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"Spirit of Saint Louis", piloted by Charles Lindbergh, lands on Langin Airfield, at the time the only federally recognized airport in West Virginia. Moundsville, 4 August 1927. Robert E. Durig Collection (296205)
Pic 252 Pic 252
Town bicentennial parade on Main Street, with the Tam O'Shanter All-Girl Kiltie Corps and Bagpipe Band, of Somerset, Pennsylvania, followed by a bookmobile, Romney, Hampshire County, 11 August 1962. Hampshire County Public Library Collection
Pic 253 Pic 253
At Civilian Conservation Corps camp 3508, known as Camp Marshall, a corpsman is pitching horseshoes in August, 1938. Howard Crimmel Collection (031004)
Pic 254 Pic 254
The military aircraft that crashed into the K. F. Deskins home, Logan, 27 August 1921. Don Cheek Collection. (114809)
Pic 255 Pic 255
Upshur County draft group on the courthouse steps, headed to Camp Lee, Virginia, 3 September 1918. Lemoyne Wolfe Collection
Pic 256 Pic 256
Brown School, Indore, Clay County, 12 September 1945. Clay County Book Project Collection
Pic 257 Pic 257
A picnic featuring watermelons in Pendleton County, 18 September 1908. R. Ruddle Collection. (029202)
Pic 258 Pic 258
Democratic Presidential candidate John W. Davis, born in Clarksburg, addressing a crowd of voters from a private train car, Charleston, 25 September 1924. Photo: J. Leonard Gates. West Virginia State Archives Collection
Pic 259 Pic 259
Venus - Gary baseball team, McDowell County, 27 September 1920. Coal Life Project Collection (264103)
Pic 260 Pic 260
Austin Dawson, John Ferguson, Joseph Lee Fluellen and Randolph Fluellen at a broadcast or recording session for radio, McDowell County, 10 October 1940. Carol DeHaven Collection (161503)
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