Mary Harris "Mother" Jones

The following is a list of books and articles about Mary Harris "Mother" Jones which can be found at the West Virginia State Archives Library.


Jones, Mary. Autobiography of Mother Jones (C.H. Kerr and Co., 1925).
B J78 B J78 1976.

Jones, Mother. The Speeches and Writings of Mother Jones (University of Pittsburgh Press, 1988).
331.88 S813s

Foner, Philip Sheldon. Mother Jones Speaks; Collected Writings and Speeches (Monad Press, 1983).
331.88 F673.

Fetherling, Dale. Mother Jones the Miners' Angel; a Portrait (Southern Illinois Press).
331.88 F43.

Gorn, Elliott J. Mother Jones: The Most Dangerous Woman in America (Hill and Wang, 2002).
B J78c

Jackson, John. Judge Jackson's Opinion in the Famous Contempt Cases Against Mother Jones, Thomas Haggarty and Others.
347.91 J12 Pam.

Josephson, Judith Pinkerton. Mother Jones: Fierce Fighter for Worker Rights (Lerner Publications, 1997).
B J78jo [juvenile literature].

Scholten, Pat Creech. The Old Mother and Her Army: the Agitative Strategies of Mary Harris Jones (West Virginia History Vol. 40: 1978-79).
Arc 1. 4: 40.

Steel, Edward M. The Correspondence of Mother Jones (University of Pittsburgh Press 1985).
331.88 S813

______________The Court-Martial of Mother Jones (University Press of Kentucky, 1985).
331.88 S813.

Wake, Dorothy L. Mother Jones: Revolutionary Leader of Labor and Social Reform (Xlibris, 2001).
B J78w

Werstein, Irving. Labor's Defiant Lady: The Story of Mother Jones (Crowell, 1969).
B J18w [juvenile literature]

Hudson, W.L. Constitutional Government Overthrown in West Virginia. (Contributed by W.L. Hudson, 1984).
331.88 C758.


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