Joseph H. Diss Debar

The following is a list of books by and articles about Joseph Diss Debar which can be found at the West Virginia State Archives Library.


Debar, Joseph Hubert Diss. For the Benefit of the Catholic Hospital and Orphan Asylum of Wheeling, Virginia, Distribution of Farm Lots in St. Clara Colony, Doddridge County, Virginia, A Chance of a Home for One Dollar, Wheeling, VA., n.d.
917.456 S136 Pam.

_____________________. Prohibition; its Relation to Temperance, Good Moral and Sound Government, Cincinnati, 1910.
178.5 D35.

_____________________. Two Men; Old John Brown and Stonewall Jackson of World-Wide Fame, Some Interesting Reminiscences by a Man Who Knew Both, Clarksburg, Clarksburg Telegraph, 1874.
B B81d Pam.

_____________________. The West Virginia Handbook and Immigrant's Guide. A Sketch of the State of West Viriginia, Parkersburg, Gibbens Bros., 1870.
975.4 D286.

Earl, Jesse A. The life of Joseph H. Diss Debar and His Reminiscences of Doddridge County, 1883, West Virginia History, Charleston, WV, v. 28, 1966-1967, pp. 228-40.
Arc 1. 4:28.

Maurer, B. St. Johannes Evangelical Lutheran Church, St. Clara, WV. n.p. 1984.
284.1754 M453s Pam.


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