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Box 1

1st West Virginia Infantry (three months)
John H. Howard, Company H

1st West Virginia Infantry
Richard Ball, Company G (also 147th Battalion V. R. C.)
Martin T. Burch, Company D
David Fluharty, Company H
Henry C. Foster, Companies A and K [Sultana]
Simon Hartzell, Company D
William H. Holliday, Wagon Master, Field and Staff
Alexander Manners, Company K [Sultana]
James McHenry, Company M
George C. Mendel, Company K
Theopolis Richardson, Company A [Sultana]
Josiah Sims, Company D (also served 15th West Virginia Infantry, Company H
Silas Simms, Company D
Samuel Springer, Company H (also served 3rd West Virginia Cavalry, Company A
Benjamin F. Worls (Worral), Company F
Milton Worral, Company F
Samuel D. Worral, Company F

2nd West Virginia Infantry
James McIntosh, Company G/West Virginia Light Artillery
David Springer, Company F

5th West Virginia Infantry
Hugh Bowen, Company D
John W. Steel[e], Company C [Sultana]

6th West Virginia Infantry
Peyton Carson, Company F
John W. McGill, Company E
Elijah Smith, Company G
Skelton Sandiford, Company L

7th West Virginia Infantry
Francis W. H. Baldwin, Company B
John J. Elliott, Company A
William Jackson, Company B

9th West Virginia Infantry
James Buckbee, Company K [Sultana]
Robert E. Neal, Company H
Newton G. Sims, Company B
Aaron Thompson, Company A

10th West Virginia Infantry
John D. Weihert, Company F [Sultana]

11th West Virginia Infantry
John P. Boggs, Company A
John D. Collins, Company C
Jenkins Miller, Company H

12th West Virginia Infantry
Leander Allen, Company B
Samuel Allen, Company B
Oscar Allison, Company A
William G. Allison, Company I
Joshua Allman, Company B
Henry Anshutz, Company B
William Argo, Company A
Jesse Bane, Company C
James M. Blair, Company B
Thomas Burch (Birch), Company A
Thomas Burke, Company D
John A. Chrismond, Company A
James H. Coe, Company A
William Coffielt, Company B
Oliver Criswell, Company A
William H. Criswell, Company B
John Daken, Company C
James Durrah, Company A
Isaac Fish, Company C
John M. Flanigan, Company A
David B. Fleming, Company D
Joshua N. Fortney, Company G
William Gamble, Company A
George Gossett, Company A
William Gunn, Company C
William R. Hanna, Company D
John W. Harbinson, Company B
John J. Jones, Company A
James M. Keller, Company D
Ira Kidder, Company B

Box 2

12th West Virginia Infantry (continued)
James B. Kiger, Company D
William Kiger, Company
Joseph Leach (Leech), Company A
Thomas W. Marple, Company C
James Marquess, Company H
Luquilla Marquess, Company H
Robert McCammon, Company D
Thomas H. Means, Company H
James N. Miller, Company A
Morgan H. Miller, Company I
Josephus Morris, Company F
William Moslander, Company A
James Padgett, Company D
Thomas G. Riggs, Company B
Jacob Roberts, Company B
William L. Roberts, Company A
Stephen S. Sears, Company K
Martin Sims, Company A
John Stamm, Company D
Benjamin F. Standiford, Company C
William S. Standiford, Company B
George Teagarden, Company A

13th West Virginia Infantry
John L. Bench, Company H
James A. Yates, Company C

14th West Virginia Infantry
Isaac F. Beach, Company K
James S. Fluharty, Company H

15th West Virginia Infantry
William A. Deiters, Company H
Alexander M. Henderson, Company F
David Jenkins, Company K
John Jennings, Company C (service record and article)

17th West Virginia Infantry
John J. Standiford, Company A
George W. Wotring, Company I

1st West Virginia Cavalry
Parker Ackley, Company B
Robert Allison, Company B
Henry Anisansel, Field and Staff
Morrison Applegate, Company B
Samuel Barnett, Company B
Michael Barrett, Company L
Joseph Beaver, Company A
William H. Bell, Company B
Hugh P. Boone, Company B
Edgidias Bucher, Company A
Patrick Cain, Company C
Jefferson Call, Company B
David Parkhurst Chase, Company B
Joshua Coulter, Company H
Christopher C. Crepps, Company F
Michael Crites, Company L
William Cruddas, Company B
David Curry, Company B
Franklin Doak, Company B
Patrick Farley, Company K (1)
Patrick Farley, Company K (2)
Samuel Grim, Company B
Robert Hanson, Company D
Jacob Hare, Company A/G (articles-no pension)
James R. Harris, Company K
Fielding Hart, Company B
Isaiah Hill, Company C
James L. Jennings, Company C
Patrick V. Justus, Company B/G
Isaiah Kerr/Karr, Company B
George H. Klinefelter, Company B
Lewis Lennox, Company B
Julius Lesage, Company G
Scott Liston, Company B
William Lopp, Company I
William McCoy, Company C
Thomas McGlumphy, Company B
Samuel Merrifield, Company A/G
John Messenger, Company B
John A. Michael, Company E
Chance Minor, Company B
Andrew Murdy, Company B
Clinton Potter, Company B
Jacob Powers, Company B
Nathaniel P. Richmond, Field and Staff
Jerimiah Riggs, Company B
Martin Riley, Company B
Charles Ruble, Company G [Sultana]
Daniel Sallars, Company I
Dennis Sanders, Company B
William Seaburn, Company B
Stephen Stickle, Company B
John Stollar, Company B
John R. Wilt, Company C
Daniel A. Wood, Company K (Medal of Honor)
Alexander Wybley, Company B
John Yoders, Company B
Daniel Younkers, Company B

Box 3

2nd West Virginia Cavalry
Michael Barrett, Company G
Joseph Beach, Company K
Lazarus Ehman, Company C
Freeman T. Scott, Company F
Thomas Sharp, Company F [Sultana]
Joseph Trax, Company B

3rd West Virginia Cavalry
William Thompson, Company D
Daniel Wilfong, Company I

4th West Virginia Cavalry
George Birch, Company A/1st West Virginia Light Artillery, Battery H
Francis Boardman, Company D
William H. Cox, Company A/1st West Virginia Light Artillery, Battery H
Taylor Woodyard, Company F [Sultana]

6th West Virginia Cavalry
John F. Basnett, Company K
Patrick Lawless, Company B
James H. Lyons, Company B [Sultana]
Seth D. L. Stafford, Company C [Sultana]
John Welch, Company K [Sultana]

1st West Virginia Light Artillery
Edward H. Dixon, Battery D
Peter W. Gundling, Battery A
William H. Haller, Battery D
Jacob Honecker, Battery D
George C. Loy, Battery D [Sultana]
James McKendry, Battery G [Sultana]
Curran Mendel, Battery D
George E. Pillsbury, Battery D
James Melvin Richards, Battery D
George D. Smith, Battery D [Sultana]
Isaac B. Steelman, Battery D
Allen R. Stephens, Battery D [Sultana]
James M. Wheat, Battery D

William Bull, Loudon Rangers, Company A [Sultana]
John Kraft, Independent Exempts, Company A
James M. Ewing, Assistant Adjutant General, 1878
Jacob Conrad Smith, 133rd West Virginia Militia, Company C
Erastus Kidder, 148th Ohio Infantry, Company G
James Ackley, 16th Pennsylvania Cavalry
John S. Ackley, 18th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company C

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