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Pic 171 Pic 171
Second Lieutenant Charles R. Fox photographing his wife Vernise and eldest son Charles, 1937. He went on to serve the longest tour of duty of any Adjutant General of West Virginia and retired as a Major General in 1970. Robert Smith Collection. (322705)
Pic 172 Pic 172
Three girls and a boy waiting for the train to school, Omar, Logan County, 1920s. Library of Congress Collection (324206)
Pic 173 Pic 173
J. Paul Rusk displaying a muskellunge caught from the Elk River, forty-one and a half inches long, nineteen pounds, October 1937. J. Paul Rusk Collection. (326209)
Pic 174 Pic 174
Fairmont Normal School. "New Addition Crowd", a group of young people prominent in social affairs. Margaret McKinney, Will Lyons, Madge Booher, Frances Sipe, George Mayers, Madge L. Sample, Woodford Hutton, Elizabeth Watson, Olive Menear, Alice Orr, E. E. Meredith, Nola McKinney, Willa Butcher, Harry J. Hartley, Bert Watson, 1894. Marion County Historical Society Collection (327805)
Pic 175 Pic 175
Princeton/Bluefield Interurban "Tri-City Trolley", June 1940. West Virginia State Archives. (330713)
Pic 176 Pic 176
Workers leveling a carpet of #13 dust over old pavement on MacCorkle Avenue in South Charleston, 4 September, 1942. Carbide and Carbon Chemicals plant is on the right and the Blue Bird Lunch is at far left. Division of Highways Collection (345412)
Pic 177 Pic 177
The insertion of the last piece of the arch, New River Gorge Bridge, Fayette County, May 1976. West Virginia State Archives Collection (323311)
Pic 178 Pic 178
A Works Progress Administration Library Project product, this remodeled schoolbus served as the Marion County Bookmobile, 1940. West Virginia Library Commission Collection. (333203)
Pic 179 Pic 179
Three unidentified West Virginia State Police troopers teaching an unidentified young woman how to shoot craps, 1936. Photo: R.I. Boone. Wilma Higginbotham Collection. (336710)
Pic 180 Pic 180
Millworker G.J. Jackson demonstrating his cut-off saw for a visitor, Rainelle. Meadow River Lumber Company Collection. (335015)
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