The following is a list of articles on West Virginia coal mine disasters which can be found in the vertical newspaper clipping files at the West Virginia State Archives Library:

January 21, 1886

"Mine Horror. Terrible Explosion in a West Virginia Coal Shaft," Wheeling Intelligencer, 1-22-1886
"Death's Deal, Further Particulars of the Newburg Mine Disaster," Wheeling Intelligencer, 1-23-1886
"Dead Miners Brought from the Black Depths of the Newburg Mine," Wheeling Intelligencer, 1-25-1886
"The Death Pit, Eighteen Bodies Recovered from the Newburg Mine," Wheeling Intelligencer, 1-26-1886
"Newburg Disaster - Thirty Bodies Recovered," Wheeling Intelligencer, 1-27-1886
"Mine Horror! Explosion of Fire Damp in the Deep Shaft," Preston County Journal, 1-28-1886
"The Mine Disaster - All the Bodies Recovered," Wheeling Intelligencer, 1-28-1886
"The Inquest Begun in the Newburg Mine Horror," Wheeling Intelligencer, 1-29-1886
"The Mine Disaster - The Jury Places the Blame," Wheeling Intelligencer, 2-1-1886
"The Verdict - Coroner's Jury Decides in the Newburg Horror," Preston County Journal, 2-4-1886
"The Explosion in the Newburg Shaft Mine, January 21," Preston County Journal, 2-4-1886
"The Newburg Relief Fund," Preston County Journal, 2-11-1886
"The Newburg Disaster - The Bodies of the Victims, Where Buried," Preston County Journal, 2-11-1886
"Newburg's Newsy Notes," Preston County Journal, 2-18-1886
"In Memoriam," Preston County Journal, 2-18-1886
"Old Poem Tells Fate of Men Killed in Newburg Shaft Mine Explosion," Preston County Journal, 9-3-1959
"The Day the World Ended at Newburg" (1), West Virginia Heritage Foundation, 12-2-1967
"The Day the World Ended at Newburg" (2), West Virginia Heritage Foundation, 12-9-1967
"Do You Remember.? By E. E. Meredith"

November 20, 1894

"Seven Killed - Frightful Mine Explosion at Coal Mine," Wheeling Intelligencer, 11-21-1894
"Blanch Mine Horror - Some Pathetic Scenes in the Little Coal Village," Wheeling Intelligencer, 11-22-1894
"A Miner's Committee from the Blanch Mines Where the Explosion Occurred," Wheeling Intelligencer, 11-23-1894
"Mine Inspector Harr," Wheeling Intelligencer, 11-24-1894

March 6, 1900

"Eleven More Added to the List of Dead Removed from Red Ash Mine," Charleston Daily Gazette, 3-8-1900
"Failed to Respond When Their Names Were Called From the Roll," Charleston Daily Gazette, 3-8-1900
"Dead Victims Still Being Yielded Up by Red Ash Mine," Charleston Daily Gazette, 3-9-1900
"Mr. Paul Here For Conference with Governor Concerning Request," Charleston Daily Gazette, 3-9-1900
"Seven Corpses Added to List of Victims of Red Ash Disaster," Charleston Daily Gazette, 3-11-1900
"Jury's Verdict Holds Mine Was Not Properly Ventilated," Charleston Daily Gazette, 3-15-1900
"Bishop Explosion Mindful of Blast in 1900," Beckley Post-Herald, 3-7-1957
"Explosion at Red Ash Mine," 100 Years of Southern West Virginia Disasters, Millennium Series 1999

November 2, 1900

"At Phillippi A Mine Explosion That Killed 32 and Wounded 100 More Occurred Today," Charleston Daily Tribune, 11-3-1900
"Terrible Mine Explosion - Eleven Dead Bodies Already Taken Out," Charleston Gazette, 11-4-1900
"Phillippi Disaster," Charleston Daily Tribune, 11-5-1900

May 15, 1901

"Awful Explosion Deals Out Instant Death to Six Miners and Many Are Injured and May Die," Fairmont Free Press, 5-16-1901
"Coroner's Jury Lays Cause of Farmington Explosion to Shot Fired," Fairmont Free Press, 5-23-1901

September 15, 1902

"Miners Entombed. Horrible Accident in the Algoma Mines in the Elkhorn Coal Region," Charleston Daily Mail, 9-16-1902
"Victims Are Buried," Charleston Daily Mail, 9-18-1902

September 22, 1902

"Dead Mines Laid to Rest," Fairmont Times, 9-23-1902
"Robert Hoover is the Latest Victim of the Mine Disaster at Stafford," Fairmont Times, 9-25-1902
"Chapter 4 Stafford September 11, 1902"

February 26, 1905

"Explosion in Mine - Fifteen Dead Bodies Have Already Been Taken from the Shaft," Wheeling Intelligencer, 2-27-1905
"23 Miners Entombed," Huntington Advertiser, 2-27-1905
"No More Bodies Taken From Mine," Wheeling Intelligencer, 2-28-1905
"Chapter 5 Wilcoe February 28, 1905"

March 19, 1905

"Chapter 4 Rush Run March 19, 1905"
"Rush Run and Red Ash Mines Catastrophes," Charleston Daily Mail, 3-20-1905
"A Charleston Man Killed," Charleston Daily Mail, 3-20-1905
"Work of Rescuers is very Dangerous," Charleston Daily Mail, 3-21-1905
"Working With Might and Main," Charleston Daily Mail, 3-22-1905
"He Was Found in the Lead - Funeral of John Ernest Phillips," Charleston Daily Mail, 3-22-1905
"Attend Funeral and Visit the Governor," Charleston Daily Mail, 3-22-1905
"Fayette Burial to Entomb the Past," Charleston Daily Mail, 4-20-1990

April 20, 1905

"The Kayford Disaster," Charleston Daily Mail, 4-21-1905

July 5, 1905

"Dragged Themselves from Mine As Burned Flesh Fell From Bodies," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 7-6-1905
"Mine Explosion at Vivian Exacts 9 Lives," Charleston Daily Mail, 7-6-1905
"Keg of Powder Was Ignited By Blasting," Charleston Daily Mail, 7-10-1905
"Someone Has Disobeyed Law - Powder Was in Mine," Charleston Daily Mail, 7-11-1905

November 4, 1905

"Seven Poor Helpless Human Beings Buried Alive Under Unnumbered Tons of Earth," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 11-5-1905
"Mine Inspector at Bluefield," Charleston Daily Mail, 11-6-1905
"Violation of the Rules and Mining Law - Says Chief Inspector - Was Cause of Explosion," Charleston Daily Mail, 11-7-1905

December 4, 1905

"Seven Smothered Yesterday in Horton Mine on Cabin Creek," Charleston Daily Gazette, 12-5-1905
"Seven Are Dead on Cabin Creek," Charleston Daily Mail, 12-5-1905
"Horton Mine Still on Fire," Charleston Daily Gazette, 12-6-1905
"Only Two Got Out When All Could Have Escaped," Charleston Daily Mail, 12-6-1905
"Fire in the Horton Mine Still Burning," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 1-5-1906

January 4, 1906

"Gas Explosion Kills Twenty," Charleston Daily Gazette, 1-5-1906
"Eternal Hills Trembled from Lowest Depth to Tip of Peak," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 1-5-1906
"Three Explosion Victims Taken Home For Burial," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 1-6-1906

January 18, 1906

"Twenty Human Beings Hurled Into Eternity," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 1-19-1906
"Horrible Mine Disaster Yesterday at Detroit Mine on Paint Creek," Charleston Daily Gazette, 1-19-1906
"All the Bodies Found in the Detroit Mine," (no source given), 1-20-1906

February 8, 1906

"Mine Horror Brings Death to Forty-Five," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 2-9-1906
"Terrible Explosion Twenty Seven Killed," Charleston Daily Gazette, 2-9-1906
"Ten are Rescued from Parral Mine," Charleston Gazette, 2-10-1906
"Still Hunting for the Dead," Charleston Daily Gazette, 2-11-1906
"Special Message to Legislature on Mine Horror by Dawson," Charleston Gazette, 12-7-1907

March 22, 1906

"Death List At Century Reaches 21," Fairmont West Virginian, 3-23-1906
"Death List At Century Mine May Reach 30," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 3-24-1906
"Twenty Three People Killed," Fairmont West Virginian, 3-24-1906
"23 Miners Die in Blast," Buckhannon Delta, 3-26-1906

