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J. E. Hanger

The following books and articles about J. E. Hanger, wounded at the first land battle of the Civil War in Philippi, WV and noted as the first amputee of the Civil War, can be found at the West Virginia Archives Library.


Carnes, Eva Margaret. J. E. Hanger the First Man to be Injured by a Cannon Ball in the Civil War and the First to Have a Limb Amputated. Philippi, West Virginia: Barbour County Historical Society, 1961.
Surname File.

__________________. The Tygarts Valley Line June-July 1861. Philippi, West Virginia, First Land Battle of the Civil War Centennial Commission, Inc., Clarksburg, West Virginia: Beverage Printing Company, 1961.
973.731 C289.

Haselberger, Fritz. Yanks From the South! (The First Land Campaign of the Civil War: Rich Mountain, West Virginia. Baltimore, Maryland: Past Glories, 1987.
973.742 H355.

Mattaliano, Jane K. and Omonde, Lois G. Milestones a Pictorial History of Philippi, West Virginia, 1844-1994. Virginia Beach, Virginia, Donning Company Publishers, 1994.
975.459 M435.


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