West Virginia Bar Association

Wheeling Intelligencer
July 9, 1886

State Bar Association

Formed at Grafton Yesterday - The Officers Elected.

Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.

GRAFTON, July 8. - The West Virginia Bar Association was organized here to-day. About seventy members of the profession, representing eight judicial districts, were present, and met in the Court House at 11 o'clock this morning. Joseph Spriggs, of Hardy county, called the meeting to order and delivered an address. A temporary organization was effected with W. P. Hubbard, of Wheeling, as chairman, and Joseph Marum, of Grafton, secretary.

A Committee on Constitution and By-Laws was appointed, consisting of Joseph Spriggs, chairman; J. J. Davis, of Harrison county; John W. Mason, of Taylor; Judge C. J. Faulkner, of Berkeley; John Haymond, of Marion; S. L. Flournoy, of Hampshire; Frank Beckwith, of Jefferson; W. P. Hubbard, of Ohio; George C. Sturgiss, of Monongalia, and J. D. Ewing, of Ohio.

A recess was then taken until 2 o'clock.

Upon reassembling the committee presented their report which was adopted. The constitution provides for the election of a President, a Vice President from each district, a Secretary and Treasurer.

The officers elected were as follows: President, James Spriggs, of Hardy county county [sic]; Vice President, First district, Robert White; Second, Second, [sic] James Morrow jr.; Third, B.. F. Martin; Fourth, L. G. Bennington; Fifth, W. W. Van Winkle; Eleventh, C. C. Higginbotham; Twelfth, Judge Armstrong; Thirteenth, Judge Charles James Faulkner; Secretary, W. T. Willey, of Monongalia county; Treasurer, F. M. Reynolds, of Mineral county.

An Executive Council composed of the following gentlemen was also elected: J. J. Davis, of Harrison county; John A. Hutchinson, of Wood; A. F. Haymond, of Mason; W. P. Hubbard, of Ohio; Frank Beckwith, of Jefferson. The Association then adjourned to meet at the call of the Executive Council.