January 26, 1907

"Mine Explodes, 12 Killed Cave in Follows Tragedy," Charleston Daily Gazette, 1-27-1907
"Awful Explosion at the Penco Mines Near Lorentz," Buckhannon Delta, 1-31-1907

January 29, 1907

"80 Entombed by Mine Explosion," Charleston Gazette, 1-30-1907
"Eleven Recovered from Stuart Mine," Charleston Gazette, 1-31-1907
"Beside the Pit Mouth They Watch and Wait," Charleston Gazette, 2-1-1907
"Paul Returns from Disaster," Charleston Daily Gazette, 2-5-1907
"Seventy Killed," Buckhannon Delta, 2-7-1907
"Mine Will Be Investigated," Charleston Gazette, 2-7-1907
"Special Message to Legislature on Mine Horror by Dawson," Charleston Gazette, 12-7-1907

February 4, 1907

"30 Lives Lost in Mine Explosion," Charleston Gazette, 2-5-1907
"Mine Disaster," Buckhannon Delta, 2-7-1907
"16 Bodies Found in Thomas Mine," Charleston Gazette, 12-7-1907

May 1, 1907

"11 Meet Death in Whipple Mine Explosion," Charleston Gazette, 5-2-1907
"Eleven Dead in Mine Explosion," Huntington Advertiser, 5-2-1907
"Whipple Death List Reaches Twenty-One!," Charleston Gazette, 5-3-1907
"Inquest Held at Scarbro May 20; Names of 15 Dead," Charleston Daily Gazette, 5-11-1907

December 6, 1907

Part 1 - 1907 Articles From Fairmont Newspapers
"Explosion Causes Great Loss of Life at Monongah," Fairmont Times, 12-6-1907
"Death List Appalling," Fairmont West Virginian, 12-7-1907
"The Mine Horror," Fairmont West Virginian, 12-7-1907
"Monongah Sends An Appeal For Aid Which is Being Generously Responded To," Fairmont West Virginian, 12-7-1907
"Report That No. 8 Mine Was on Fire False," Fairmont West Virginian, 12-7-1907
"425 are Dead Most Appalling Disaster in the History of Coal Mines," Fairmont Times, 12-7-1907
"Dr. I. C. White of Morgantown Advances Theory As to Cause of the Mine Disaster; Monongah Is a Sad Place," Fairmont West Virginian, 12-8-1907
Miscellaneous stories, church services, union relief associations, 12-9-1907
"List of Dead Numbers 400," Fairmont West Virginian, 12-9-1907
"The Fatal Hill Is Giving Up Its Dead," Fairmont West Virginian, 12-9-1907
"The Mine Disaster," Fairmont Times, 12-9-1907
"371 are Dead; 200 Families Destitute; 43 Bodies Taken From Mine to Date," Fairmont Times, 12-9-1907
"Throngs Crowd About the Ill Fated Mines," Fairmont West Virginian, 12-9-1907
"Death List Will Continue to Grow for Days," Fairmont West Virginian, 12-9-1907
"14 Bodies Recovered to Press Time Today," Fairmont West Virginian, 12-10-1907
"A Quiet Night in Sorrow Stricken Monongah," Fairmont Times, 12-10-1907
Miscellaneous stories, funeral, miners, orphans, Fairmont Times, 12-10-1907
"Child Was Born Just as the Father's Body Was Brought to the Miner's Home," Fairmont Times, 12-10-1907
"Union Relief Association Held Important Meeting," Fairmont Times, 12-10-1907
"Women Doing A Noble Work," Fairmont Times, 12-10-1907
"Fatherless Children Go To Orphans' Home," Fairmont Times, 12-10-1907
"Possible Cause of Explosion; Monongah's Appeal For Aid," Fairmont Times, 12-10-1907
"Knows Town Well; Jere Wheelwright Well Acquainted at Monongah and Knows the Miners," Fairmont Times, 12-10-1907
"Floyd J. Parsons Gives Opinion as to Cause of the Great Explosion," Fairmont West Virginian, 12-10-1907
"The List Was Not Complete, Men Are Missing Whose Names Were Not on the Published List," Fairmont Times-West Virginian, 12-10-1907
"List of Dead from 72 to 113," Fairmont Times-West Virginian, 12-10-1907
"Brave Rescuers Finding Many Bodies of Victims," Fairmont Times, 12-11-1907
"200 Bodies Have Been Recovered; Head of Relief Crew Tells of Mine Condition," Fairmont West Virginian, 12-11-1907
"Taken to the Morgue," Fairmont Times, 12-11-1907
"List of Dead (115-166)," Fairmont West Virginian, 12-11-1907
"Search for Bodies Will Cease Temporarily This Evening," Fairmont West Virginian, 12-12-1907
"Body of Charles Wise Recovered," Fairmont West Virginian, 12-12-1907
"Rescue Work to End Soon:Two Hundred and Thirty Four Bodies Now Recovered," Fairmont Times, 12-12-1907
"Report of Fire In No. 8 Once More Proved to be False," Fairmont Times-West Virginian, 12-13-1907
"L. V. Barton, Labor Commissioner Tells of Conditions As He Found Them in Monongah," Fairmont West Virginian, 12-13-1907
"Census Shows Actual Number of Miners Missing to be 344," Fairmont West Virginian, 12-14-1907
"Excitement Is All Over at Monongah," Fairmont West Virginian, 12-17-1907
"Members of Legislative Investigating Committee in Fairmont," Fairmont Times, 12-18-1907
"Senator Elkins Sends $100.00," Fairmont Times, 12-18-1907
"Monongah Mine's Relief Committee," Fairmont Times, 12-19-1907
"Work of Recovering Bodies is Slow," Fairmont West Virginian, 12-21-1907
"$35,000 Gift for the Monongah Relief Fund," Fairmont West Virginian, 12-23-1907
"$35,000 Gift Gladdens Hearts of Monongah Relief Committee," Fairmont West Virginian, 12-24-1907

Part 2 - 1907 Articles From The Pittsburgh Dispatch
"400 Killed by Terrific West Virginia Mine Explosion," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-7-1907
"Miner Has No Show in the Dark Pits Far Underground," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-7-1907
"View of Monongah Mine of Fairmont Coal Company," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-7-1907
"Coupling Pin Snaps, Causing Disaster," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-7-1907
"Map of No. 8 Monongah Mine of the Fairmont Coal Company," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-7-1907
"Fire of Unknown Extent Halts Recovery," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-9-1907
"Clearing Away Entrance to Monongah Mine No. 8; Dispatch Fund Grows: The Need Is Urgent," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-9-1907
"Overwhelmed by Crowds; Rapidly Bury the Dead; 3 Supposed Dead Alive and Well," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-9-1907
"Destruction Greater As Men Work Farther Into Wrecked Mines," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-9-1907
"Curious Crowds at Entrance to Mine No. 6; 4 Hurt When Horses Dash Through Crowd; Dawson to Get Reports; Appeal for Aid," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-9-1907
"Prominent Expert Believes that Dust Caused Disaster," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-9-1907
"Relief Work Begun," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-9-1907
"Wreckage at Mouth of Mine No. 8; Urgent Necessity of Helpless Ones Must Have Relief; Society Women Cook in Village Smithy," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-9-1907
"110 Members Dead Under Hill; Nearly 300 Members of Italian Church Gone," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-9-1907
"Life and Death Meet in Miner's Cottage," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-10-1907
"Fire Under Control, Rescue Work Resumed," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-10-1907
"Work Fast Clearing The Mines," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-10-1907
"Intensified Disaster; Coal Companies Put $20,000 in Relief Fund; Bury Mine Victim," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-10-1907
"Few are the Homes Not Made Desolate; Many Futures Dark," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-10-1907
"Mourn Five in This Family; One Service Said for Twenty-Five Victims," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-10-1907
"Aged Mother Awaits Coming of Only Son," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-10-1907
"Andrew Carnegie Duplicates Fund for Monongah Sufferers," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-11-1907
"Report of Experts Will Ask for Laws Governing Mines," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-11-1907
"Break of Coupling The Cause," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-11-1907
"Two Monongah Mines Now Rapidly Yield Their Horde of Dead," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-11-1907
"Bountiful Contributions Sent Through Dispatch," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-11-1907
"Mistaken Criticism," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-11-1907
"Big Increase In Fund for Monongah Victims," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-12-1907
"Monongah Memorial Home," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-12-1907
"Lieutenant Governor McDermott Says Matter Will Come Up at Special Legislative Session," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-12-1907
"Five Thousand Mark Passed by the Dispatch Relief Fund," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-13-1907
"Monongah Dead List Under 400," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-13-1907
"Urge Bereaved Women To Take New Husbands," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-14-1907
"Reform in Mine Laws Is Certain to Follow," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-14-1907
"Dispatch Reports Praised; Monongah Relief Fund Now in Excess of $6000," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 12-15-1907

