Pearl S. Buck

The following is a list of books and articles by or about Pearl S. Buck which can be found at the West Virginia State Archives Library.


Buck, Pearl Syndenstricker. Our House: the Birthplace of Pearl S. Buck (McClain Printing Co., 1965).
B B922e.

_______________________. My Mother's House (Appalachian Press, 1965).
B B922A.

_______________________ My Several Worlds, A Personal Record (New York, Day 1954).
B B922A2.

_______________________The Three Daughters of Madame Liang ( John Day Co., 1969).
F B922th.

_______________________Voices in the House (Pocket Books, New York, 1960).
F B922v.

_______________________What America Means To Me (John Day Co., 1943).
940.531 B922.

_______________________Words of Love (John Day Co., 1974).
811.54 B922.

_______________________The Young Revolutionist (Friendship Press, 1932).
F B922y.

_______________________The Hidden Flower (John Day Co., 1952).
F B922hi.

_______________________The Good Earth (Grosset & Dunlap, 1931).
F B922go.

_______________________The Exile (Reynal & Hitchcock, 1936).
F B922ex.

_______________________Fighting Angel; a Portrait of a Soul (Reynal & Hitchcock, 1936).
F B922fi.

_______________________God's Men (John Day Co., 1951).
F B922g.

_______________________The Good Deed and Other Stories of Asia, Past and Present (John Day Co., 1969.
813.54 B922.

_______________________A Bridge for Passing (John Day Co., 1962).
F B922b.

_______________________China Past and Present (John Day Co., 1972).
951 B922.

______________________The Chinese Story Teller (John Day Co., 1971).
F B922ch.

______________________Come, My Beloved (John Day Co., 1953).
F B922co.

______________________Death in the Castle (John Day Co., 1965).
F B922de.

______________________East Wind: West Wind (John Day Co., 1930).
F B922ea.

______________________Dragon Seed (Sun Dial Press, 1943).
F B922dr.

______________________Peony (John Day Co., 1948).
F B922pe.

______________________Portrait of a Marriage (People's Book Club, 1945).
F B922po.

______________________The Rainbow; a Novel (John Day Co., 1974).
F B922r.

______________________Sons (John Day Co., 1932).
F B922so.

______________________Stories for Little Children (John Day Co., 1940).
813.54 B922s.

______________________This Proud Heart (The World Publishing Co., 1947).
F B922t.

______________________The Story Bible (Bartholomew House, 1971).
220.9505 B922.

______________________Of Men and Women (John Day Co., 1941).

______________________Once Upon a Christmas (John Day Co., 1972).
813.54 B922o.

______________________Other Gods; An American Legend (John Day Co., 1940).
F B9220

______________________The Partiot (John Day Co., 1939).
F B922pa.

______________________Pavilion of Women (Pocket Books, 1946).
F 922p.

______________________Pearl S. Buck's Book of Christmas (Simon & Schuster, 1974).
394.268 B922.

______________________Pearl Buck Reader (Reader's Digest, 1973).
808.83 B922pea V.1.

______________________Imperial Women; a Novel (John Day Co., 1956).

______________________The Kennedy Women (Cowles Book Co., 1970).
920.72 B922.

______________________Kinfolk (John Day Co., 1949).
F B922k.

______________________The Living Reed (John Day Co., 1963).
F B922l.

______________________Mandala (John day Co., 1970).
F B922m.

Edgar, Betsy Jordan. Our House (McClain Printing Co., 1965).
B B922e.

Pearl S. Buck Birthplace Restoration. Blueprints and Specifications for Demolition and Restoration Work at Pearl S. Buck Birthplace in Hillsboro, Pocahontas County, WV.
MS 79-176.


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"Miss Pearl Buck Attended," 3-12-1970.
"Miss Buck, Giving My Life to My Work," 5-22-1967.
"Mrs. George Hoylman is Elected to Head Pearl Buck Foundation," 11-21-1974.
"Museum Dedicated at Hillsboro for Pearl Buck," 5-6-1974.
"Museum's Grand Opening Planned," 10-1-1973.
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"Orphans of the War-GI's May Have Abandoned 100,000 Illegitimate Children," 2-28- 1973.
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"Pearl Buck House Selected for National Register," 7-8-1970.
"Pearl Buck Birthplace," 7-10-1970.
"Pearl Buck House 'Grand Opening' Should Be Big Day for Richwood," 4-17-1974.
"Pearl Buck Will be on Panel at Ecoloty Seminar," 6-9-1970.
"Pearl Buck Birthplace Site of Two-day Seminar," 7-9-1970.
"Pearl Buck Birthplace Opens Monday," 1965.
"Pearl Buck Dies," 3-6-1973.
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"Pearl S. Buck Birthplace Report," 1-1973.
"Pearl S. Buck Wins 1938 Nobel Prize," 11-11-1938.
"Pearl Buck Kept Her Ties to Hillsboro," 8-29-1995.
"Pearl Buck Rites Friday," 3-7-1973.
"Pearl S. Buck Returns for Celebration," 7-14-1970.
"Pearl Buck House Contract Awarded," 8-9-1972.
"Pearl S. Buck Home Scene for Seminar," 6-11-1970.
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"Pearl Buck; Daughter of the Good Earth of West Virginia," 5-16-1974.
"Pearl Buck, Famed Writer, 80, Dies," 1973.
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"Pearl Buck Museum Closed," 11-14-1974.
"Pearl Buck had Nearly Twenty-five Works Awaiting Publication," 3-7-1973.
"Pearl Buck's Will is Overturned," 7-27-1974.
"Pearl Buck Home Gift Unaccepted," 6-26-1964.
"Pearl Buck Delights Women," 3-10-1970.
"Pearl S. Buck Birthplace Dedicated," 6-2-1974.
"Pearl Buck's Will is Invalid; Children Win Over Manager," 7-27-1974.
"Pearl Buck, Nobel Committee Shocked the World One Day," 2-1-1989.
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"Play on Life of Author Pearl Buck to Have Trial Run'< 9-12-1991.
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