Perfection Garment Company Strike

The Martinsburg Journal
May 5, 1953

Terms of Strike Settlement

Following is the 18-point memorandum agreed upon last night by union and company officials which ended the 12-day strike of Martinsburg and Ranson employes of the Perfection Garment Company.

This memorandum was signed for the company by John R. Poland, Jr., vice-president and general manager; William H. Atkinson, personnel director; and Attorney Lacy I. Rice and Harry H. Byrer, company counsel. Signing for the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union were Miss Angela Bambace, regional director, and Virginia Rogers and Virginia Frye, local committee members.

This memorandum is to be used as the official basis for formal resumption of contract negotiations next week.

Following are the 18 points in detail:

(1) The Union terminates the strike.

(2) The Company asks for dissolution of injunction.

(3) All production and maintenance workers to be recalled, who were on payroll at beginning of strike.

(4) Wages to be increased as follow:
(a) Minimum from .75 to .80 cents per hour.
(b) Skilled groups, cutters, machinists, and markers, .10 cents per hour.
(c) Piece rate prices to remain as they are now set.
(d) Employees earning 80 cents and up on piece rates to be paid a bonus of $2.00 per week. Minimum 32 hours.

(5) Open Shop Contract. Clause to provide that neither the Union nor the Company will threaten or intimidate employees to join or not join the Union.

(6) Check-off of union dues clause on written authorization. If any employee notifies the company within 15 days after this date that they do not want dues deducted the company will not deduct.

(7) Escalator clause, with provision that rates will not be lower than amount with these increases, and that piece rates will not be lowered. New piece rate job rate will be set in line with closest existing rate. Union may take up as grievance after 30 days.

(8) Contract to run until Oct. 31, 1955.

(9) The wage increases to be paid when employees return to work after termination of strike.

(10) Provide for arbitration through American Arbitration Association. If a piece rate for a new job is to be arbitrated, then parties agree to request A.A.A. to select a works Standard Engineer as the arbitrator.

(11) If discharged, then right to file written grievance within 3 days and arbitrate if necessary.

(12) If Company transfers any employee when job is still operating, then rate of previous job or new job rate, if higher, will be paid. If an employee is placed on another job because of lack of work on her job, she will be paid the minimum rate for the hours spent on the job.

(13) After the strike is called off Company will make arrangements as soon as reasonably practical to recall employees.

(14) Workers requiring make-up pay in a job classification in which there is a proven or provable rate of earnings above the piece work minimum guarantee (the proven or provable rate of earnings to be ascertained by applying current rates to prior performance, excluding sub-standard workers, transferred workers and learners), will be deemed inefficient and the Company shall have the right to discipline, including discharge.

(15) Parties to meet and complete these contract clauses and further negotiated clauses.

(16) Learner not to be eligible for 80 cent minimum until after six (6) months.

(17) Health and welfare fund 1 1/2 percent of gross payroll with union to be paid percentage according to members who have signed check-off, and balance administered by Company.

(18) One week vacation based on 2 percent of gross earnings, after one year's employment.


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