Part 3 - Articles Written After 1907 (1950 to 1999)
"361 Died in Monongah Blast in Mining's Worst Disaster," Charleston Gazette, 5-18-1950
"Memorial at Monongah," article by William C. Blizzard, Charleston Sunday Gazette Mail, 3-27-1966
"Record 361 Miners Lost at Monongah," Beckley Post-Herald, 5-10-1968
"Lest We Forget - 61 Years Ago 361 Died at Monongah," WV Hillbilly, 12-6-1968
"Monongah Mine Explosion Recalled 77 Years Later," Fairmont Times-West Virginian, 1984
"Andrew Urban's father was sole survivor of 1907 Monongah mine disaster," Fairmont Times-West Virginian, 8-1-1991
"Only known Monongah mine disaster survivor came here from Poland," Fairmont Times-West Virginian, 10-3-1999
"One of W. S. Thomas' 'toughest jobs' was hauling tragedy coffins," Fairmont Times-West Virginian, 11-21- 1999
"Community Profiles - 1907 disaster credited with prompting reforms in nation's mining regulations," Fairmont Times-West Virginian, (no date given)

Part 4 - Miscellaneous Clippings (Source Not Identified)
"List of Known Dead at Monongah Mine Disaster"
"Monongah Calls for Help; Relief Committees Named and Other Steps Taken Last Night"
"List of Dead (23 - 52); Union Relief Association Organized"
"Newspapers Start Relief Funds; The West Virginian's Relief Fund"
"List of Known Dead At Monongah Mine Disaster"
"The Relief Funds Continue to Grow"
"List of Dead From 166 to 220"
"From Frostburg, Delegation of Miners From That City Come To Help at Monongah"
"Bishop Issues Card to Public"

January 30, 1908

"Nine Miners Meet Sudden Death in New River Mine," Charleston (Gazette??), 1-31-1908
"Only One Survivor," Fayette Journal, 2-6-1908

December 29, 1908

"Lick Branch Mine Gives Up 27 Bodies; Dead May Reach 50," Charleston Gazette, 12-31-1908
"Death-List May Reach Forty-Six," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 12-31-1908
"Death-List Totals Even Half-Hundred," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 1-1-1909
"Lick Branch Explosion Not Caused By Gas," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 1-3-1909
"Inquest Over Bodies of Lick Branch Dead," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 1-3-1909
"Lick Branch Horror," Fayette Journal, 1-7-1909
"Lick Branch Mine Horror Now History," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 1-9-1909

January 12, 1909

"Almost An Hundred Miners Perish," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 1-13-1909
"Fifty Bodies Recovered From Mine," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 1-14-1909
"Dust Will Most Likely Be Blamed" Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 1-15-1909
"Last Body Recovered From Mine," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 1-16-1909
"Corrected List of Lick Branch Dead," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 1-17-1909
"For Lick Branch Widows and Orphans," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 1-20-1909
"Mid Frightful Shock and Sickening Holocaust Almost An Hundred Perish in Ill-Fated Mine" (reference and date not given)

March 31, 1909

"Four Men Entombed in Fayette County," Charleston Gazette, 4-1-1909
"5 Died in Echo Mine Explosion," Charleston Gazette, 4-2-1909
"Explosion Due to Sand Blast Fired by One of the Dead," Charleston Gazette, 4-3-1909
"Five Men Are Killed," Fayette Journal, 4-8-1909

December 31, 1910

"Seven Are Dead Three Mangled in Mine Horror," Charleston Gazette, 1-1-1911

April 24, 1911

"Twenty Two Men are Entombed In Explosion In W. Va. Mine," Charleston Gazette, 4-25-1911
"Fifteen Bodies Taken Out of Ill Fated Mine," Charleston Gazette, 4-26-1911
"Wives Watched as Charred Bodies Came Out," Coal River Republican, 4-27-1911

August 1, 1911

"Three Dead and Six Injured in Mine Explosion," Charleston Gazette, 8-2-1911
"Four Killed in Explosion Near Welch," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 8-2-1911
"Men Killed Farthest From the Explosion," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 8-3-1911

November 18, 1911

"Eighteen Men, Including Four Mining Engineers, Lose Lives in Explosion in the Bottom Creek Operation at Vivian," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 11-19-1911
"Pocket of Gas Ignited by an Open Light," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 11-21-1911
"Condition of Mine Kept Death List Down," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 11-23-1911

March 26, 1912

"Mine Explosion at Jed, McDowell County Claims Toll of Eighty-Two Workers' Lives," Charleston Gazette, 3-27-1912
"Eighty Three Dead," Raleigh Register, 3-28-1912
"Returned From Jed," Raleigh Register, 4-11-1912
"Matheny Woman Recalls Jed Mine Blast," Beckley Post Herald, 3-2-1965
"Eighty-Three Lives Lost in Coal Mine Explosion," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 3-27-1912
"Jed Mine Seems Loath to Yield Up Its Dead," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 3-28-1912
"Broken Bodies Pinned Under Tons of Slate," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 3-29-1912
"Movement for Relief of Mine Victims," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 3-29-1912
"The Jed Mine Yields Up Fourteen More Bodies," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 3-30-1912
"Three Bodies Taken From Under Slate," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 3-31-1912
"Relief Fund Goes to Over Two Thousand," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 3-31-1912
"Relief Fund Passes Three Thousand Mark," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 4-2-1912
"Three More Bodies Taken From Jed Mine," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 4-2-1912
"Jed Relief Fund Given Big Boost," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 4-3-1912
"Seven Bodies Still Remain in Jed Mine," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 4-3-1912
"State Ends Inquiry Into Jed Disaster," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 4-5-1912

July 11, 1912

"Gas Explosion at Panama Mine Kills 7 and Terribly Burns 3," Moundsville Daily Echo, 7-11-1912
"Story of the Sad Day," Moundsville Daily Echo, 7-12-1912
"Cause of Accumulation of Gas," Moundsville Daily Echo, 7-12-1912
"Brooks Seems to Recover Nicely; Hupp and Manileis Less Encouraging, Moundsville Daily Echo, 7-12-1912
"Gaumont People to Reproduce Mine Explosion," Moundsville Daily Echo, 7-12-1912
"Coroner Begins Investigation of Mine Disaster," Moundsville Daily Echo, 7-12-1912
"Take Brooks Testimony at the Hospital," Moundsville Daily Echo, 7-12-1912
"Funerals of Mine Victims," Moundsville Daily Echo, 7-12-1912
"Cause of Accumulation of Gas," Moundsville Daily Echo, 7-12-1912
"Triple Funeral," Moundsville Daily Echo, 7-12-1912
"Panama Mine Disaster Will Claim Another Victim Before Morning," Moundsville Daily Echo, 7-13-1912
"Panama Mine Disaster in Motion Pictures," Moundsville Daily Echo, 7-13-1912
"Prepare to Reopen the Panama Mine," Moundsville Daily Echo, 7-15-1912
"Inspectors Are Making Complete Investigation of Panama Mine Disaster," Moundsville Daily Echo, 7-15-1912
"Hupp Funeral Held Today," Moundsville Daily Echo, 7-15-1912
"Condition Unchanged," Moundsville Daily Echo, 7-16-1912
"Relief Fund Night at Theatorium," Moundsville Daily Echo, 7-17-1912
"Relief Fund Nears the $1800 Mark," Moundsville Daily Echo, 7-17-1912
"Manileis No Better," Moundsville Daily Echo, 7-18-1912
"Relief Fund Contributors," Moundsville Daily Echo, 7-18-1912
"Thorough Probe in Panama Disaster," Moundsville Daily Echo, 7-18-1912
"Complete Investigation of Panama Mine Disaster Late This Evening," Moundsville Daily Echo, 7-19-1912
"Criminal Negligence Was Responsible for Panama Mine Disaster, Coroner's Jury Says," Moundsville Daily Echo, 7-20-1912
"Sketch of Affected Part of Panama Mine," Moundsville Daily Echo, 7-?-1912

