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Pic 161 Pic 161
Terminal Building in Weston, 23 October 1916. Monongahela Valley Traction Company Collection (018107)
Pic 162 Pic 162
Facade of the Keith-Albee Theater, Huntington, 1954. Keith-Albee Collection (020004)
Pic 163 Pic 163
Student body gathered in front of their two-story brick school, Tavennerville, Wood County, 20 November 1917. W.B. Burdette, principal; Parker Black, teacher. Parkersburg Public Library Collection (280304)
Pic 164 Pic 164
Don Page, a crafts specialist in the 1960s and 1970s with the Department of Commerce and later at the Division of Culture and History, poses in the doorway of a little brown shack out back, 1960s. Don Page Collection (311209)
Pic 165 Pic 165
Charleston Gazette photographer Frank Wilken sort of missing the point on assignment to photograph the contestants for the Miss West Virginia pageant at the pool at Imperial Towers, Charleston. Photo: Dick Johnson, WCHS TV. Frank Wilken Collection (313311)
Pic 166 Pic 166
Laurie Ludwig and Natalie Calebaugh leaving Sarvis Fork covered bridge, Sandyville, Jackson County, circa 1980. Photo: Diana Ludwig. Diana Ludwig Collection (319606)
Pic 167 Pic 167
Three young Clarksburg cowboys show off their new duds in front of the family Christmas tree, late 1930s. Note that two of the lads swiveled their heads during the exposure. Clarksburg Exponent-Telegram Collection (cx16027)
Pic 168 Pic 168
Kanawha County Public Library fire, Charleston, 1 January 1968. George Holbrook Collection. (157712)
Pic 169 Pic 169
New houses, Mine #261, Caretta, McDowell County, 4 January 1924. Carol DeHaven Collection (160013)
Pic 170 Pic 170
Maben grade school, students in front of school. F.H. Bee, jr. principal, Powell Cook assistant principal, Besse Gore second assistant principal, Louise Christian third assistant principal, Maben, Wyoming County, 12 January 1917. Eve Southall Collection (276007)
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