West Virginia Ordnance Works

Point Pleasant Daily Register
August 3, 1942

Walk-Out At TNT

Construction Is Curtailed

Estimates Differ As To How Many Are Out; Dispute Is Over Wage Scale Set Here

Construction workers of the West Virginia Ordnance Works, in considerable force, staged a walk-out here this morning.

Both company officials and the strikers said that the dispute responsible is over the local wage scale. Workers are demanding a scale equal to that of defense plants in other areas. If the scale asked for should be granted it would be on a par with Charleston scales.

However, at present granting of the demands looks doubtful.

The Public Relations Dept. of the U. S. Army at the local plant this morning called attention to an agreement between the Labor Dept. and the Army in which a pre-determined scale was set for this particular plant. It is the opinion of Army officials that the agreement will stand.

The Public Relations Dept. also said that strikers estimate that 4,000 men had walked out were highly exaggerated, and that work was going ahead despite the curtailment. The department also stated that up to noon today no one had been found who would assume responsibility for the walk-out.

No pickets are in evidence, but men on the streets today said that they were turned back at the entrances this morning.

Rumors are current that workers at the Marietta Mfg. Co. and at the Navy shipyards will join the strike tomorrow - but no foundation whatever could be found to substantiate them.

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