April 28, 1914

"Miners Entombed by Terriffic (sic) Explosion," Fayette Journal, 4-30-1914
"Eccles Gives Up Dead; Mines Will Resume," Raleigh Register, 5-14-1914
"183 Men Killed in 1914 Blast at Eccles," Beckley Post-Herald, 5-10-1965
"Bill Derenge Saved The Lives Of 42 Miners," W. Va. Hillbilly, 4-4-1968
"Eccles Blast Second Worst in State," Beckley Post-Herald, 12-11-1968
"Eccles No. 6," Harper's Magazine, December, 1971, pp. 100-110
"Miner remembers Eccles, Layland explosions," Charleston Sunday Gazette-Mail, 7-18-1982
"Coal Tragedy," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 8-27-1989
"Descendants of Eccles mine explosion victims speak out," The Register-Herald, 10-16-1995
"Grave markers memorialize Eccles disaster," Beckley Register-Herald, (date unclear)

June 30, 1914

"5 Men Perish in Mine Fire at Williamson," Charleston Gazette, 7-2-1914
"Five Perish in Sycamore Mine," The Mingo Republic, 7-2-1914

February 6, 1915

"Death to Twenty in Carlisle," Fayette Tribune And Free Press, 2-11-1915
"License of Carlisle Bosses Revoked," Fayette Tribune And Free Press, 2-15-1915
"Mine Officials Charged With Negligence," Fayette Tribune And Free Press, 2-18-1915

March 2, 1915

"Roaring Blast From Layland Mine," Fayette Tribune And Free Press, 3-4-1915
"As From the Tomb, Forty Seven Survivors of Layland Walk From the Mine," Fayette Tribune And Free Press, 3-11-1915
"Layland Disaster Under Investigation," Fayette Tribune And Free Press, 3-18-1915
"Layland Victims," Fayette Tribune And Free Press, 3-18-1915
"Canary Bird Crew," Fayette Tribune And Free Press, 3-18-1915
"Blow Through Shot Ignited the Dust," Fayette Tribune And Free Press, 3-25-1915
"One Body Missing," Fayette Tribune And Free Press, 3-25-1915
"Federal Mine Bureau Reviews Rescue Work at Layland Mine," Fayette Tribune And Free Press, 4-8-1915
"Quinwood Man Recalls Mine Massacre," Beckley Post-Herald, 12-4-1969
"Layland, Whipple Explosions Detailed," Beckley Post-Herald, 3-8-1971
"Miner remembers Eccles, Layland explosions," Charleston Sunday Gazette-Mail, 7-18-1982

November 30, 1915

"Boomer Mine Yields Its Dead Following Explosion; Many Men Still Entombed," Charleston Gazette, 12-1-1915
"Latest Casualty List From The Boomer Mine Disaster Reports Eighteen Fatalities," Charleston Gazette, 12-2-1915
"Mine Disaster at Boomer Caused by Blow Out Shot," McDowell Recorder, 12-3-1915
"More Dead Found Under Slate Pile Inside the Mines," Charleston Gazette, 12-3-1915
"Boomer Mines in Operation Monday," Charleston Gazette, 12-4-1915
"Italians Leaving Boomer District," Charleston Gazette, 12-5-1915
"Annual Report of the Department of Mines for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 1916, Disastrous Explosions, Gas Explosion (Boomer No. 2 North Mine)," P. 301

March 28, 1916

"Three Killed and Score Injured in Explosion in Mines of King Coal and Coke Company Near Vivian," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 3-29-1916
"Eight Victims Die," Charleston Daily Mail, 3-31-1916

October 19, 1916

"Ten Lives Are Lost in Mine Explosion," Fairmont Times, 10-20-1916
"Detonation Destroyed Jamison Plant No. 7 Rescue Car on Scene," Fairmont Times, 10-20-1916
"Motorman Miley Saw Explosion," Fairmont Times, 10-20-1916
"Those Who Perished in the Explosion," Fairmont Times, 10-20-1916
"Two More Bodies Are Recovered," Fairmont Times, 10-24-1916

April 18, 1917

"Big Powder Explosion at Linden Mine," Point Pleasant Register, 4-18-1917
"Powder Explodes; Blast Kills Three," Parkersburg News, 4-19-1917
"Four Men Die As Result of Explosion," Fairmont Times, 4-19-1917

December 15, 1917

"Eleven Men Are Dead in Blast at the Yukon, McDowell-Co. Field," Charleston Gazette, 12-16-1917
"Henry Leaves for Scene of Disaster," Charleston Gazette, 12-16-1917

May 20, 1918

"14 Men Are Imprisoned in Coal Mine at Villa," Charleston Gazette, 5-21-1918
"Rescuers Work Faintly Hoping Men Are Alive," Charleston Gazette, 5-22-1918
"Mines Must Improve Working Conditions or Shut Down, Clean-Up Will Come As Result of Villa Fire," Charleston Gazette, 5-23-1918

July 18, 1919

"All Bodies Recovered From Mine Explosion," Charleston Daily Mail, 7-19-1919

August 6, 1919

"Seven Killed at Weirwood," Fayette Tribune And Free Press, 8-14-1919

May 21, 1920

"Four Men Killed in Accident at New Mine," Charleston Gazette, 5-22-1920

September 23, 1922

"5 Men Killed in Glen Rogers Mine," Raleigh Register, 9-26-1922
"Ten at Bottom of Glen Rogers Mine," Raleigh Register, 10-3-1922

March 2, 1923

"Eleven Men Meet Death in Mine Explosion," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 3-3-1923
"Death List in Arista Explosion Cut to Ten When Colored Miner Was Brought Out Unconscious but Alive," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 3-4-1923
"Evidence Mine Explosion to be Taken at Matoaka" Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 3-6-1923
"Mine Explosion at Arista Result Blown-Out Shot," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 3-7-1923

November 6, 1923

"Twenty-Seven Killed in Glen Rogers Blast," Raleigh Register, 11-9-1923

March 28, 1924

"Twenty-Four Miners Lose Their Lives in Explosion Last Friday at Yukon Mine; All Bodies Have Been Recovered," McDowell Recorder, 4-4-1924
"Management of Yukon Mines Exonerated by Coroner's Jury in Session Wednesday at Yukon; Powder Was Named as Cause," McDowell Recorder, 4-4-1924
"Startling Developments Expected in Yukon Mine Explosion; Secret Service Men Have Been on the Case," McDowell Recorder, 4-11-1924

April 28, 1924

"Last Ray of Hope for Lives of Miners Gone," Wheeling Intelligencer, 4-29-1924
"Terror and Tragedy Stalked Hand in Hand Amid Indescribable Scenes at Disaster," Wheeling Intelligencer, 4-29-1924
"Hundreds of Miners Offer Services at Disaster But Only 35 Accepted," Wheeling Intelligencer, 4-29-1924
"44 Bodies Are Recovered," Wheeling Intelligencer, 4-30-1924
"Victims Being Removed," Wheeling Intelligencer, 4-30-1924
"Coroner's Jury Named and Mine Disaster Probe Starts," Wheeling Intelligencer, 4-30-1924
"Two More Bodies Taken From Mine," Wheeling Intelligencer, 5-1-1924
"Benwood Miner Reported as Being Entombed in Ill-Fated Mine Alive," Wheeling Intelligencer, 5-1-1924
"Moundsville Widow of Benwood Mine Disaster Fails in Attempt to End Her Life," Wheeling Intelligencer, 5-2-1924
"Mine Rescue Work is Slowed Up," Wheeling Intelligencer, 5-2-1924
"Cheated Fate," (no source given), 5-2-1924
"Flags Lowered," (no source given), 5-2-1924
"27 More Bodies Taken From Mine," Wheeling Intelligencer, 5-3-1924
"Rescuer Drinks Disinfecting Fluid by Mistake While Working in Benwood Mine," Wheeling Intelligencer, 5-3-1924
"115 Bodies Taken From Benwood Mine," Wheeling Intelligencer, 5-5-1924
"Widow Entitled to $30 a Month Under State Compensation Law," Wheeling Intelligencer, 5-5-1924
"Thirteen Children in One House Fatherless as Result of Mine Accident," Wheeling Intelligencer, 5-6-1924
"Last Rites For 24 Mine Victims," Wheeling Intelligencer, 5-6-1924
"Another Miner Reported to Have Been Killed in Benwood Mine Found Alive," Wheeling Intelligencer, 5-7-1924
"List of Men Entombed in Ill-Fated Benwood Mine," (no source or date given)
"List of Dead Recovered From Mine By 3 O'Clock," (no source or date given)

