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Pic 181 Pic 181
A large number of horses moving an eighty thousand pound gas compressor engine, Camden, Lewis County, 1911. The only white horse in the image is Tip Bush's horse Pet. Richard S. Bailey Collection (337302)
Pic 182 Pic 182
Photographer Kent Reger and family in their automobile, Lorentz, Upshur County, circa 1914. Ireta Queen Randolph Collection (120406)
Pic 183 Pic 183
Young girl with a rabbit. Children's Home Society Collection (188806)
Pic 184 Pic 184
Waldo Hotel, Clarksburg, 10 September 1953. Clarksburg Exponent-Telegram Collection (cx11378)
Pic 185 Pic 185
Broadcasters table at a state basketball tournament, Charleston Civic Center, Ernie Saunders seated second from left. Debby Sonis Collection (225811)
Pic 186 Pic 186
Editor-in-chief Eldora Nuzum and a printing press at the Inter-Mountain office, Elkins, 1970s. Cassandra Whyte Collection. (321410)
Pic 187 Pic 187
State Museum at the Capitol Annex on Lee Street between Dickinson and Hale, circa 1920s. West Virginia State Archives Collection. (339103)
Pic 188 Pic 188
Train stop in Ziesing, Harrison County, circa 1930. Photo: W.A. Amon. Paul Skinner Collection
Pic 189 Pic 189
Mine warriors at Cove, Eskdale, Kanawha County, left to right: George Cole, Oliver Sloan, _?_ Thompson, _?_ Lunsford, unidentified, unidentified, Homer Sloan, Sam Holt, 1913. Dale Payne Collection. (343110)
Pic 190 Pic 190
Winners of the state FFA Ham Egg and Bacon show - Roger Fansler, William Brown and John Sager Jr. at the Daniel Boone Hotel, Charleston, March, 1963. West Virginia State Archives
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