddox, 1942-2002"

"An Affair of Outposts: Edward Johnson, the Army of the Northwest, and the Battle of Allegheny Mountain" By Eddie Woodward

"The John Brown/Boyd B. Stutler Collection Database"

"Report on the Meadow River Lumber Company of Rainelle, W. Va.," by Andrew H. Larson, May 2, 1916

"'I Will Write You a Few Lines': World War I Letters of the Greenlee Family"

Book Reviews

Kanawhan Prelude to Nineteenth-Century Monopoly in the United States, ed. by John Edmund Stealey III. Reviewer Calvin A. Kent

Memphis Tennessee Garrison: The Remarkable Story of a Black Appalachian Woman, ed. by Ancella R. Bickley and Lynda Ann Ewen. Reviewer Irvin D. Talbott

Mountains of Music: West Virginia Traditional Music from Goldenseal, ed. by John Lilly. Reviewer Pam Redmond

West Virginia Quilts and Quiltmakers: Echoes from the Hills, by Fawn Valentine. Reviewer Katherine M. Jourdan

Gold Medal CCC Company 1538-A Documentary, by Kathy Mays Smith. Reviewer Robert Beanblossom

Culture, Environment, and Conservation in the Appalachian South, ed. by Benita J. Howell. Reviewer Chad Montrie

A History of Appalachia, by Richard B. Drake. Reviewer Paul Salstrom

Grasping at Independence: Debt, Male Authority and Mineral Rights in Appalachian Kentucky, 1850-1915, by Robert Weise. Reviewer Barbara Rasmussen

Authorized to Heal: Gender, Class, and the Transformation of Medicine in Appalachia, 1880-1930, by Sandra Lee Barney. Reviewer Nancy M. Theriot

Southern Migrants, Northern Exiles, by Chad Berry. Reviewer John M. Glen

All We Knew Was to Farm: Rural Women in the Upcountry South, 1919-1941, by Melissa Walker. Reviewer Barbara J. Howe

Christianity in Appalachia: Profiles in Regional Pluralism, ed. by Bill J. Leonard. Reviewer Shaunna Scott

Slavery, Secession, and Southern History, ed. by Robert Louis Paquette and Louis A. Ferleger. Reviewer Theodore C. DeLaney

Banners to the Breeze: The Kentucky Campaign, Corinth, and Stones River, by Earl J. Hess. Reviewer Damon R. Eubank

For Honor, Glory & Union: The Mexican & Civil War Letters of Brig. Gen. William Haines Lytle, ed. by Ruth C. Carter. Reviewer Terry Lowry

Struggle for the Heartland: The Campaigns from Fort Henry to Corinth, by Stephen D. Engle. Reviewer Christopher M. Paine

Atlanta 1864: Last Chance for the Confederacy, by Richard M. McMurry. Reviewer J. Tracy Power

A Hundred Days to Richmond: Ohio's "Hundred Days" Men in the Civil War, ed. by Jim Leeke. Reviewer Tim McKinney

Confederate Retaliation: McCausland's 1864 Raid, by Fritz Haselberger. Reviewer Greg Carroll

Major McKinley: William McKinley & the Civil War, by William H. Armstrong. Reviewer Joseph H. Ferrell

The Chessboard of War: Sherman and Hood in the Autumn Campaign of 1864, by Anne J. Bailey. Reviewer John D. Fowler

California Sabers: The 2nd Massachusetts Cavalry in the Civil War, by James McLean. Reviewer Tim McKinney

Abraham Lincoln and a New Birth of Freedom: The Union & Slavery in the Diplomacy of the Civil War, by Howard Jones. Reviewer Lex Renda

The Great War of Destruction, by Russell G. LeVan. Reviewer Jack L. Dickinson

Rebel Hart, by Edith Morris Hemingway and Jacqueline Cosgrove Shields. Reviewer Julius E. Jones Jr.

The Myth of the Lost Cause and Civil War History, ed. by Gary W. Gallagher and Alan T. Nolan. Reviewer Richard D. Starnes

Lawyering for the Railroad: Business, Law, and Power in the New South, by William G. Thomas. Reviewer Robert L. Frey

Seeing Reds: Federal Surveillance of Radicals in the Pittsburgh Mill District, 1917-1921, by Charles H. McCormick. Reviewer Shae Davidson

The New Deal and the Triumph of Liberalism, ed. by Sidney M. Milkis and Jerome M. Mileur. Reviewer Jerry Bruce Thomas

Mother Jones: The Most Dangerous Woman in America, by Elliott J. Gorn. Reviewer John Edward Adkins

A Social Contract for the Coalfields: The Rise and Fall of the United Mine Workers of America Welfare and Retirement Fund, by Richard P. Mulcahy. Reviewer John P. David

Bound Away: Virginia and the Westward Movement, by David Hackett Fischer and James C. Kelly. Reviewer Alan V. Briceland

From British Peasants to Colonial American Farmers, by Allan Kulikoff. Reviewer R. Eugene Harper

A History of Jonathan Alder: His Captivity and Life with the Indians, ed. by Larry L. Nelson. Reviewer Robert F. Maslowski

A Man of Distinction Among Them: Alexander McKee and British-Indian Affairs along the Ohio Country Frontier, 1754-1799, by Larry L. Nelson. Reviewer Andrew R. L. Cayton

Contact Points: American Frontiers from the Mohawk Valley to the Mississippi, 1750-1830, ed. by Andrew R. L. Cayton and Fredrika J. Teute. Reviewer R. Eugene Harper

Suffering Soldiers: Revolutionary War Veterans, Moral Sentiment, and Political Culture in the Early Republic, by John Resch. Reviewer Wayne E. Lee

The Papers of George Washington: Revolutionary War Series, ed. by Frank E. Grizzard Jr. and Philander D. Chase. Reviewer Robert M. S. McDonald

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