March 17, 1925

"Mine Explosion Recalls Loss of Ten Lives in 1916," Fairmont West Virginian, 3-18-1925
"Explosion News Spreads Rapidly Through County," Fairmont West Virginian, 3-18-1925
"Fate of 34 Miners Unknown," Fairmont West Virginian, 3-18-1925
"First Bodies Recovered at Barrackville," Fairmont West Virginian, 3-19-1925
"Wife Serves Food While Rescue Crews Make Search for Husband," Fairmont West Virginian, 3-19-1925
"Red Cross Relief Well Organized," Fairmont West Virginian, 3-20-1925
"Disaster Scenes Shown on Screen," Fairmont West Virginian, 3-20-1925
"Only Five Bodies Recovered in Mine Explosion," Fairmont West Virginian, 3-20-1925
"Two More Bodies Recovered From Barrackville Mine," Fairmont West Virginian, 3-21-1925
"First Explosion Victims Buried," Fairmont West Virginian, 3-21-1925
"Eighth and Ninth Victims of Mine Blast Taken Out," Fairmont West Virginian, 3-21-1925
"Gas Delays Rescue Workers in Recovery of Last Four Bodies," Fairmont West Virginian, 3-23-1925
"Bodies Shipped to Other Cities," Fairmont West Virginian, 3-24-1925
"Disaster Inquiry at Barrackville May Close Today," Fairmont West Virginian, 3-25-1925
"Inquest Started in Mine Disaster at Barrackville," Fairmont West Virginian, 3-27-1925
"Inquiry Fails to Disclose Cause of Barrackville Explosion," Fairmont West Virginian, 3-28-1925

March 8, 1926

"Eccles Mine Explosion Monday Evening 20 Dead; 10 Rescued After 25 Hours," Fayette Tribune, 3-10-1926

January 14, 1926

"17 Bodies Recovered From Jamison No. 8," Fairmont West Virginian, 1-15-1926
"Triple Probe of Jamison Mine Explosion Started," Fairmont West Virginian, 1-16-1926
"Farmington Mine Disaster Heroes," Fairmont West Virginian, 1-18-1926
"Jamison Mine at Farmington to Be Gas Experiment Scene," Fairmont West Virginian, 1-18-1926
"Victims of Blast," (no source or date given)
"Bureau of Mines Engineer Comes Here for Probe," (no source or date given)

March 8, 1926

"Hope Abandoned for 28 Men Still in Eccles Mine," Raleigh Register, 3-9-1926
"Ten Living and 19 Dead Found in Eccles Mine," Raleigh Register, 3-12-1926
"Inquest is Held For Dead Miners," Raleigh Register, 3-14-1926

November 15, 1926

"Inquest in Mine Disaster Likely to be on Nov. 26," Moundsville Journal, 11-16-26
"Probe Opened in Mine Blast," Moundsville Journal, 11-17-26
"Funerals for Three Victims are Held Today," Moundsville Journal, 11-18-26
"First St. Mine Resumed Today," Moundsville Journal, 11-19-26
"A Broken Door Caused the Explosion in 1st Street Mine," Moundsville Journal, 11-26-26

April 30, 1927

"Dead in Everettsville Mine Explosion May Reach 93," Morgantown New Dominion, 5-2-1927
"Side-Lights on the Explosion," Morgantown New Dominion, 5-2-1927
"Local Relief Workers Busy at Explosion," Morgantown New Dominion, 5-2-1927
"Side-Lights on the Explosion," Morgantown New Dominion, 5-3-1927
"Known Dead Reaches 18--Fate of 76 Miners Uncertain," Morgantown New Dominion, 5-3-1927
"Inquest Jury Selected and Bodies Viewed," Morgantown New Dominion, 5-3-1927
"Officials of Coal Company Appreciative," Morgantown New Dominion, 5-3-1927
"Danger of Another Blast," Morgantown New Dominion, 5-4-1927
"Seeks to Take Turn in Mine; Brother Found," Morgantown New Dominion, 5-4-1927
"Abandon Hope of Finding Men Alive in Mine," Morgantown New Dominion, 5-4-1927
"Coal Company to Handle Own Relief Work," Morgantown New Dominion, 5-4-1927
"Hope to Recover More Bodies Today," Morgantown New Dominion, 5-4-1927
"Side-Lights on the Explosion," Morgantown New Dominion, 5-4-1927
"Known Dead in Mine Disaster Grows Daily," Morgantown New Dominion, 5-5-1927
"Explosive Gas Content Hampers Rescue Work," Morgantown New Dominion, 5-6-1927
"Side-Lights on the Explosion," Morgantown New Dominion, 5-7-1927
"1200 Feet to Go to Complete Air-Locking System in Mine; One Victim Dies in Hospital," Morgantown New Dominion, 5-7-1927
"Long Vigil Gives Way to Patient Resignation," Morgantown New Dominion, 5-7-1927
"Side-Lights on the Explosion," Morgantown New Dominion, 5-9-1927
"Everettsville Mine Giving Up Its Dead," Morgantown New Dominion, 5-9-1927
"22 Bodies Recovered Raising Total to 53 With More in Sight," Morgantown New Dominion, 5-9-1927
"60 Bodies Taken from Ill-Fated Everettsville Mine--37 Still Missing," Morgantown New Dominion, 5-10-1927
"80 Bodies Out of Mine With 17 Not Found," Morgantown New Dominion, 5-12-1927
"Seven Bodies Still Missing 90 Recovered," Morgantown New Dominion, 5-14-1927
"Everettsville mine explosion brought tragedy to Fayette Co.," Fayette Tribune, 5-28-1990
"70 years ago, 97 miners killed in blast," Fairmont Times-West Virginian, 4-30-1997

May 13, 1927

"Explosion At Capels Believed To Have Killed Eight," Welch Daily News,5-14-1927
"All Bodies Taken From Shannon Branch Mine; Investigation Tuesday," Welch Daily News, 5-16-1927
"Charred Bodies Taken From Mine," Dominion News,5-16-1927
"Probe Explosion Shannon Branch Mine Being Made," Welch Daily News,5-18-1927

May 22, 1928

"Yukon Blast Kills 17," Welch Daily News, 5-23-1928
"Bodies of the Four Missing Miners Brought Out Last Night at Yukon Operation," Welch Daily News, 5-24-1928
"Missing Miners Believed Dead," Charleston Gazette, 5-24-1928

April 2, 1928

"Mine Explosion Takes Toll Of Eight Lives," Welch Daily News, 4-3-1928
"Eight Killed in Mine Explosion," Charleston Gazette, 4-3-1928
"Formal Inquiry Into Mine Explosion Will Be Held On Monday; Funerals Planned," Welch Daily News, 4-4-1928
"Survivors remember death in the mines," Daily Telegraph, (no date or city of the newspaper given)

June 20, 1928

"Five Men Killed in Explosion at National Mine," Morgantown Post, 6-20-1928
"Eight Other Miners Hurt, Two Seriously," Morgantown Post, 6-20-1928
"Officials End Investigation of Mine Blast," Morgantown Post, 6-21-1928

October 22, 1928

"Explosion of Heavy Dynamite Charge Is Fatal to Six Miners At McAlpin; 60 Men Escape," Beckley Post-Herald, 10-23-1928
"McAlpin Mine Due To Re-Open After Inquiry," Beckley Post-Herald, 10-24-1928

November 30, 1928

"Little Hope For Men After Mine Blast," Welch Daily News, 12-1-1928
"Inquest into Mine Blast Scheduled For Next Week," Welch Daily News, 12-3-1928

January 26, 1929

"Kingston Mine Blast Claims Lives of 14; All Bodies Removed," Charleston Gazette, 1-27-1929
"Seek Cause Of Mine Explosion," Charleston Gazette, 1-28-1929
"Kingston Mine Explosion Kills 14, 55 of Night Shift Escape Unhurt," Fayette Tribune, 1-30-1929
"Kingston Mine Disaster Jury Finds No Negligence," Fayette Tribune, 2-6-1929

January 19, 1930

"Eight Killed, Four Injured In Lillybrook Mine Blast; Explosion Blamed on Gas," Charleston Gazette, 1-20-1930
"Eight Miners Killed In Explosion Sunday At Lillybrook Mine," Welch Daily News, 1-20-30

