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Pic 151 Pic 151
President Theodore Roosevelt riding in a carriage after arriving in Wheeling, 6 September 1902. West Virginia State Archives Collection. (331614)
Pic 152 Pic 152
Six young women Civil Defense workers at the honor roll board dedication in Worthington, Marion County, 19 September 1943. Joseph Noel Geiger Jr. Collection (338815)
Pic 153 Pic 153
Woodcarver Wolfgang Flor in his studio at Rock Cave, Upshur County, 7 July 1967. Clarksburg Exponent-Telegram Collection (cx13089)
Pic 154 Pic 154
Standard Oil Company gasoline truck wreck. It fell through the covered bridge over French Creek, between Hampton and Sago in Upshur County, Ray A. Tenney at the wheel, 26 September 1928. Photo: Horace R. Clark. Upshur County Historical Society Purchase Collection (308406)
Pic 155 Pic 155
Campers fill Camp Caesar's Council Circle building for Paul Bunyan night at the West Virginia Conservation Camp, Webster County, June 1956. DNR Collection (dnr56.496)
Pic 156 Pic 156
Queen Silvia XX, Ann Lyon Alexander, 1956. Clarksburg Exponent Collection (cx0001)
Pic 157 Pic 157
Anderson Newcomb Company, department store window display promoting the Third Liberty Loan campaign, Huntington, circa 1918. Cabell County Public Library (286605)
Pic 158 Pic 158
President Harry S. Truman in Wheeling campaigning for the Adlai Stevenson/John Sparkman ticket, 23 October 1952. Photo: J. J. Young, Jr. J. J. Young, Jr. Collection
Pic 159 Pic 159
Left to right: Joan Leonard, Judy Herndon, Theresa Gurrera, Callie Jones, and Judy Hazlett in a dormitory room at Mount de Chantal Visitation Academy in Wheeling, circa 1959. Mount de Chantal Collection (000404)
Pic 160 Pic 160
Halloween party at the West Virginia School for the Deaf, Romney 1960s. West Virginia School for the Deaf Collection (179311)
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