Chuck Yeager

The following is a list of books and articles about Chuck Yeager which can be found at the West Virginia State Archives Library.


Yeager, Chuck and Leo Janos. Yeager an Autobiography (Bantam Books, 1985).
623.74 Y37

_____________ Press On: Further Adventures in the Good Life (Bantam Books, 1988).
623.74 Y37P

Lundgren, William R. Across the High Frontier: the Story of Test Pilot, Major Charles E. Yeager, USAF (New York, Morrow, 1955).
926.2913 Ye3 L

Napier, Peggy. "Chuck E. Yeager: Supersonic Flight Pioneer," West Virginia History, Volume 40: 1978-1979, p.293-303.
Arc 1. 4:40


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"Yeager's Air Force Leaves Lasting Monuments," Huntington Advertiser, 3-6-1975.
"Yeager's Sonic Flight Rated Over Wrights," Charleston Gazette, 7-13-1967.


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