March 26, 1930

"Probe of Mine Blast Started by 16 Experts," Morgantown Post, 3-27-1930
"12 Killed in Explosion At Arnettsville Mine; Seven Escape Unhurt," Morgantown Post, 3-28-1930
"Investigation Into Explosion Goes Forward," Morgantown Post, 3-28-1930
"Cause of Mine Blast Continues a Mystery," Morgantown Post, 3-28-1930

January 6, 1931

"8 Men Killed in Glen Rogers Mine Blast," Mullens Advocate, 1-8-1931
"Inquest Over Dead Men In Glen Rogers Explosion Absolves Company of Blame," Mullens Advocate, 1-15-1931

November 3, 1931

"Three Dead, Two Missing in Mine Blast at Logan," Charleston Gazette, 11-4-1931
"Two More Bodies Are Found in Whitman Mine," Charleston Gazette, 11-5-1931
"Bodies of Five Men Killed In Whitman 20 Mine Explosion Are Recovered--Funerals Held," Logan Banner, 11-6-1931
"Explosion of Gas Caused Death of Five," Logan Banner, 11-10-1931

May 12, 1935

"Barrackville Mine Afire," Fairmont Sunday Times-West Virginian, 5-12-1935
"Mine Fire is Fatal to Five," Fairmont Times, 5-13-1935
"Barrackville's Toll Stands at Five," Fairmont West Virginian, 5-13-1935
"Cause of Mine Fire Likely to Remain Mystery," Fairmont West Virginian, 5-14-1935

September 2, 1936

"The Mine Disaster," Logan Banner, 9-3-1936
"Bodies Taken From Mine," Logan Banner, 9-3-1936
"Last of Ten Mine Disaster Victims Removed from the Debris and Mine Sealed," Logan Banner, 9-4-1936
"Mine Explosion at MacBeth is Being Probed," Logan Banner, 9-5-1936

March 11, 1937

"Two Dead, 16 Trapped in Mine Blast," Logan Banner, 3-12-1937
"9 Bodies Recovered from MacBeth," Logan Banner, 3-12-1937
"7 Bodies Remain in MacBeth Mine," Logan Banner, 3-13-1937
"Dig New Entry to MacBeth Victims," Logan Banner, 3-15-1937
"Search for Four Victims Continues," Logan Banner, 3-16-1937
"MacBeth Crews are Nearing Bodies," Logan Banner, 3-17-1937
"Expect to Recover 2 Bodies Today," Logan Banner, 3-18-1937
"Mine Explosion Victims May Not Be Found Today," Logan Banner, 3-19-1937
"MacBeth Victims Expected To Be Reached Sunday," Logan Banner, 3-20-1937
"MacBeth Rescue Crews Encounter Much Difficulty," Logan Banner, 3-22-1937
"Body of Fifteenth Mine Explosion Victim Taken From Shaft Last Night," Logan Banner, 3-25-1937
"Body of MacBeth Victim Is Held In Sealed Vault," Logan Banner, 3-26-1937
"Last 2 Taken from MacBeth Mine," Logan Banner, 3-27-1937
"MacBeth Inspection Started Today; Hope To Operate Soon," Logan Banner, 3-29-1937
"Logan County remembers the MacBeth Mine Disaster of 1937," Logan Banner, 3-24-2002

January 10, 1940

"Fourth Man Found; 87 Still Missing," Welch Daily News, 1-11-1940
"Believe All 91 Miners Dead," Welch Daily News, 1-12-1940
"Rescue Workers and Activities at Mine Blast Scene," Welch Daily News, 1-13-1940
"Start Grim Task of Removing Dead," Welch Daily News, 1-13-1940
"'Something Unusual' About Mine Blast," Welch Daily News, 1-17-1940
"Work of Rescue Teams Praised by Mine Officials," (source and date not given)
"Jan. 10, 1940, 91 Died, Families Cried And The Newsreel Companies Had To Find Out Where McDowell County Was," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 12-23-79
"Ghosts of 91 Miners Haunt Rusting Tipple," Charleston Gazette-Mail, 1-6-80
"Jan. 10, 1940, Reporter Found Plenty Of Grief At Bartley But Little Pandemonium," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 3-29-1981
"Survivors remember death in the mines; six disasters recalled," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 11-11-1985
"In McDowell County: A Pictorial History Of Bartley's Mine," Welch Daily News, 3-31-1989
"A News Remembrance: Bartley Mine Disaster: 50 Years Later," Welch Daily News, 1-10-1990
"Dr. Stuart McGehee Visits Bradshaw Jr. High School," Welch Daily News, 1-12-1990

December 17, 1940

"State and Federal Inspectors Join Company Heads in Trying to Find Cause of Explosion That Killed Seven," Raleigh Register, 12-18-1940
"Dares After Damp to Save Comrades," Raleigh Register, 12-18-1940
"Negro Expected to Succumb to Blast Injuries," Raleigh Register, 12-19-1940

January 22, 1941

"Investigation Of Explosion Resumed Today," Welch Daily News, 1-23-1941
"Carswell Mine Explosion Death Toll Mounts to 5," Welch Daily News, 1-24-1941
"Four Victims of Mine Explosion Remain Critical," Welch Daily News, 1-25-1941
"Two Men Burned In Mine Discharged From Hospital Here," Welch Daily News, 1-27-1941
"Four Most Badly Injured Improve," Welch Daily News, 1-28-1941

May 12, 1942

"Blast in Mine Snuffs Out 53 Lives at Osage," Charleston Gazette, 5-13-1942
"47 Known Dead in Osage Mine," Morgantown Post, 5-13-1942
"Disaster Fund Started Here," Morgantown Post, 5-13-1942
"Anxious Crowd Awaits at Osage Mine Mouth for News of Explosion Victims," Morgantown Post, 5-13-1942
"Aides in Rescue Work at Osage Mine Explosion," Morgantown Post, 5-13-1942
"Workers Hunt 11 Bodies Still in Torn Mine," Charleston Gazette, 5-14-1942
"Search Mine Debris for 11 More Bodies," Morgantown Post, 5-14-1942
"Where Relatives Await Word Of Blast Victims," Charleston Gazette, 5-14-1942
"Neely Visits Site of Osage Mine Tragedy," Morgantown Post, 5-15-1942
"Disaster Fund Gets $1000 From Coal Company," Morgantown Post, 5-15-1942
"Eight Bodies Still Unfound in Osage Mine," Morgantown Post, 5-16-1942
"Jury Fails to Find Cause of Mine Disaster," Morgantown Post, 5-18-1942
"Over $3000 is Received for Disaster Fund," Morgantown Post, 5-18-1942
"Mine Victims Still Unfound," Morgantown Post, 5-19-1942
"Another Body Removed From Mine at Osage," Morgantown Post, 5-20-1942
"2 More Bodies are Recovered at Osage Mine," Morgantown Post, 5-21-1942
"Christophers Give $100 to Each Miner's Dependents," Morgantown Post, 5-22-1942
"Last Body is Recovered in Mine at Osage," Morgantown Post, 5-23-1942
"Operation in Mine at Osage Resumed Today," Morgantown Post, 5-25-1942

May 18, 1942

"Two More Victims of Hitchman Blast Die; Inquest Next Monday," Moundsville Daily Echo, 5-19-1942
"Hitchman Mine Might Resume Next Monday," Moundsville Daily Echo, 5-20-1942
"Coroner And Jury Probing Mine Deaths," Moundsville Daily Echo, 5-25-1942

July 9, 1942

"Bodies of 20 Blast Victims Are Being Taken From Mine," Morgantown Post, 7-10-1942
"Scene of Monongalia County's Second Mine Disaster Within Two Months," Morgantown Post, 7-10-1942
"Mine Officials Begin Hunt for Disaster Clues," Morgantown Post, 7-11-1942
"Bodies of Pursglove Mine Blast Victims Reach Surface Within 24 Hours," Morgantown Post, 7-11-1942

December 15, 1942

"Hoist Car Leap Kills 4 Miners," Charleston Gazette, 12-17-1942

January 8, 1943

"Mine Rescue Workers Hunt Last 9 Bodies," Morgantown Post, 1-9-1943
"Mine Fire at Pursglove 15 to be Sealed," Morgantown Post, 1-11-1943
"Miners' Widows Are Visited by Mrs. Roosevelt," Morgantown Post, 1-12-1943
"All Openings at Pursglove to be Sealed," Morgantown Post, 1-12-1943
"Families of Mine Victims File Claims," Morgantown Post, 1-13-1943
"Mine Inquest Date Not Set," Morgantown Post, 1-14-1943

