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Pic 241 Pic 241
Living quarters (camp cars) for a lumber crew working on operations near Anjean in Greenbrier County, 28 May 1953. Meadow River Lumber/H. Gray Collection (054506)
Pic 242 Pic 242
Tucker County Bank interior, Parsons, 2 June 1951. Katherine Little Collection (138901)
Pic 243 Pic 243
Riverboat "Alpha", built by Ward Engineering Works, Charleston, 7 June 1928. Brooks McCabe Collection (117406)
Pic 244 Pic 244
United States President John F. Kennedy (right) greets a sunny crowd on a rainy day in Charleston, 20 June 1963. Photo: Ferrell Friend. Ferrell Friend Collection (325807)
Pic 245 Pic 245
Maulsby Bridge, a three-hundred foot structure carrying the Weston and Fairmont Turnpike across the West Fork River, June 1928. No longer extant. C&P Telephone Collection
Pic 246 Pic 246
Parade on Main Street, Parsons, Tucker County, 3 July 1909. Photo: G.H. Broadwater. Mrs. Charles Barb Collection
Pic 247 Pic 247
The battle of Rich Mountain was between seven thousand Union and thirteen hundred Confederate troops on rugged Randolph County terrain ten kilometers southwest of Elkins, 11 July 1861. Engraving for the book "History of the War for the Union" based on a painting by Alonzo Chappel. West Virginia State Archives Collection (097410)
Pic 248 Pic 248
The first of the Dorsey Tours, thirty-day excursions for West Virginia schoolteachers to California, 1-30 July 1939. Daisy Chapman Dorsey Collection
Pic 249 Pic 249
Steel bridge at Eleventh Street in Wheeling being demolished, 23 July 1962. Eddie Martin Collection
Pic 250 Pic 250
Guy Kelley working with a swarm of bees in Bloomingrose, Boone County, 27 July 2001. Guy Kelley Collection (313103)
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