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Pic 121 Pic 121
Flooded downtown, New Martinsville, 1915. Jack Leasure Collection, West Virginia State Archives (211913)
Pic 122 Pic 122
Red Cross nurses at the Parsons Fourth of July parade, 1918. Jane Barb Collection (139707)
Pic 123 Pic 123
Governor Holt and daughters Isabel and Julia being interviewed on television at the New York Worlds Fair, 1939. The tall man visible between Julia and the camera is Karl Shanholtzer of the West Virginia State Police. Julia Holt Coyle Collection (215115)
Pic 124 Pic 124
Sixteen-year-old Charles B. Chambers with his pride and joy, the first motorcycle in Cameron, Marshall County, circa 1906. Cameron Public Library Collection (257905)
Pic 125 Pic 125
The store operated by Charles Harris in Buffalo, Putnam County. William D. Wintz Collection (251813)
Pic 126 Pic 126
Steel- making at Weirton Steel, Brooke County. Weirton Steel Collection (245710)
Pic 127 Pic 127
A&P Store, State Street at corner of Wiley Street, manager D. H. Burnham, Fairmont, circa 1934. Marlene Jones Collection (219708)
Pic 128 Pic 128
A woman sitting outside in a chair with a rabbit in her lap and a young girl standing beside, probably in the Weston area, circa early 1900s. Photo: William E. Carpenter. Carpenter Glassplate Collection
Pic 129 Pic 129
Performance duo known as The Sisters Large, represented by Sam Delaney, promoter, Tyler County, 1900s. Sistersville Library - Walter McCoy Collection (292610)
Pic 130 Pic 130
Merchants picnic, Tyler County, 2 September 1909. Sistersville Library - Walter McCoy Collection (270208)
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