November 8, 1943

"Eleven Dead from Nellis Mine Explosion," Coal Valley News, 11-11-1943
"Violation of Safety Rule Saved 11 Miners at Nellis," Charleston Gazette, 11-11-1943

March 25, 1944

"Gas Explosion In Blazing Mine Takes 16 Lives," Charleston Gazette, 3-26-1944
"2 New Blasts Heard at Mine," Charleston Gazette, 3-27-1944
"Bodies Remain Locked in Mine," Charleston Gazette, 3-28-1944
"Sixteen Men Die In Mine Explosion," Shinnston News, 3-31-1944
"Mine May be Opened," Shinnston News, 3-31-1944
"Catherine Mine No. 4 Gives Up Its Dead," Shinnston News, 3-31-1944

January 15, 1946

"Havaco Mine Explosion Kills Undetermined Number of Men," Welch Daily News, 1-15-1946
"Question Injured In Havaco Mine Blast," Welch Daily News, 1-17-1946
"More Funerals For Mine Dead," Welch Daily News, 1-18-1946
"Other Mine Dead Funerals Sunday," Welch Daily News, 1-19-1946
"Jan. 15, 1946: Mine Foreman Expected The Worst At Havaco And It Came To Pass," Bluefield Daily Telegraph (no date given)
"Pictorial Review Of The Havaco Mine Explosion," (no source or date given)
"Removing Dead from Havaco Mine," (no source or date given)

August 6, 1948

"Five Die In Capels Mine Accident," Welch Daily News, 8-6-1948
"Capels Death Toll Six; No Company Negligence," Welch Daily News, 8-7-1948
"Survivors remember death in the mines; six disasters recalled," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 11-11-1985

January 18, 1951

"11 Killed, 2 Hurt in Mine Blast," Charleston Gazette, 1-19-1951
"Survivor Tells Of Deadly Blast," Charleston Gazette, 1-19-1951
"Gas Blamed For Mine Blast In Which 11 Died," Welch Daily News, 1-19-1951

October 15, 1951

"Explosion Wipes Out Ten-Man Crew Working in Mine Near Morgantown," Charleston Gazette, 10-16-1951
"Blast at Bunker Mine Kills Ten Men," Morgantown Dominion-News, 10-16-1951
"Cause of Explosion Being Investigated," Morgantown Dominion-News, 10-16-1951

October 31, 1951

"Twelve Miners Die in Explosion At Mechanized Cabin Creek Pit," Charleston Gazette, 11-1-1951
"Bodies of 12 Blast Victims Recovered," Morgantown Dominion-News, 11-1-1951
"Crew Blamed In Mine Blast," Charleston Gazette, 11-2-1951
"Sorrowing Kin Plan Services For Victims of Mine Explosion," Charleston Gazette, 11-2-1951

November 13, 1954

"15 Trapped in Mine Here," Fairmont Times-West Virginian, 11-14-1954
"Farmington No. 9 Becomes Fiery Tomb of 15 Miners As Rescue Efforts Are Abandoned and Pit Is Sealed; Industry Aghast at Disaster; John L. Lewis on Scene," Fairmont Times, 11-15-1954
"Inquiry Into Farmington Mine Blast Will Open Today," Fairmont Times, 11-16-1954
"Jenkins Rites To Be In Farmington," Fairmont Times, 11-16-1954
"Communications Maintained to Portal Entrance," Fairmont Times, 11-16-1954
"Hearing Held to Reveal Clue to Mine Blast Cause," Fairmont Times, 11-17-1954
"Air Shaft Seal Completed," Fairmont Times, 11-17-1954
"McCaa and Capet, Who First Saw Survivers (sic) of No. 8 Disaster, Hold Reunion at Scene of New Explosion," Fairmont Times, 11-17-1954
"Final Rites Held for Explosion Victim; Safety Valve Placed on No. 9 Fan Shaft," Fairmont Times, 11-18-1954

February 4, 1957

"37 Men Killed in Explosion At Mine Along State Border," Charleston Gazette, 2-5-57
"Anxious Families Await Word About Men Trapped in State Mine," Charleston Gazette, 2-5-57

December 9, 1957

"Five Men Killed in Glen Rogers Mine Roof Fall," Mullens Advocate, 12-12-57

December 27, 1957

"14 of 22 Miners Trapped In State Mine Are Alive," Charleston Gazette, 12-28-1957
"Investigators Probe Explosion Fatal to 11," Charleston Gazette, 12-29-1957
"5 Survivors, 11 Victims of Mine Blast," Charleston Gazette, 12-29-1957
"Survivors remember death in the mines; six disasters recalled," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 11-11-1985

February 12, 1958

"Five Miners Die In Lundale Rooffall," Logan Banner, 2-13-1958
"6th Man Hurt; Tragedy Worst Here Since '37," Logan Banner, 2-13-1958
"Roof Gave Men No Warning, Miner Says From Hospital Bed," Logan Banner, 2-14-1958
"Investigators Seek Cause Of Lundale Mine Tragedy," Logan Banner, 2-14-1958
"Lundale Mine Toll Rises To Six Today," Logan Banner, 2-15-1958

October 27, 1958

"Bishop Mine Probe Opened After Blast Kills 22 Men," Williamson Daily News, 10-28-1958
"Survivors remember death in the mines; six disasters recalled," Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 11-11-1985

October 28, 1958

"11 Miners Trapped In Blast Near Richwood," Williamson Daily News, 10-28-1958
"Mine Explosion," Nicholas County News Leader, 10-29-1958
"2-Day Mine Toll Is 35," Williamson Daily News, 10-29-1958
"Blast Kills 13 Nicholas Miners," Charleston Gazette, 10-29-1958
"3 Blasts Hit Burton Mine," Charleston Gazette, 10-30-1958
"37 Escape, 13 Die, 4 Injured In Gauley River Mine Explosion," Nicholas Republican, 10-30-1958
"Nicholas Mine Blast Inquiry Opens Monday," Charleston Gazette, 10-31-1958
"Rescued Miner Dies in Hospital," Charleston Gazette, 10-31-1958
"What the Men in the Hospital Say," Nicholas County News Leader, 11-5-1958
"Town Ladies Collect Money for Blast Families," Nicholas County News Leader, 11-5-1958
"Report on the Explosion Hearing at Craigsville," Nicholas County News Leader, 11-5-1958
"Four Pictures of Monday's Explosion Hearing," Nicholas County News Leader, 11-5-1958
"Explosion Victims," Nicholas County News Leader, 11-5-1958
"West Virginia Department of Mines Report on the Investigation of the Explosion," not dated

March 8, 1960

"Fate Of Trapped Miners Uncertain," Logan Banner, 3-9-1960
"No Contact Made With 18 Miners," Logan Banner, 3-10-1960
"Makeshift Pipeline Built to Take Air Into Mine 22," Logan Banner, 3-11-1960
"Agonizing Setback Slows Rescuers," Logan Banner, 3-12-1960
"Smoke Pocket Likely Key to Rescue Effort," Logan Banner, 3-14-1960
"Hope For Miners Practically Gone," Logan Banner, 3-15-1960
"Miners Waiting Out Rescue Pray for Trapped Workers," Logan Banner, 3-15-1960
"Strange Vigil Kept at Holden 22 Mine Throughout Entire Disaster," Logan Banner, 3-16-1960
"Bodies Of Miners Taken From Mine," Logan Banner, 3-16-1960
"Weary Rescue Workers Still Searching For Last Two Victims Of Mine Disaster," Logan Banner, 3-17-1960
"Rites Still Not Complete For Some Mine Victims," Logan Banner, 3-18-1960
"Final Chapter Written In Mine 22 Rescue Attempt," Logan Banner, 3-18-1960
"Local Businessmen Arranging Memorial Service for Miners, (no source or date given)
"Snapshots of the 20th Century: Holden 22 Mine Survivors," Charleston Gazette, 3-8-1999
"Illness Claims Last Survivor Of 1960 Holden 22 Disaster," (no source or date given)

April 25, 1963

"Blast Kills 22 Men Deep In Dola Mine," Charleston Gazette, 4-27-1963
"Rescue Teams Locate Bodies of 22 Victims of Mine Explosion," The Clarksburg Exponent, 4-27-1963
"4 Groups to Seek Mine Blast Cause," Clarksburg Sunday Exponent-Telegram, 4-28-1963
"Hearing on Mine Tragedy Is Set For Courthouse," The Clarksburg Exponent, 4-30-1963
"Mine Probe to End Soon; Hearing Set," The Clarksburg Exponent, 5-1-1963
"Mine Accident Claims Lives of 22," Shinnston News, 5-2-1963

