Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson

The following is a list of books and articles about Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson which can be found at the West Virginia State Archives Library.


Jackson, Thomas Jonathan. Thomas Jackson Papers, Duke University, Durham North Carolina, 1951.
4RE Mi 49-19.

_____________________. Letter, February 28, 1862.
Ms 79-144.

Robertson, James I. Stonewall Jackson, the Man, the Soldier, the Legend, MacMillan Publishing, 1997.
973.7092 R651.

Moore, Edward Alexander. The Story of a Cannoneer Under Stonewall Jackson: in which is told the part taken by the Rockbridge Artillery in the Army of Northern Virginia, Neale Publishing Co., 1907.
973 782 M821.

Bisset, Johnson. The Mysteries of Chancellorsville: Who killed Stonewall Jackson, Hobson Book Press, 1945.
B J14b.

Bushong, Millard. Kessler. General Turner and Stonewall's Valley Campaign,, Virginia Book Co., 1980.
973.721 B979.

_____________________ " Jackson in the Shenandoah," West Virginia History, Charleston, WV, 1965-66.
Arc 1. 4:27

Freeman. Douglas S. Chapters from "Stonewall Jackson's" Valley Campaign, 1944.
Ms 80-259.

Shaw, Maurice. Stonewall Jackson's Surgeon: Hunter Holmes McGuire, a Biography, H.E. Howard Inc., 1993.
B M148.

Casler, John Overton. Four Years in the Stonewall Brigade, Continental Book Co., 1951.
973.782 C26.

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B J14cm Pam.

______________. Stonewall Jackson, W. Morrow, 1959.
B J14ch.

Cook, Roy Bird. The Family and Early Life of Stonewall Jackson, Old Dominion Press, 1924.
B J14c.

______________. Thomas J. Jackson, a God-fearing Soldier of the CSA, C.J. Krehbiel Co., n.d.
B J14bc.

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B J14an.

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B J14ar.

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B J14ad.

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973.731 A418.

Addey, Markinfield. Stonewall Jackson," the Life and Military Career of Thomas Jonathan Jackson, Lieutenant-General in the Confederate Army, New York, C.T. Evans, 1863.
B J14a.

Records of the Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Camps, United Confederate Veterans, WV Division.
Ms 80-8.

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Arc 1. 4:29.

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B J14da.

Cooke, John Esten. Stonewall Jackson: a Military Biography.., D.Appleton and Co., 1866.
B J14co.

______________. Stonewall Jackson and the Old Stonewall Brigade, University of Virginia Press, 1954.
B J14coo.

______________. The Life of Stonewall Jackson. C.B. Richardson, 1863.
B J14ck

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Arc 1 4:36.

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B J14cs.

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B J14ch.

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B J14cl Pam.

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973.782 D734.

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973.731 D748 Pam.

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973.782 G488.

Daniel, John Warwick. Character of Stonewall Jackson, Lynchburg, Schaffter & Bryant Printers, 1868.
B J14dn Pam.

Davis, Burke. They Called Him Stonewall; Life of Lt. General T.J. Jackson, CSA, New York, Rhinehart, 1954.
B J14d

Debar, Joseph Hubert Diss, "Two Men; Old John Brown and Stonewall Jackson of Worldwide Fame. Some Interesting Reminiscences by a Man Who knew them Both," Clarksburg Telegraph, 1874.
B B81d Pam.

McLaughlin, William. Ceremonies Connected with the Unveiling of the Bronze Statue of General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson at Lexington, Virginia, July 21st 1891. Baltimore, J. Murphy, 1891.
B J14mc.

Kershaw, John. Address Delivered Before the Ladies' Memorial Association and Citizens of Charleston, on Memorial Day, May 10, 1893, S.C. Daggett Printing Co., 1893.
973.713 K41 Pam.

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Kane, Harnett Thomas. The Gallant Mrs. Stonewall; a Novel Based on the Lives of General and Mrs. Stonewall Jackson, Doubleday, 1957.
F K16hg.

Williamson, Mary Lynn. The Life of General Thomas J. Jackson "Stonewall," for the Young Fourth Grade Reader, Johnson Publishing Co., 1899.
B J14w.

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B D22.

Kemper and Hoge. Inauguration of the Jackson Statue, October 26, 1876, Richmond Virginia, Ellis Jones , 1885.
B J14i Pam.

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B J14u Pam.

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B J14ho.

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B J14h 1908.

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B J14g.

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B J14e.

Jackson, Mrs. Mary Anna Morrison. Life and Letters of General Thomas J. Jackson by his Wife Mary Anna Jackson, New York, Harper, 1892.
B J14l.

____________________________. Memoirs of Stonewall Jackson by his Widow, Prentice Press, 1895.
B J14j.

Newbolt, Sir Henry John. The Book of the Thin Red Line, New York, Green and Co., 1915.
923.5 N534.

Meador, Michael M. Historic Jackson's Mill; a Walking Tour, McClain Printing Co., 1991.
917.5461 M482.

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B J14ma Pam.

Peterkin, G.W. An Address by Bishop Peterkin Before Camp Jenkins in Parkersburg, WV in Celebration of the Birthday of General Lee and Jackson, January 20, 1905. n.p.
973.7 P429 Pam.

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Smith, Edward C. Thomas Jonathan Jackson, 1824-1863, Weston, WV., 1920.
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Slaughter, Philip. A Sketch of the Life of Randolph Raifax...Including a Brief Account of Jackson's Celebrated Valley Campaign, Slaughter, 1878.
B F 164s.

Shaffer, Anna Jackson Preston. Stonewall Jackson, a Sketch of the Life of Jackson ...Presented to the Senate on May 10, 1928, by Hon. Cole L. Blease, Senator of South Carolina, Government Printing Office, 1936.
B J14sh Pam.

Tanner, Robert G. Stonewall in the Valley, Shenandoah Valley Campaign, Spring, 1962, Doubleday, 1976.
973.732 T167.


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