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Pic 141 Pic 141
Governor Kathryn McGee (front, second from left) and members of the Board of Public Works at the first Rhododendron Girls State, Jackson's Mill, July 1941. Photo: Ellis Studio. West Virginia State Archives, Kathryn B.M. White Collection (301114)
Pic 142 Pic 142
Fourth of July parade at St. Marys, July 4, 1909. Photo: Hazael Coleman Williams, glassplate. Mark Williams Collection (214515)
Pic 143 Pic 143
Dave Kurtz with his racer at the track at Norwood Park in Harrison County. 1951. Dave Kurtz Collection (301613)
Pic 144 Pic 144
Staff and residents of the Odd Fellows Home in Elkins, 1926. John B. Bennett Collection. (303510)
Pic 145 Pic 145
Church youth social club, Williamson, Mingo County, 1950s. LaFadie Belle Whittico Collection (306015)
Pic 146 Pic 146
Steam turbines that generated electricity for the Kelly Axe Company factory, Charleston, 1940s. Ross Noble Collection (306412)
Pic 147 Pic 147
Chesapeake & Ohio Railway baseball team, Handley, 1927. First row (l to r): Ed Nugent, Billl Buckhanan, Charlie Dent, Don Atkins, Homer Hudson. Second row: Blondie Waters, Chester Coon, Bernard Bess, Puny Thompson, John Lowe, Clifford Conners, Charlie Fink, Benny Hess. Third row: Charlie Clark, _?_ Persinger, Fred Lewis, Guy Gidds, Lonnie Thompson, W.R. Harrington, Mac McClaugin, Puny Green. Photo: Dementi. John Stanley Collection (306801)
Pic 148 Pic 148
Barrel-laden Waverley electric beer wagon at West Virginia Brewing Company, Huntington, 1912. West Huntington Public Library Collection (307102)
Pic 149 Pic 149
Jessie Howes in soap box derby racer sponsored by Scott's service station, Tennerton, Upshur County, 1940s. Brent T. Scott Collection (309508)
Pic 150 Pic 150
Scott's Service Station, Tennerton, Upshur County, circa 1940. Harold T. Scott pumping twenty-two cents a gallon gas while Ford Scott cleans the automobile's windshield. Brent Scott Collection. (135511)
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