September 28, 1964

"Three Men Killed In McDowell Mine," Charleston Gazette, 9-29-1964
"Investigate Explosion Which Killed 3 Miners," Welch Daily News, 9-29-1964
"Rites Thursday, Friday For Three Killed In Mine," Welch Daily News, 9-30-1964

April 30, 1965

"Four Men Blown by Explosion From Air Shaft Near Mannington Killed; Two Others Escape Heavy Blast," Fairmont Times, 5-1-1965
"Flat Run Mine Blast Fatal to 4," Charleston Gazette, 5-1-1965
"Mine Clean-Up To Resume," Fairmont Times, 5-3-1965

May 3, 1965

"3 Miners Die In Slate Fall," Charleston Gazette, 5-4-1965
"3 County Miners Die From Slatefall," Coal Valley News, 5-6-1965

October 16, 1965

"Bodies of Last Six Miners Are Recovered," Fairmont West Virginian, 10-18-1965
"Fire Continues to Rage In Mars Mine Tunnel," Fairmont West Virginian, 10-19-1965

July 23, 1966

"Siltix Mine Blast Kills Seven At Mount Hope," Fayette Tribune, 7-25-1966
"Shuttle Car Sparks Said Cause Of Mine Explosion At Siltix," Fayette Tribune, 8-1-1966

September 10, 1966

"Valley Camp Mine Disaster Is Labeled 'Accidental' ," Wheeling News-Register, 9-11-1966
"Work Resumes After Probe Of Fatal Coal Mine Mishap," (source name not clear enough to read), 9-12-1966

May 6, 1968

"Workers Advancing Rapidly; 15 Men Accounted For, Safety Of Another 10 Men Grows Dim," Nicholas County News Leader, 5-8-1968
"25 Men Trapped in County Mine Monday," Nicholas Chronicle, 5-9-1968
"Pumping Continues at No. 8 Mine; Families Still Hold Hope For 10 Men Remaining In Mine," Nicholas County News Leader, 5-15-1968
"15 Men Rescued From Flooded Nicholas Mine; 10 Still Missing," Nicholas Chronicle, 5-16-1968
"Rescue At 8 Completed; 4 Lose Life," Nicholas County News Leader, 5-22-1968
"Mine Rescue Project Has Unexpected Ending," Nicholas Chronicle, 5-23-1968
"The Miracle of Hominy Falls," Charleston Daily Mail, 7-31-2002

August 14, 1968

"3 Men Killed, One Injured In Amherst Mine Slatefall," Logan Banner, 8-15-1968
"Mine Probe Inconclusive," Logan Banner, 8-16-1968

November 20, 1968

"70 Entombed, 21 Escape Mine Blast," Charleston Daily Mail, 11-20-1968
"Mine Blaze Spreads, Thwarting Rescuers; Hopes For 78 Fading," Charleston Daily Mail, 11-21-1968
" 'No Chance' Given 78 Trapped Miners," Charleston Gazette, 11-21-1968
"A gentle dawn breaks over a furnace roaring below," Life, 12-6 -1968
"My Pa Was Killed in That Mine in '54," (no source given, date is sometime in 1968)
"Farmington: 'fires of hell' killed 78 coal miners," Huntington Advertiser,11-20-1978
"Widows Observe Farmington Mine Disaster Anniversary," Fairmont Times-West Virginian, 11-20-1982
"A cold day at No. 9 mine," Charleston Daily Mail, November, 1988
"No. 9 Mine, Farmington explosion 20 years ago," Mortantown Dominion Post, 11-20-1988
"Farmington No. 9 blast 20 years ago," Morgantown Dominion Post, 11-12-1989
"Mine disaster remembered," Morgantown Dominion Post, 11-21-1994
"1968 No. 9 Mine Disaster," Morgantown Dominion Post, 11-17-1996
"Mine explosion remembered for prompting '69 safety act," Parkersburg News, 12-20-1996
"30 years after Farmington mine disaster," Charleston Gazette, 11-20-1998
"Miners owe a lot to Farmington tragedy," Charleston Sunday Gazette-Mail, 11-29-1998
"Poem memorializes victim of No. 9 mine," Fairmont Times-West Virginian, 11-21-1999
"Not forgotten, No. 9 miners remembered on anniversary of disaster," Fairmont Times-West Virginian, 11-21-1999
"A precious memory," Fairmont Times-West Virginian, 11-22-1999
"Death's Mask at a Coal Pit," Life, (no date given)

December 12, 1968

"Three Men Suffocated In Mine Fire At Lorado," Logan Banner, 12-13-1968
"Separate Funeral Services Set for Mine Fire Victims," Logan Sunday Banner, 12-15-1968

June 11, 1971

"Two Miners Killed At Miracle Run," Fairmont Times, 6-12-1971
"Marion Mine Roof Fall Kills Two; Four Escape," Charleston Gazette, 6-12-1971
"Production to Resume At Federal No. 2 Mine," Fairmont Times-West Virginian, 6-13-1971
"Shuman Dies Of Injuries," Fairmont Times, 6-14-1971

July 22, 1972

"Nine missing at Blacksville," Morgantown Sunday Dominion-Post, 7-23-1972
"Blacksville Had Been Cited 500 Times For Violations," Fairmont Times, 7-25-1972
"Methane Blast Forces Company To Seal Mine," Huntington Herald-Dispatch, 7-25-1972
"Explosion forces sealing of Blacksville No. 1 mine," Morgantown Dominion-News, 7-25-1972
"Legal action possible in wake of mine fire," Morgantown Dominion-News, 7-25-1972
"Tragedy strikes another mine," Morgantown Dominion-News, 7-25-1972
"Fading Hope for Trapped Men," Fairmont Times, 7-25-1972
"Mining officials will conduct disaster probe," Morgantown Dominion-News, 7-26-1972
"Consol declines comment on mine's safety record," Morgantown Dominion-News, 7-26-1972
"Tragedy at Blacksville No. 1, 9 miners died in '72 fire," Morgantown Sunday Dominion-Post, 3-20-1992

December 16, 1972

"Wyoming County Mourns Death Of Miners In Itmann Explosion," The Mullens Advocate, 12-21-1972

October 3, 1974

"3 Fairdale Miners Crushed To Death," Beckley Post-Herald, 10-3-1974

November 26-1975

"Three Miners Lose Lives Last Week At Bethlehem No. 105," The Barbour Democrat, 12-3-1975

November 7, 1980

"Rescue teams inch through mine," Charleston Gazette, 11-8-1980
"Rescue workers remove bodies of dead miners," Charleston Sunday Gazette-Mail, 11-9-1980
"Separate Funeral Services Held Yesterday for Mine Victims," Coal Valley News, 11-12-1980
"Tragedy Strikes Boone Co. Coalfields," Coal Valley News, 11-12-1980
"Investigation at Ferrell mine may be a long one," Charleston Sunday Gazette-Mail, 12-14-1980

December 3, 1981

"2nd Webster miner found dead; 1 missing," Charleston Gazette, 12-5-1981
"Third miner's body recovered; investigation to get under way," Charleston Sunday Gazette-Mail, 12-6-1981
"200 mourn mine collapse victim," Charleston Gazette, 12-7-1981
"Bergoo Mine Fall Kills 3 Miners," The Webster Republican, 12-9-1981

February 6, 1986

"Probe to Begin in Fatal Mine Accident," Fairmont Times-West Virginian, 2-7-1986
"Mine Tragedy Probe Continues," Fairmont Times-West Virginian, 2-8-1986
"Some More Thoughts About Mine Tragedy," Fairmont Times-West Virginian, 2-8-1986
"MSHA Cites Consol in Loveridge Deaths," Fairmont Times-West Virginian, 2-11-1986

March 19, 1992

"Blast kills 4 at local mine," Morgantown Dominion Post, 3-20-1992
"Methane blast kills 4 at mine," Charleston Gazette, 3-20-1992
"Blacksville: Mining tragedy," Morgantown Dominion Post, 3-22-1992
"Tragedy aftermath," Morgantown Dominion Post, 3-22-1992
"Panel to question mine-blast witnesses," Morgantown Dominion Post, 3-23-1992
"Probe begins into mine blast," Morgantown Dominion Post (no date given)

Notable Events in West Virginia History