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Pic 231 Pic 231
Lowdell School, Wood County. Front row, l to r: Ferman Stephens, Harmon Stephens, George Stephens, Norma Stephens, unidentified, Claude Buckley, Nora White. Second row: teacher Casel Hale, Gale Anderson, Homer Anderson, ? Mills, Austin Stephens, Dean White, Kitty Anderson, CLarence Buckley. Third row: Frank Anderson, Lizzie Anderson, unidentified, Lelia Buckley, ? White, Joe Anderson, Joe Gruser, Carl Flinn, Luther Sands, 17 March 1916. Wes Cochran Collection
Pic 232 Pic 232
Poster enumerating the topics and speakers, Dr. John Norman (born and raised in Charleston) among them, at a Boston Surgical Society forum, March 1965. Norman Collection
Pic 233 Pic 233
Burley Baker and an unidentified man with a team of horses and their sled loaded with ninty rabbits, probably Doddridge County, circa 1915. Eleanor Nicholson Collection. (273212)
Pic 234 Pic 234
New York Giants Hall of Fame pitcher Carl Hubbell testing for rain during an exhibition game at old Kanawha Park, Charleston, 10 April 1941. George Holbrook Collection.
Pic 235 Pic 235
Summers County bridge over the Bluestone River, which collapsed during construction on March 31, killing five workers, April 1949. Billy Don Farley Collection
Pic 236 Pic 236
Democratic primary candidate John F. Kennedy greeting students at Gauley Bridge High School, Fayette County, 20 April 1960. Town of Gauley Bridge/Midge Crandall Collection
Pic 237 Pic 237
Governor Wally Barron crowning Centennial Queen Nancy Grace Conwell of Clarksburg, 27 April 1963. West Virginia State Archives (343904)
Pic 238 Pic 238
Hambleton girls dancing around a maypole at school day festivities, Parsons, 3 May 1922. Monroe County Historical Society/Elizabeth Eckhard Collection
Pic 239 Pic 239
Emancipation Proclamation centennial ball queen, Frances A. Holley of Welch, and attendants with Governor Barron's wife, Opal. 11 May, 1963. James Randall Collection
Pic 240 Pic 240
Golden Horseshoe winners gathered for a group portrait on the steps of the State Capitol, 17 May 1957. Sandra Alderson Collection
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