The following books and articles on the Widen Coal Strike of 1952-53 can be found at the West Virginia Archives Library.


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"Widen Pickets Hurl Train-Stop Threats," Charleston Daily Mail, 10-4-1952.
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"Railroad Bridges Blown Up at Sand Fork, Robinson Thursday," Clay County Free Press, 10- 23-1952.
"2 Clay Co. Rail Spans Blown Up; Fresh Violence Isolates Widen,"Charleston Daily Mail,10- 23-1952.
"Troopers Sent to Strike Area," Charleston Daily Mail, 10-23-1952.
"Blast Wreck 2 Rail Spans, Charleston Daily Mail, 10-23-1952.
"Reign of Terror Isolates Widen Threats to Federal Men Probed," Charleston Daily Mail, 10- 24-1952.
"National Guard May Get Call," Charleston Daily Mail, 10-24-1952.
"Reign of Terror Grips Entire Widen Mine Area," Charleston Daily Mail, 10-24-1952.
"Judge Moore Eyes Abuse of 2 Officers," Charleston Daily Mail, 10-24-1952.
"Dynamite Leaves Two Bridges Masses of Twisted Wreckage Near Widen," Charleston Daily Mail, 10-24-1952.
"Camera Shows Damage in Dynamiting of Clay Railway Spans," Charleston Daily Mail, 10- 24-1952.
"Widen Power Station Blast Fails," Charleston Daily Mail, 10-25-1952.
"Power Blast Hoax Widen Sector Quiet," Charleston Daily Mail, 10-26-1952.
"Bullet Hits Car at Widen," Charleston Daily Mail, 10-27-1952.
"New Violence Brings Plea for State Help," Charleston Daily Mail, 10-27-1952.
"Clay Prosecutor's Ouster Urged," Charleston Daily Mail, 10-28-1952.
"UMW Okehs Plan to Hold Widen Ballot," Charleston Daily Mail, 10-28-1952.
"Duty Neglect Laid to Eakle," Charleston Daily Mail, 10-28-1952.
"FBI Finishes Widen Probe," Charleston Daily Mail, 12-1-1952.
"West Virginia is Top Coal Producer, Widen Leads County with 687,063 Ton," Clay County Free Press, 2-5-1953.
"Fire Destroys Barn Owned by Widen Picket, Estimated Damages $1,000," Clay County Free Press, 2-5-1953.
"Miner's Auto Wrecked by Blast," Clay County Free Press, 2-19-1953.
"Miner's Tractor Wrecked by Blast," Clay County Free Press, 2-26-1953.
"Widen Resident is Arrested for Power Line Cut," Clay County Free Press, 4-16-1953.
"Widen Miner Killed, Two Wounded," Clay County Free Press, 5-7-1953.
"Oran H. Given, Deputy Sheriff Mauls Striking Miner," Clay County Free Press, 5-7- 1953.
"4 Widen Miners Shot in Ambush; One Victim Dies, Police Arrest 40," Charleston Daily Mail, 5-7-1953.
"Bullets Riddle Workers' Cars," Charleston Daily Mail, 5-7-1953.
"Quartet Shot From Ambush," Charleston Daily Mail, 5-7-1953.
"Death Ambush Climaxes Clay Terrorism, Charleston Daily Mail, 5-7-1953.
"Widen Killing Charges Due Soon," Charleston Daily Mail, 5-8-1953.
"Some Suspects Admit Ambush," Charleston Daily Mail, 5-8-1953.
"That Shot at Widen Was Heard Around the State, an Editorial," Charleston Daily Mail, 5-8- 1953.
"Widen Suspects Get All Night Grilling by Police," Charleston Daily Mail, 5-8-1953.
"46 Face Ambush Crime Charge, Troopers Grill Mine Strikers," Charleston Daily Mail, 5-9- 1953.
"A Slight Case of Murder," Charleston Daily Mail, 5-10-1953.
"50 Charged in Widen Ambush," Charleston Daily Mail, 5-10-1953.
"Crowd Jeers at Clay Jail," Charleston Daily Mail, 5-10-1953.
"Quick Hearing Asked in Widen Killing," Charleston Daily Mail, 5-11-1953.
"25 Shooting Suspects Put in Jail Here," Charleston Daily Mail, 5-11-1953.
"Widen Ambushing Suspect Confers with Counsel," Charleston Daily Mail, 5-11-1953.
"Company Men Shot First, Says Picket," Charleston Daily Mail, 5-11-1953.
"48 Waive to Grand Jury at Clay," Charleston Daily Mail, 5-13-1953.
"Striking Miners Waive Hearing," Clay County Free Press, 5-14-1953.
"Clay County Jury Refused to Convict Striking Miners; Braxton Men Called," Clay County Free Press, 6-18-1953.
"Newlyweds Delay Honeymoon for Widen Mine Trial," Clay County Free Press,7-30- 1953.
:Widen Miners Trail Continues; Defense Claims Convoy Started Fight; Marland, Blizzard Called, Clay County Free Press, 7-30-1953.
"Defense Attorneys Rests Case Wed., Widen Murder Trial May End Today," Clay County Free Press, 8-6-1953.
"Blizzard Takes Stand in Trial," Clay County Free Press, 8-6-1953.
"Jury Hears Final Arguments, Clay County Free Press, 8-13-1953.
"Braxton County Jury Convicts Bail, Attorneys Ask Sentence Be Set Aside," Clay County Free Press, 8-13-1953.
"Stay of Execution Granted Bail in Widen Mine Trial," Clay County Free Press, 8-27- 1953.
"Circuit Court Set For Oct. 5," Clay County Free Press, 9-24-1953.
"Circuit Court Now in Session," Clay County Free Press, 10-8-1953.
"Validity of Conspiracy Indictments May Be Challenged Attorneys Said," Clay County Free Press, 11-5-1953.
"UMW Gives Up at Widen Pickets Quit in Lost Cause," Charleston Daily Mail, 12-29- 1953.
"Principal Figures in 15-Month Old Strike," Clay County Free Press, 12-31-1953.
"Strike Against Elk River Coal and Lumber Company Called Off," Clay County Free Press, 12-31-1953.
"Cleveland Financier Inquires about Purchase of Widen Mine Operations," Clay County Free Press, 1-7-1954.
"Special Term of Circuit Court Scheduled Here For April 19th," Clay County Free Press, 2- 25-1954.
"Mose Boiarsky Counsel for UMW," Clay County Free Press, 3-25-1954.
"Indictments Against Strikers are Dismissed by Federal Judge," Clay County Free Press, 4-15- 1954.
"Widen Cases are Continued to October," Clay County Free Press, 6-17-1954.
"Complaints Filed Against Widen League of Miners," Clay County Free Press, 6-24- 1954.
"Large Docket Faces Circuit Court Convening Here Monday, Oct. 4th," Clay County Free Press, 9-30-1954.
"Court Delays Bail Hearing," Clay County Free Press, 1-20-1955.
Attorney Charges Unfair Jury Trial; Case Now Before Supreme Court," Clay County Free Press, 1-27-1955.
"Bail Faces Second Trial in Killing," Clay County Free Press, 6-16-1955.
"Bail Trial Continued Until February Term of Court," Clay County Free Press, 10-13- 1955.
"Jurors Won't be Called for This Term of Court," Clay County Free Press, 2-9-1956.
"Case Postponed to October Court," Clay County Free Press, 6-7-1956.
"Pittson Co. Officials Arrived in Widen Monday for Tour of Property Acquired From Elk River Coal and Lumber Co.," Clay County Free Press, 12-15-1958.

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