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Pic 261 Pic 261
The fourth floor of Building 19 at Interwoven Mills, Martinsburg, circa 1930. Paul Boltz Collection
Pic 262 Pic 262
President Herbert Hoover addressing a crowd from a makeshift platform near the Huntington train station, 22 October 1932. Photo: Associated Press. ebay Collection (338415)
Pic 263 Pic 263
Annual fall meeting and banquet (entree: roast duck) of the Charleston District Telephone Society, in the ballroom of the Ruffner Hotel, 25 October 1928. C&P Telephone Collection
Pic 264 Pic 264
Nine elaborately costumed men pose before a horse-drawn wagon which carries a driver, a few passengers and a fanciful eight-to-ten foot tall sculpture of a stylized rooster. Left to right: S.M. Snyder, J.A. Payton, J.A. deGruyter, Ed Irwin, Capt Allen, M.V. Smith, Joseph Smoot, F.R. Swann, M.J. O'Brien. Carbon Fuel Collection (200513)
Pic 265 Pic 265
Football game, West Virginia Wesleyan College versus Syracuse University, 8 November 1924. Barbara Clowden Collection.
Pic 266 Pic 266
Left to right, Governor Ephraim F. Morgan, Miss Alice Mann and two unidentified young ladies preparing to christen the battleship USS West Virginia in Newport News, Virginia, 19 November 1921. USS West Virginia Collection
Pic 267 Pic 267
Stringtown School - third row, second from left Chester W. Jones, third from left, Vivian Hess, Marion County, 24 November 1905. Helen Jones Collection (110411)
Pic 268 Pic 268
Stafford Coal Company store, Baxter, Marion County, 2 December 1917. Monongahela Valley Traction Company Collection (018108)
Pic 269 Pic 269
Marion Hardware display window, Fairmont, 7 December 1923. Photo: J. Earl Windsor. Elizabeth Windsor Collection (218815)
Pic 270 Pic 270
Last public execution in West Virginia, ending the life of John F. Morgan and providing spectacle for thousands of West Virginians and Ohioans, Ripley, 16 December 1897. West Virginia State Archives (001102)
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