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David Hunter Strother
(Porte Crayon)

The following is a list of books and articles on David Hunter Strother which can be found at the West Virginia State Archives Library.


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__________________. David Hunter Strother Collection, 1868-1888.
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__________________. "The Horse Jockey," Magazine of Jefferson County Historical Society, Volume 21, December 1955, pp. 29-31.

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Cuthbert, John A. David Hunter Strother,"One of the Best Draughtsman the Country Possesses," West Virginia University Press, 1997.
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Eby, Cecil D. The Life of David Hunter Strother , Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina Press, 1960.
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___________. The Old South Illustrated by Porte Crayon , Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina Press, 1959.
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___________. A Virginia Yankee in the Civil War, The Diaries of David Hunter Strother, University of North Carolina Press, 1961.
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____________. "Porte Crayon and the Local Color Movement in West Virginia," West Virginia History Quarterly Magazine, April 1959, pp. 151-62.
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B S925p.


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"The Porte Crayon Memorial Society," 1-2-1941.


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