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Pic 211 Pic 211
Logan Community Players rehearsing A. A. Milne's 1921 comedy "Dover Road", 1950s. Director Martha Jane Becker is seated at left. Martha Jane Becker Collection (302803)
Pic 212 Pic 212
Robert F. Kennedy shaking hands during a Democratic primary campaign stop in Logan, May 1968. Roberta Kendall Collection. (302405)
Pic 213 Pic 213
Nicholas County brothers who served during World War I; Daniel Huff, Randall Huff, and Guy Huff. West Virginia State Archives, Manoka Woods Cox Collection (300912)
Pic 214 Pic 214
First production of aluminum at Kaiser works, Ravenswood, Jackson County, 17 November, 1957. Nilo Olin Collection (305002)
Pic 215 Pic 215
Natural Resources workers trapping, weighing and banding turkeys, 1964. Department of Natural Resources Collection. (dnr64.091b)
Pic 216 Pic 216
Aftermath of the Monongah No. 8 mine explosion, Marion County, 6 December 1907. Jack Sandy Anderson Collection. (173905)
Pic 217 Pic 217
USS West Virginia after Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941. Ph89-101 (143511)
Pic 218 Pic 218
Car and truck in the Silver Bridge wreckage, Point Pleasant, 16 December 1967. Photo: Herb Clagg. Maurice Hamill Collection. (192008)
Pic 219 Pic 219
Group of Second West Virginia Infantry men and turkeys at Camp Wilson, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, Christmas, 1917. Jack Feller Collection.
Pic 220 Pic 220
Lowndes Bank Christmas savings club display, Clarksburg, November 1969. Clarksburg Exponent-Telegram Collection, West Virginia State Archives (cx06504)
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