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Pic 221 Pic 221
Fireman Cooper at the Weston fire station's radio communication center, Lewis County. Dave Reed Collection. (305611)
Pic 222 Pic 222
Ice jam at the mouth of Elk River, Charleston, 13 January 1879. West Virginia State Archives
Pic 223 Pic 223
Christina Jeffers, winner of first place in junior lamb showmanship at the Cabell County Fair, 1990. Cabell-Putnam Record Collection. (303615)
Pic 224 Pic 224
Ohio River flood - International Nickel Plant, Huntington, 27 January 1937. Photo: Bollinger. Bollinger Collection
Pic 225 Pic 225
Wheeling Traction Company's last streetcar trip from Wheeling to McMechen, 6 February 1941. Robert E. Durig Collection
Pic 226 Pic 226
Group of girls at a swimming pool in Stollings, near Logan, circa 1928. Kenny King Collection
Pic 227 Pic 227
Reymann Brewing Company's bottling house and stables at a time of high water, Wheeling, 17 February 1908. Molly Thoner Picchi Collection
Pic 228 Pic 228
Arion Hall masquerade party, with a group of people in costumes, Wheeling, 28 February 1916. Wheeling Area Chamber of Commerce Collection
Pic 229 Pic 229
The altar in the chapel at Mount de Chantal Visitation Academy being restored for the one hundredth anniversary, Wheeling, March 1948. Mount de Chantal Collection
Pic 230 Pic 230
Florida Street flood, Buckhannon, 13 March 1918. USDA Soil Conservation Collection
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